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Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: FPS Loss
« on: November 12, 2019, 10:10 AM »
I had a FX-6300 with a GTX 970 4gb, 120ssd 1tb 16gb....i got 20fps with 2000guests 20,000 pieces...  I upgraded to an i7 9700 with the same ram and hard drives.   I get 20fps with 4500 guests and 60,000 pieces... much bigger, but not large. We ALL have troubles with this game...even a 9900x and a 2080ti will tank eventually.  You can add unlimited pieces to this game.

Here you go. Thanks.

 I got 5-12fps in this park. 14,000 pieces, and 11,200 guests.   My GTX970 is oc'ed to the max...and my CPU is oc'ed @4.9Ghz... I truly love this game, but it's an FPS mess.

Well, I have an i7 9700k, with GTX 970 and 16g ram.  I can achieve about 40,000 pieces with about 4,500 guests...FPS drops to 20.

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