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Well, thank you very much!  It would look better with your terrain-painting skills, due to so much terrain being visible :).  I tried to leave the impression of the old corn rows but really much of the open ground is parking lot and gets heavy foot traffic as well, so there's a lot of mostly dirt.  And is "dirt track farts" a Freudian slip or are you referring to the dust clouds? :D

"Moonshine Creek"...  Hmmmm....  That might work.  However, moonshine of course is going to be a major theme in the Hillbilly Hollow area.  I plan a distillery, one of the coasters is named "Bootlegger", etc.  So there might be too much of a good thing naming a whole area after moonshine.  Rednecks use rivers and lakes for fishing and driving boats way too fast, so I was thinking along those lines and/or river piracy, which used to be a big thing in this area.  I'm actually related to (not descended from because they were hanged) a number of such scumbags :).
LOL - that was supposed to be 'carts' - i guess I fat fingered it. I like the dirt cart track idea. I'm laughing and can't even type well right now. The Hillbilly reference is what made me think of the moonshine about a 'back water' reference...???? I'm sure your creative writing mind can do better than anything I could ever come up with. I may paint ground well, but I really suck at naming things.

BTW - Some of the smaller falls are slightly modified versions of imported blueprint 'Adventure Falls by Andalf (AUT)'

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Quetzalcoatl's Revenge
« on: Yesterday at 07:29 AM »
great ride skin and shots to capture the excitement of the ride

That stock show building was a great idea, and these vehicles fit in perfectly.

Sounds interesting. Hope this works out well for you.

I can proudly say that I think I have been on all the old rides from Disney (US). :)

wow - great update. I had to get my own drink to sip while reading through this one. Great ride skins and theme ideas. I love it. The dirt track farts is awesome. this is a great park. How about Moonshine Creek, or something on those lines, for the name of the River World area?

THX BH - I will be featuring some more of your work in the next land I will be detailing.

Couple more cliff-hanger shots

The bottom of the big dive

Looking down on the rest of the track layout

THX - I will download and play around in it a bit later!!!

The scenery is just so beautiful in this park.
THX SG - I love decorating the parks more than building the rides, which I really don't do that well (as far as realistic layouts go).

Oh wow that looks fun!  And you are soooo good at painting that terrain!
THX - I do like to spend way too much time on that part of the parks. I'm about to start working on the Mountain in the Nepal island soon and was thinking of recording it and sharing in fast speed. I will try and see how it turns out...assuming the snow covered mountain looks as I envision it.

THX - more of this ride to come

After leaving the enclosures, you make one last small climb to the top of the falls.

Hanging over the edge

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: The Witcher: The Ride RELEASED
« on: June 14, 2019, 03:13 PM »
really good. you have been working on this one ride/area a really long time and it shows. I love the town square outside the ride as much as the ride itself. Great timed and placed effects. I always have wanted to use this coaster in my park, but could never find a fit...but now you have me thinking as the potential is vast.

Fun & Games / Re: Random Trivia
« on: June 14, 2019, 02:33 PM »
How long can the cacao tree (where cacao beans come from) live?
A: Only about 3 years
B: 50 years old
C: 100 years old
D: 200 years old

Fun & Games / Re: Random Trivia
« on: June 13, 2019, 05:18 AM »
Which one of these bizarre ingredients is in McDonald milkshakes?
A: Walnuts
B: Rose petals
C: Goat’s milk
D: Seaweed
D: Seaweed - In the form of an extract called carrageenan

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: 2
« on: June 13, 2019, 05:14 AM »
these are great. nice idea

THX guys!

Then you pass through a chimpanzee enclosure

Community Chat / Re: Happy Birthday Shyguy!!!
« on: June 12, 2019, 03:03 PM »

Now a disclaimer before anyone comments on this....I know having a coaster track/car going through a primate exhibit is not realistic, but I thought it was a cool idea for this park and to also use some of the TMTK animals that were out there. it does travel through here at a really slow/quiet pace.

Entering the gorilla enclosure

I just made an interesting observation, which lead me to an even more interesting assumption:
The new interactive rides are filed under the new "interactive rides" section. Both could have also been sorted into the existing tracked ride tab, but weren't. My conclusion is that an interactive water ride is in the plans, or at least on their mind, otherwise they wouldn't have had to establish a whole new tab "interactive rides" for these 2 new tracked rides.

What do you think?
Good theory.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: 4
« on: June 11, 2019, 06:08 AM »
nice little countdown/series you are doing here

The online trailer for what? Planet Coaster 2?
Sorry - Planet Zoo

So, I assume most of you saw that they accidentally posted the new in-game trailer yesterday. Many fans were going nuts talking about it on line and on YT. Now on the official forums they asked people to stop discussing it until the official in-game stream happens later today (when the trailer was supposed to be released)...they then closed and removed any threads discussing it. Do they really think the community will just not talk about this? I just find it kind of funny how this transpired.

Next you head under an ancient large gorilla skull/rock...

Around a small "S" curve

and head into the animal enclosures

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: 7
« on: June 08, 2019, 07:36 PM »
Maximum number of peeps able to enter park before computer explodes?
LOL - thats a good one!

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Planet Zoo - Zoo design
« on: June 07, 2019, 12:50 PM »
Next episode is ready - Primates

The one thing that interests me the most at this point is the question, do we get a Planet Coaster 2, and when...
I was just beginning to work on a five-years-project, and now I understood from the video that it's very likely that PC2 is already in the works. Probably not the best time to start a five-years-project in Planet Coaster 1!?

If PC2 gets released by the end of 2020 or 2021, it would come in the middle of my works, and then it's likely that all the stuff I've done for that project, by this point, is obsolete.

What do you guys think?
always the question of the day. Seeing as we really don't know the timing or what the capabilities will be...I would say don't fret it and play status quo. We can only hope that PC1 stuff could be imported into the new game. If not...then oh well, not much we can do about it...but I wouldn't change your plan until you can make a decision with hard cold known information.

THX - I'm trying to make better queues as I get more experienced in the game and plan ahead and leave the room to build them.

Lets take a look at some of the highlights of this coaster.
Leaving the station.

The climb to the upper section of the ride. You pass under/through an old temple piece.

Making the turn at the top, through more temple and along the cliff

and a smooth swoop over an old, leaking stone dam.

Fun & Games / Re: Random Trivia
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:17 PM »
Which one of these bizarre ingredients is in McDonald milkshakes?
A: Walnuts
B: Rose petals
C: Goat’s milk
D: Seaweed

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