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Community Chat / Forum Changes Revised
« on: June 23, 2020, 09:00 PM »
As many of you have probably noticed, there have been some changes to the forums. Do to server changes, I had to update and re-install the forums. Nothing ever goes smoothly, as I had to make several changes due to the fact that some of the mods and the old themes are no longer compatible with the updated forums. The classic and dark themes were completely broken, and I tried and tried to get them working, with no success.

After much re-configuring and re-installing over again, I finally decided to revert the forums back to the pre-updated version. This fixed the classic and dark themes! :D

During this process, I moved all members to the newer Default theme, as it was unaffected by the changes. So if you were using the classic or dark theme, feel free to switch back. You can choose which theme you want to use by either going to the Home page and and using the Theme Changer (at the top of the left column), or go to your profile and change the theme by clicking on "Look and Layout" under the "Modify Profile" heading.

One change that remains is that there is no longer an actual front page. I kept getting errors. So now, the home page shows all the boards of the forum, as well as the Theme Changer, Links, and Recent Posts on the left column. When you click on the Forum tab at the top menu, or simply go to one of the boards, the left column will disappear. Everything else should be working the way it always has. If you notice anything that isn't working correctly, please let me know.

Community Chat / New Planet Zoo Board
« on: November 05, 2019, 01:55 PM »
Planet Zoo has just released, so we've added a new board for discussion, posting your zoos, etc. The new board is under the Other Games Forum.,167.0.html

Planet Zoo / Official Planet Zoo Discussion Thread
« on: November 05, 2019, 01:30 PM »
Planet Zoo was just released! Do you plan to get the game? If you have purchased it, what are your thoughts so far?

Disneyland Resort / Disneyland - Carnation Cafe
« on: March 28, 2019, 02:42 PM »
Carnation Cafe

The Carnation Cafe is situated on the corner of West Center Street. It is the only table service restaurant on Main Street and offers an extensive menu.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and reservations are recommended due to its popularity.

You can get a Mickey-shaped waffle for breakfast, along with assorted other dishes. Lunch and dinner include meatloaf, pasta, soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and more.

Roasted Turkey Sandwich and Lemonade topped with citrus foam shaped like Mickey.

The Carnation Cafe opened in 1997, replacing the old Flower Market, and originally only offered outdoor patio seating.


In 2012, the cafe expanded to add indoor seating, replacing the old Blue Ribbon Bakery.

You're greeted by a friendly host or hostess at the front desk.

The indoor dining room is elegantly decorated with wood paneling and burgundy wallpaper.

A variety of styles of chandeliers and lamps decorate the room.

A photo of Walt hangs in the foyer.

Stained glass and vintage park renderings decorate the walls.

At night time, the exterior is lit up with the usual Disney flare.

Link to the Carnation Cafe Menu.

Disneyland Resort / Downtown Disney - Splitsville Luxury Lanes
« on: February 11, 2019, 02:22 PM »
Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Splitsville Luxury Lanes opened in early 2018, replacing the old House of Blues. This large establishment features a two story restaurant with 4 large seating areas, both inside and out, fully stocked bars on both levels, and 20 bowling lanes, spread throughout the building. Yes, Downtown Disney now has its own bowling alley! The architecture is very different from the rest of Downtown Disney, reminding me a lot of something designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Currently, much of Downtown Disney is being refurbished to give it a more cohesive look, which when originally opened, was a bit of a hodgepodge of styles.

This beautiful mosaic fountains sits outside the front entrance.

The check-in desk for those who are here to bowl.

Instead of one big room with all the alleys together, the bowling alleys are split up into groups of 3 or 4 and distributed throughout the complex.

Colorful murals decorate the alleys.

You can eat right at one of the alleys...

...or in one of several large dining rooms.

I took this shot of the upstairs dining room early in the day. I expect it isn't open until the evening or during busy periods.

You'll find several bars and large screen TVs scattered throughout the complex.

The bars are well-stocked, making this a popular late night spot.

Musical entertainment is offered during the evening hours in the outside dining area.

The menu is quite varied and offers pizza, sushi, salads, sandwiches, and a host of other main entrees. I didn't dine here myself because frankly, it seemed a bit over priced. I've read mixed reviews of the food, so I advise checking the online reviews before making plans to eat here.

Disneyland Resort / DCA - Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:05 PM »
Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

The Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta is a spacious, counter service restaurant in Paradise Gardens Park. It offers a nice variety of simple Italian cuisine.

It replaced the old Pizza Oom Mow Mow in 2011.

The theme captures the turn of the century seaside park quite well.

The entrance foyer, like the rest of the interior, is decorated with displays of cheese, wine barrels, kitchenware, and other vintage Italian artifacts.

A framed flag of the Kingdom of Italy is prominently displayed in the foyer.

I love the little Pinocchio figure.

I think they did a really great job on the themeing and decor. The lighting, colors, and decor create a perfect vintage, seaside park look. The restaurant offers three stations...Pizza, Pasta, and Salads. There's something for everyone if you're in the mood for Italian. My only criticism would be that the menu is pretty plain and ordinary. The place never seems to get very busy. Perhaps if they jazzed up the menu a bit, it would get more business.

The Pizza Station

This impressive, faux brick oven dominates the pizza counter.

A pair of freshly made pizzas.

The Pizza Menu

The Pasta Station

The Pasta Menu

The Salad Station

The Salad Menu

The Beverage Bar

Beer is served here as well.

The Children's Menu

Large outdoor dining pavilions provide ample seating, which is shared with the neighboring Paradise Garden Grill.

Another side dining patio.

A couple of night shots...

Legoland California Resort / Legoland - Washington DC
« on: January 04, 2019, 06:42 PM »
Washington DC

The U.S State capitol of Washtington DC is is methodically created with Lego blocks in Miniland USA.

Downtown Washington DC.

One of the many statues and monuments found throughout the city. I haven't figured out which one this is though. (Thanks to JB, this is the General William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Statue.)

The Marine Corps War Memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial is built out of nearly 70,000 Lego bricks.

The White House, where every president has lived since 1800 got its name after being painted white following fire damage by the British in 1814. There seems to be a big to do on the White House lawn.

The Presidential Motorcade.

The tallest structure in the Washington DC replica is the Washington Monument, which raises 555 feet in real life.

380,792 Lego bricks make up the nation's Capital building.

Arlington Memorial Bridge. (I know one of the devoted Turnstile Tribune viewers will be overjoyed to see the giant waterfowl resting in the background.)

The Smithsonian Institute is one of the more impressive structures.

The neighboring Georgetown is also depicted in this exhibit.

Georgetown Lock and Canal.

Georgetown University.

Rowers glide along the Potamic River. (Another oversized avian sneaks its way into the photo :P)

Castle Holiday Shoppe

The Castle Holiday Shoppe is located in Fantasyland in the Sleeping Beauty courtyard.

The new shop opened in 2017, replacing the Castle Heraldry Shoppe.

The majority of Fantasyland was refurbished in 1983, changing the attraction facades from a medieval carnival style to a fantasy mock up of a Bavarian village. But this building has been here since opening day.

The shop features a wide assortment of Disney-themed Christmas ornaments and decorations. But the interior seems a bit under-themed, almost having a temporary look to it, as if this shop may change again in the near future. This is pure speculation on my part, though.

The display windows out front don't appear to have changed from the way they looked when this was the Heraldry Shoppe, apart from some Christmas decor thrown in.

The shop is decorated with festive displays, Christmas trees, and colorful wrapped presents, with Disney characters interspersed here and there.

The shop also offers a nice selection of Christmas stockings and figurines.

A very nice selection of ornaments are sold here, and you can even get personalized, hand-painted ornaments, which they'll do for you right in the shop while you wait.

Thememaker's Toolkit / Post your TMT projects.
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:16 AM »
Well, I created this board so members could show us what they're working on using the Thememaker's Toolkit. So far, no threads.  :(

So instead of creating your own thread, how about simply posting here, and show us what you're working on or what you've already created. And if you have any major projects that you want to show us your ongoing progress, or you have a lot of objects to show off, by all means, create your own thread.

Disneyland Resort / DCA - Elias & Company
« on: December 05, 2018, 02:31 PM »
Elias & Company

Elias & Company is situated on Buena Vista Street and is themed as a large, opulent department store. Elias was the name of Walt's father, as well as Walt's middle name.

The architectural style is very art deco, both inside and out.

There are several departments located in this huge store. We'll being with the Youth Department.

The apparel here caters from teens to toddlers. This is the young children's section.

There's a large assortment of apparel just for girls.

Little Mermaid merchandise.

The Incredibles

Star Wars

There's lots of Mickey themed apparel.

And Minnie, too.

How about some Minnie slippers.

The Elias & Company department store spans nearly a whole city block, and features several more departments. We'll continue our tour shortly...

Sydney's Grill

Sydney's Grill is the main eating spot in the Australian Outback. But don't expect any food from "down under." It's mainly BBQ and burgers.

Watch out for Koalas on your way to the restaurant.

Well, the only koala you'll run into out here is this sculpture.

Like most eateries at the zoo, Sydney's is a simple, counter service restaurant. But the Aboriginal-style decor is a nice touch.

There's a nice assortment of beverages and chips to go with your meal.

Salads, wraps, and fresh fruit.

These majestic palm trees line the spacious, outdoor dining patio.

Lorikeet Landing

Situated on the outskirts of Nairobi Village is a large aviary, its interior modeled after the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea, the natural habitats of the Rainbow Lorikeet.

On the way in, you can purchase a cup of nectar to feed these colorful birds.

The lorikeet is among the world's most colorful birds, with feathers of almost every color of the rainbow.

Although they have been trained to overcome their natural fear of humans, you'll still need to heed caution while feeding the birds.

Rainbow Lorikeets pair for these two love birds.

A lover's quarrel, perhaps?

There are plenty of informative signs throughout the exhibit.

Taking a bath.

This lorikeet's beak was injured, so keepers gave it a prosthetic beak.

Feeding the birds is a special treat for kids...and adults alike.

If you're lucky, they will perch on your hand, arm, or shoulders...or head. (Also, you'll want to keep an eye on what's above you, especially after the lorikeets have fed. ;))

Park employees are always on hand to photograph you with the birds and they'll gladly sell you those photos at the booth outside the exhibit.

Thememaker's Toolkit / The Blender Noob Thread
« on: November 24, 2018, 09:38 PM »
I expect most beginner modelers who want to try their hand at creating objects with the Thememaker's Toolkit, are going to use Blender. Maya and 3DS Max cost thousands of dollars. Blender is free. But Blender is not easy to use. Any beginner is going to have a LOT of questions. So this thread is for asking for help using Blender as well as what exactly you need to do to create 3D objects you can import into Planet Coaster. Hopefully members more experienced with Blender will read this thread and offer their help.

So I'll ask the first question.

What are the best tutorials to use if you are just starting out with Blender and haven't got a clue where to begin? Links would be greatly appreciated. ;)

Disneyland Resort / DCA - Goofy's Sky School
« on: November 21, 2018, 12:07 PM »
Goofy's Sky School

At Goofy's Sky School, guests take the role of a student pilot, with Goofy giving the instructions on how to fly, in this wacky roller coaster ride in Paradise Gardens Park.

Goofy's Sky School is a wild mouse roller coaster manufactured by Mack Rides. Riders board a plane and navigate a crash course of flying which features sharp turns, steep drops and sudden stops. It was originally called Mulholland Madness, featuring a madcap ride on Mulholland Dr.

It was re-themed in 2011 as part of the park's major refubishment. The ride remains the same, with little more than a new coat of paint, a few Goofy billboards, and a propeller added to the front of the cars.

Also added was the water tower at the entrance.

The weather vane atop the tower is a nice touch.

Chickens also play a large part in the re-themeing, like at the fast-pass stations.

And at the height sign.

The queue is minimally decorated with humorous posters.

The boarding station.

While on the ride, you'll pass various "How to" signs. A lot of the inspiration for the signs and themeing came from the 1940 animated short, "Goofy's Gliders."

Another "How to" sign.

More chickens.

Despite the Goofy theme, it's nothing more than an off-the-shelf wild mouse ride, and I must admit, probably the top of my list of worst attractions at the resort.

On the other hand, it's a nice starter coaster for young children who aren't ready, or are too small, to ride the bigger coasters at the park.

A view from the Pal-A-Round ferris wheel (the old Mickey's Fun Wheel). Disney's Grand Californian Hotel can be seen behind.

POV of the ride by DisneyGuyMikey

Post any questions you have or help you need in the creation of custom objects and importing them using the Thememaker's Toolkit.

Thememaker's Toolkit / Thememaker's Toolkit Requests
« on: November 20, 2018, 03:16 PM »
What items would you like to see made for the Planet Coaster?

Slender-Tailed Meerkat

At the outskirts of the Kopje area is one of the zoo's most beloved animals...the meerkats.

The enclosure provides the meerkats ample space and opportunity to do what they love to do best...dig!

This is a Slender-tailed Meerkat, from southwest Africa. Meerkats are small carnivores and are members of the mongoose family.

The meerkats can usually be found doing one of three activities. Digging holes and tunnels is what they spend the majority of the time doing.

There are nearly 100 holes in the enclosure, many leading to underground tunnels and burrows. Every few months, keepers remove the meerkats from the enclosure and collapse all the tunnels. Then the meerkats happily begin the process all over again.

The second activity you're likely to see is "sentry duty".

There is usually at least one meerkat acting as sentry, scouring the area for predators, or perhaps unruly children.

Another great spot for sentry duty.

Their third favorite activity... just chillin'.

Occasionally, the whole clan will catch scent of something or hear a noise and all stop in their tracks to check it out. While watching these antics, it is clear why they are considered so adorable by so many guests. But the only thing more adorable than a meerkat is...

...a baby meerkat!

These adorable young pups (kittens?) were born early October of 2018, making them about six weeks old at the time these photos were taken.

You can just imagine the "oohs and aahs" from guests viewing these little guys.

There are a total of 10 meerkats on exhibit...8 adults and the 2 kids. Watching these animals and all their cute antics is always a highlight of any zoo visit.

Mom and baby

Who can resist those puppy dog eyes?

Where's dinner??

Elephant Odyssey

This is an updated, more in depth tour of the Elephant Odyssey area at the San Diego Zoo. This section opened on May 23, 2009 and features a 2.5 acre elephant habitat. Elephant Odyssey also features sculptures of prehistoric animals from Southern California's ancient past alongside its present day counterparts including lions, jaguars, tapirs, guanacos, cabybaras, camels, and California condors.

The Elephant Odyssey section is based on the animals from Southern California's past. This sign depicts the area as it was 12,000 years ago.

This sign depicts the animals of today.

The most recent addition is not inside the area, but one that takes you to it.

Opened in 2017, the new 70 foot high, 450 foot long Basher Bridge spans one of the zoo's many canyon's, providing a more convenient, and breathtaking, way to get to the Elephant Odyssey. It was dedicated to Army veteran Jim Bashor and his wife, who established the Bashor Family Patriots Fund—an endowment that permanently guarantees that active duty armed forces personnel are granted unlimited admission to both the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Community Chat / Change to Forum Guidelines
« on: November 13, 2018, 02:13 PM »
The Forum Guidelines have been updated.

The major change is to the site's disciplinary actions. Previously, it was a long and complex system involving verbal and written warnings, temporary restriction, and probation periods. All that has been tossed out. The bottom line is that members are expected to behave in a mature manner and abide by the rules. Any member who continually breaks rules or acts in a disruptive manner will be initially contacted by an admin or mod. If the disruptive behavior is not changed, then that member may be banned from the site, either temporarily or permanently, at my sole discretion.

You can view the updated guidelines here.,1811.0.html.

Disneyland Resort / Downtown Disney - Earl of Sandwich
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:36 AM »
Earl of Sandwich

The Earl of Sandwich offers fresh gourmet sandwiches, wraps, and salads. It is located at the west end of Downtown Disney.

The restaurant closed earlier this summer to make way for a planned hotel. But disputes between Disney and the city of Anaheim resulted in the cancellation of the project. So in early October, the Earl of Sandwich reopened. It will remain open until Disney decides what to do with the west section of the Downtown Disney shopping district, as several other major establishments had also closed, and it is doubtful that they will return.

The franchise  was actually founded by the younger son of The 11th Earl of Sandwich, direct descendants of of The 4th Earl of Sandwich, who popularised the sandwich in Great Britain and Ireland in the 18th century.

A portrait of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, hangs above the pick-up counter.

The queue is themed as a stately library, with tall bookcases reaching up to the ceiling.

You can choose from a wide selection of snacks and beverages.

They also are known for their frozen lemonade, which is the best I've had.

There's a large outdoor dining patio as well as a small dining room inside.

Disneyland Resort / DCA - Big Top Toys
« on: November 06, 2018, 12:49 PM »
Big Top Toys

Big Top Toys is located on Buena Vista Street. The shop's design is based off of Disney's animated classic film, Dumbo.

The shop is sandwiched between the Los Feliz Five & Dime and the Elias & Company department store, so most guests will enter through either of these shops. There is also this small exterior entrance below the Hyperion Bridge.

The shop features a variety of toys and games, but specializes in Disney plush toys.

The lighting inside the shop is always changing colors. From blue... orange ...and everything in between.

If you like Disney plush toys, this is the place to shop.

There are other types of toys for sale here, like this Disneyland Castle Playset.

Disney Babies is a popular line of plushies.

Fairly new is the Disney Tsum Tsum brand, a popular Japanese line of collectible stuffed toys. Tsum Tsums are designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape. So you can't buy just one. ;)

The shop is decorated in a circus theme, with lots of circus-themed artwork on display.

Legoland California Resort / Legoland - New York
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:19 AM »
New York

One of the more impressive cities represented in Miniland USA, is the New York exhibit.

While the city's skyscrapers are the main draw, lets start our tour in Central Park. Here is the Central Park Carousel.

The Bethesda Fountain.

The Central Park docks.

The Naumburg Bandshell.

A skating ring.

Belvedere Castle

The Guggenheim Museum.

Here we have the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, side by side.

Here we are, in the Big Apple.

Nearly all of New York City's iconic buildings can be found here.

Inside Grand Central Terminal.

"They say the neon lights are bright On Broadway."

Times Square.

1540 Broadway.

The Helmsley Building.

The building on the left is 601 Lexington Avenue. If anyone knows what the right building is, please let me know.

The Chrysler Building.

The Empire State Building.

The newest addition is the One World Trade Center. It was added in 2016, and at 26 feet, it is the tallest Lego model in the U.S.

And finally, the Statue of Liberty stands proudly in the New York Harbor.

Disneyland Resort / Disneyland - Main Street Cinema
« on: October 29, 2018, 05:01 PM »
Main Street Cinema

Only at Disneyland CA, will you find the Main Street Cinema in its original form. Entering this stylish Victorian brick building, you will be transported back to the golden age of cinema, where you can view vintage animated shorts on six different screens. A second version operated at WDW's Magic Kingdom until it was transformed into a gift shop in 1998.

The headliner is the original 1928 Steamboat Willie, which introduced the world to Mickey Mouse.

When the cinema first opened in 1955, it showed a variety of silent movies and vintage news reels. It wasn't until the 1980s that the cinema stopped showing live action films and only showed Disney shorts, including Steamboat Willie.

Small posters from each film hangs in the entry way to the theater.

The current line up of films...
 *Steamboat Willie , 1928
 *Plane Crazy , 1928
 *The Moose Hunt , 1931
 *Traffic Troubles , 1931
 *The Dognapper , 1934
 *Mickey’s Polo Team , 1936

Guests are greeted by Tilly, the ticket seller.

According to her name tag, Tilly is from Marcelaine, Missouri, Walt Disney's boyhood home.

A door at the left of the cinema leads to Disneyland Casting Agency. (Well, not really.)

The wood-paneled interior is round shaped, where the audience stands in the center, surrounded by six projection screens that all play simultaneously.

A raised platform in the center gives kids (and short people) a better view.

Steps leading up to the platform are illuminated with lights shaped like Mickey Mouse. I'm not sure if these qualify as "Hidden Mickeys" as they are pretty easy to spot. (I plan on doing a feature on all the Hidden Mickeys in the Disneyland Resort in the near future.)

Steamboat Willie, released in 1928, marks the birth of Mickey Mouse.

One of the most entertaining of the six shorts is "Mickey's Polo Team." It features a wild game of polo between the "Mickey Mousers" - Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and the Big Bad Wolf, vs the "Movie Stars" - Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Harpo Marx, and Charlie Chaplin. Cameos include Shirley Temple, Charles Laughton, W.C. Fields, Clark Gable, and many more. The video below features the film in its entirety.

Disneyland Resort / Disneyland - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
« on: October 23, 2018, 02:12 PM »
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique opened in the Fantasyland courtyard in 2009, replacing the Tinker Belle Toy Shoppe.

The entrance to the shop and salon is beneath this fanciful clock tower.

This is not exactly the easiest clock to read. ;)

Inside the Enchanted Chamber is the reservation and check-in desk, which is located next door in the first floor of castle.

Let's enter the Enchanted Chamber, shall we?

The check-in desk.

The small waiting room is decorated with the princess gowns offered for sale in the boutique next door.

Cinderella's gown

Mulan's gown.

Is this Cinderella's corner?

Now lets head back to the boutique.

The entrance to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Cinderella, her Fairy Godmother, and pumpkin coach.

The front of the boutique is the shop where princess gowns, jewelry, and accessories are sold.

Princess dresses start at $59.99 for standard gowns up to $350.00 for deluxe gowns.

Tinkerbell wings and other accessories.

The shop also offers Minnie dresses and merchandise.

Royal displays above the merchandise.

Cinderella's mouse friends are on hand to help create her gown.

The three fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

Looking like something out of Snow White, these cute organic chandeliers hang above the shop.

A beautiful stained-glass Fairy Godmother decorates the shop.

Not to be left out, there's prince and knightly get-ups for the boys.

In the back is the salon, where little girls are transformed into princesses. You can choose from a half dozen different packages, ranging from $64.95 for a simple make-up and hairstyle package, to $229.95 for a deluxe makeover, which includes a deluxe gown and coordinating accessories (sold separately). And then there's the $450.00 Signature package which includes the highest quality princess gown, tiara, garment bag, plus the full makeover. The boys get the Knight packages that range from $19.95 to $79.95, which aren't nearly as elaborate as the princes packages. I've yet to see any boys getting the "knightly" treatment.

These wood-carved owl chandeliers hang above the salon.

Southern California Attractions / San Diego Zoo - Australian Outback
« on: October 22, 2018, 04:18 PM »
Australian Outback

The Australian Outback opened in May of 2013. It is home to the Koalas as well as many other species from Down Under.

A narrow path surrounded by lush vegetation leads into the Australian Outback area.

Tropical plants from around the world line the pathway, as seen in this Hawaiian garden.

This Mombasa Cycad from Africa was in bloom on this trip.

The Bismarck Palm from Madagascar is a very impressive site.

These totems mark the entrance to the Outback.

As this sign says, these totems were inspired by the log-artwork of the aboriginal Australians and totem poles by the North American Indians.

This carved Koala is perched atop one of the totems.

Birds of Australia

A pair of large aviaries are home to many species of Australian birds.

Inside the first aviary you'll find the smaller birds, like this Gouldian Finch.

Long-tailed Grass Finch

Diamond Doves

Sectioned off from the smaller birds, is the Kookaburra.

The Laughing Kookabura gets its name from its territory call that sounds like a laugh.

If you're lucky, you'll get to hear this distinctive laugh, which is widely used as a stock sound effect in movies with a jungle setting.

The second aviary houses larger birds from Australia.

Wonga Pigeon.

Grey-capped Emerald Dove

Masked Lapwing

The White-breasted Woodswallows like to stick together.

A White-breasted Woodswallow fivesome.

Geode Shop

The Geode Shop opened in 1986, and is an independently run store that sells geodes, fossils, minerals, and meteorites from around the world.

Even if you're not shopping for rocks, there are quite a lot of interesting things to see on display. This is as much an exhibit as it is a shop.

A mining car full of uncut geodes sits outside the shop. Once purchased, they'll cut these for you on the spot, revealing the crystal formations inside.

Display cases inside are packed full of beautiful cut geodes.

Geodes and fossils.

More fossils.

A display of authentic dinosaur eggs. (not for sale)

Polished gems and jewelry round out the collection of items for sale here.

Southern California Attractions / SeaWorld - Orca Encounter
« on: October 17, 2018, 01:05 PM »
Orca Encounter

Orca Encounter is the new orca show in what was once called the Shamu Stadium. It features a 1.7 million gallon tank and seating for 5,500 guests.

The stage has been redesigned with a Pacific Northwest theme featuring natural rock work, faux trees and man-made waterfalls surrounding a 138-foot-wide high-definition screen.

There is no interaction between the orcas and trainers in the tank. The show is more of an edutainment presentation, with the emphasis on learning about the orcas and SeaWorld's roll in its conservation efforts to benefit the species.

There are now 11 orcas living at the SeaWorld park, and an end of its breeding program means that these will be the last orcas we'll see at SeaWorld San Diego. But, since the lifespan of an orca can be over 50 years, and with many of the orcas being fairly young, including one that was just born last year, you'll be able to see the orcas here for many years to come. Plans on building a larger habitat for the orcas is in the planning stages, and may replace the show completely.

One of the most entertaining parts of the show is when the orcas splash the audience. So it's up to you if you want to sit in the "Splash Zone" or not. Those with fancy high end cameras will probably want to steer clear.

These people are going to get very wet.

Now sit back and enjoy some highlights of the show...

Aerial view of the stadium from the Sky Tower.

Here's the full show.

Disneyland Resort / DCA - Los Feliz Five & Dime
« on: October 14, 2018, 03:22 PM »
Los Feliz Five & Dime

The Los Feliz Five & Dime is a large shop featuring a variety of Disney merchandise.

Walt and Roy Disney once lived and worked in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, thus the tie-in to the shop's name.

Decorating the exterior are signs with clever references to Walt's past.

This is a reference to the Holly Vermont Realty Company with whom the Disneys shared an office with in the Kingswell Building.

A clever play on words, this sign refers to Ub Iwerks, who worked with Walt in the very early days and was responsible for designing Mickey Mouse.

Nothing clever about this sign. It's just the name of the street.:P

Los Feliz is themed as a vintage five and dime store.

Vintage displays can be seen all throughout the store, typical of what you'd find in a dime store circa 1920.

The shop carries a large assortment of Disney-themed merchandise.

A large section of the shop is devoted to hats and caps, and offers custom embroidery.

Embroidery machines.

Also on hand are mugs,

key chains,

trading pins,

and pet supplies. Don't you want to dress up your dog like Minnie Mouse?

Southern California Attractions / San Diego Zoo - Skyfari
« on: October 11, 2018, 02:32 PM »

The Skyfari is an aerial tram that takes guests on a one-way trip from Discovery Outpost to the very back of the park... the area called the Northern Frontier. Or, of course, you can do the opposite and ride the sky tram from the back to the front of the park. The ride was built in 1969 at a price of $2 million dollars, and was very much needed as it was such a trek to get to the back end of the park by foot.

The entrance station in the Discovery Outpost section is built at the base of a small lagoon.

The lagoon is home to the South American Black-necked Swan.

A variety of brightly colored birds are painted on each gondola.

The gondola leaves the station on its air born trip to the far side of the park.

The Skyfari gives guests a great aerial view of the park. This is looking down at Front Street.

Below is the Front Street Cafe & Cantina, with the tip of the Reptile House in view at the very bottom of the screen.

Soaring over the treetops to a height of 190 ft.

The ride offers some great views of the surrounding Balboa Park. This is the California Tower and the Olde Globe Theatre below.

Passing over the Treehouse.

The Treehouse is an impressive structure housing eateries including an upscale, waitress-service restaurant.

The newest addition to the zoo's skyline is the Bashor Bridge, which spans from the Treehouse to the Elephant Odyssey section.

Now take a ride yourself on the San Diego Zoo's Skyfari.

Ghost Town

The idea for Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town began in 1940 when Walter Knott decided to build an entire Western ghost town to entertain guests waiting to dine at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. The ghost town would also pay homage to the pioneering spirit of his grandparents who came to California from Texas by covered wagon in 1868.

This windmill greets guests first entering the park.

A close-up of the dancers who spin around atop the windmill.

Remnants of an old west jail provide a great photo spot.

The Information building.

The FunPIX Photo shop.

Another popular photo spot is Old Betsy.

Besty the Borax Engine land many of the props and artifacts scattered around the Ghost Town, are authentic antiques and machinery that Walter Knott acquired while scouring through old towns throughout California and Arizona. Many of the Ghost Town's buildings were either brought to the farm or built as reproductions modeled after real life buildings found in Calico, California and other authentic old ghost towns.

The Old Windmill was brought to the park in 1940, and actually came from England.

An authentic water pump, I presume.

A stone used in an actual drill contest from 1905, held in Tonopah, Nevada.

Near the front of the town is Hangman's Tree.

During the 1950's the park actually staged hangings of a bandit or outlaw paying the price for robbing the train or the stagecoach. There are no "public hanging shows" today, although Knott's puts on a Halloween Hanging show at a different location during their Knott's Scary Farm Nights.

Deadwood Dick's tombstones can be found on Ghost Town's main street. More tombstones with humorous epitaphs can be found in the graveyard.

This appears to be an old steam roller, although I've not been able to find anything about its history.

You can share this bench with Handsome Brady and Whiskey Bill, two concrete characters created by Claude Bell in 1947. Bell was responsible for creating most of the life-sized statues found throughout the Ghost Town.

This Catawampus is leftover from Jungle Island, in the old Lagoon area across the street. It is one of the last remaining "Wood-imals" created by Forrest Morrow using branches and tree trunks. Jungle Island and the lagoon are now gone, replaced by Knott's Soak City water park.

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