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Planet Coaster Parks / Xoo [Summer Competition Park]
« on: September 15, 2017, 10:11 AM »

Hello and welcome to Xoo! CTRSind and I's entry for the SGW Summer Competition. Xoo is a celebration of the natural world, exploring the depths and adventures of different ecosystems. The harsh reality of Australia's Outback, the rainy basins of the Amazon Rainforest, and the misty swamps of Louisiana's bayou.

Xoo presents nature through a variety of attractions sure to thrill and inspire you to learn more about the wonder world we live in.

We still have much more to show! So stay tuned! Opening day is almost here!

Planet Coaster Community Board / Depth of Field Problem
« on: April 06, 2017, 08:06 PM »
Hey guys,

I updated my graphics card drivers today and when I went to open PC the entire screen is blurry. The DOF is not working and blurring out the whole screen. Turning it off makes the game playable.

I really liked the DOF and want it back, this happen to anyone else?

Planet Coaster Parks / Adventure Landing - Christmas in the Park
« on: April 02, 2017, 12:23 PM »

Hello Peeps!

I've been messing around with PC since its release trying to get used to this game. It has quite a learning curve and putting time in can achieve jaw dropping results. Just look at some of the other projects on this forum. Wow.

Masked said in one of his videos that we all have that fall back park we baby, this is mine. Countless revisions in RCT3 and even some in PC already. I'm sure that this won't be the last either. I've decided to take a very laid back approach to this park/version and just sort of showcase it as I go, WIP pics and all. So lets get started on what I done since getting this game. I might have showcased these in the best pic thread but some are new.

Now, full disclosure. I've already abandoned this park file. I made the mistake of assuming I could edit the paths at the entrance. It totally screwed up the paths beyond help. No worries though, I have saved all the buildings and want to bring them over to the new file.

And finally, I just want everyone to know that I've hired you all as security guards so you can get these sweet behind the scenes pictures. But that comes at a price. I need you guys to be on the lookout for this guy:

His name is Dutcher and he is nothing but trouble. If you see him around the park, in the comments, or out shopping, report him to your supervisor! He likes to criticize the park and that is very annoying to management. :mad:up:

Side note: I don't mind anybody watching me play on Steam, send me a friend request and feel free to watch! I'll be playing for a few hours after I post this, don't be afraid to stop by!


Planet Coaster Community Board / Please sir, may I have some more?
« on: January 02, 2017, 05:27 PM »
So now that Planet Coaster is here lets start wildly speculating about whats next. What kind of expansions are we likely to get? What kind of expansions would you want?

I'll share first, someone posted that Frontier trademarked "Planet Safari" sometime in December. From what I read this could either be two things, a "Wild" like expansion for PC or a stand alone Zoo Tycoon type of game. While either way based on what I've seen with PC I think Frontier will make a great game.

That said I really really hope this is an expansion for PC. I love the old Zoo Tycoon Games but I hardly see a reason to split them. Planet Coaster already has the foundations set for park like games so why not make it all into one neat package? (MONEY OF COURSE LOL)

Anyone that knows my work knows I like to make grand safari's in my parks and I would love to be able to do the same in Planet Coaster. So my fingers are crossed!

Now what "reasonable" expansion/DLC ideas do you have? Or do you have any rumors you want to share?

RCT Custom Content / Custom Scenery Requests Thread
« on: June 27, 2008, 01:09 PM »
They have this at Atari, so I think it would be okay to bring here, Place all of your Custom Scenery (CS) ideas and requests in here!

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