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Present day: E-mail

Dear Atlantic City Historical Foundation,
It has come to me that there is no information about a old amusement park pier on the boardwalk. I understand, it used to exist but now sits empty and I have heard stories from my parents and other folks about the rides that graced the pier. Such as the Meteor roller coaster, or the Mine Ride, or something about a water ride. I am doing a report for a website about the history, I have asked many other organizations and you are probably the last hope. I would like to know anything about the beginnings, rides, pictures, reports and events associated with the pier. Thanks in advance!


Reply: Hello Kyle,
Thanks for the questions! And I must say you are lucky, just recently a local resident who has documented the pier, has a gold mine of information and pictures from the start and finish. He decided to give us copies of pictures and footage. Please click on the attachment below. Hope you enjoy, and good luck with the project!

Sarah Goldsmith
ACHF Supervisor

The beginnings of something special

Fall 1962

Atlantic City has been a pretty decent east coast city, filled with the usual entertainment, restaurants, night life. But recently the southern tip of the island has experienced a stimulus of growth. What used to just be an 45 year old life guard station and house was bought out by an entrepreneur named Will Wright. He is known as the owner of a steel company and financial bank, him and a real estate Tycoon named David Cook teamed up and bought acres of land. For the first few years, the boardwalk that was there was extended, by 1961 a hotel was built called the Ocean Inn, featuring twin buildings with ocean view, and side views. Soon after that the life guard building was turned into a museum and renovated. The beaches were beginning to be used, but despite the new situation, there was still something needed to bring fun and fascination to the beach.  This year I stopped by to take a look around at all the fuss and noise.

^ The skyline view so far, a pretty chilly day, and still a few people walking around.

^ The Ocean Inn neighbors the life guard outpost.

^ The life guard house, actually used to have spare rooms for life guards to sleep, and rarely fishermen as well.

^ I snuck up for a view for my self in the tower.

^ Apparently there were plans to build more condominiums in the future. Well see what happens.

^ Lets take a look inside the museum!

^ A lot of interesting items to check out.

^ Some rare artifacts indeed! Ocean related wonders!

^ A sealed fire place.

^ A glimpse of the upper residence can be seen.

^ Despite being surrounded by new buildings, the life guard tower still reigns as the tallest structure down here.

^ Wait what's this? A staging area for construction equipment.

^ The beach is littered with wood and other supplies, but for what?

^ Footers in the sand. Something is going on, there is a rumor about some type of entertainment coming down here. Could this be it? Well have to wait and see!

Creators Note:

Hello everyone! Well fisherman did me in, hell he reeled me in and now here I am with a ocean related project! Now mind you, I was planning on doing this but was waiting until Planet Coaster added a bit more to make it worth starting, and with the no Collison and other additions it is time. In this game you really can be very detailed, and create quite a bit. But with that, it takes a long time to build your ideas! It took me 3 days (hour or 2 each) to finish the life guard building. Another 2 for everything else, which means updates will be when I finish my ideas. Now in the past few years, I am a busy man, in a band and working a lot. I don't have as much time compared to when I was creating parks years ago, but that is not a problem. NOW, those who have seen my parks before should know what this project is, and its also ironic and interesting to say that its the 10th year anniversary (Can't believe that!) of a certain project. Now we all know the rave about remakes these days, or prequels of movies and popular culture. Consider this a reimagining. With the possibilities of planet coaster, I can now realize things that I couldn't do in Rct3, and possibly add other ideas that were never added. And this project, will be a bit different, but similar! I hope you guys enjoy this ride! Questions, concerns, comments, bring them!

Pre Text: Well I figured since I have some time to mess around with this game, I should try and experiment and see what I can get away with in the new updates. I noticed that there is a cool advanced rotation tool for moving objects sideways, up and down ect. That is really cool and can already seeing things I can build that could only dream of from the days of rct3 and the previous editions. As the game gets closer and new ideas get added, I will find ways to adding to this.


Sometime in the mid 70's a new mysterious structure waits the town of StoneRidge. This is unlike any other building and a matter of fact seems as if it was transported from the medevil days to now. One can wonder what is inside the walls, and what its purpose could be! Construction started fast and soon, it would leave a dark shadow across a nearby parking lot, almost as a warning to not go inside! Some details were released, and it was officially named, 'Dungeon Towers' a domain of terror. Along with 10$ to enter the labyrinth. Should we even bother to take a peak? All that can be heard is screams and Dracula music. Well luckily a few snapped some photography from inside.

^ The hall seems to be shrinking, or are we getting bigger? (Offtopic Side note: Finally! I can do something like this!)

^ Some thumping footsteps ahead, I almost don't want to find out but my gut says do it!

^ A behind the scenes rare above shot! (Offtopic note: Do you know how many separate building templates I had to go through to get walls to line up correctly? 40+)

That's it for now! Hope you guys enjoy my exploration of this game!

Thought I would start a thread / journal of ideas that I am working on. I am just loving this game so far, and its not even finished! So many possibilities and customization. Any who, one of the experiments I was working on today, is a walkthrough dark attraction!

^ Scull Cave Mountain! Abandon all hope ye enter, or something along those lines. But a simple rock façade, I really love using that scull rock! And in the background, my first attempt at a Arrow roller coaster. Still getting the hang of the controls of the coaster builder.

^ A guest braves through the dreaded scull room! What lurks around the corner, who knows...

^ A bucket of rum may give you a dizzy point of view, but why do we suddenly feel as if were upside down?

That's it so far, I've been dabbling into this game a few hours a day. But can't wait to mess around some more!

The Artist's Corner / Pilots In Reverse: PK111's music
« on: March 29, 2015, 04:45 PM »
Hey guys I never really showed anyone some of my music, but I am a huge rock fan and play guitar, drums, sing, mix music. Its one of my many other hobbies I enjoy, along with architecture, football, simulation games, ect. But I have probably 100's of songs I've done over the past 6 years, as time passed I learned more, bought recording gear and expanded and transformed my musical influences. Bands that I am a huge fan of are, Led Zepplin, Rush, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden (Who I luckily got to play with in concert.), Green Day, Muse, Kings of Leon, Death cab for cutie, Incubus, to name a few. But I am all over the place and never feel like I am ever finished mixing a song, sometimes it takes so long that I end up remaking the song again because I have newer mics, or techniques, but today I finally decided to upload my first song called Colours, which was redone 3 different times, and was born 4 years ago as a simple guitar riff. So here I have the song on band camp, which I created for my musical work.

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