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Planet Zoo / A Zoo from AemJaY
« on: November 12, 2019, 11:18 PM »
Well I think I can give it a try, and start my own Zoo Thread over here :)
In the last couple of days I was getting into planet zoo and get familiar with all the pieces and stuff.
I decided to start my own zoo.

Iam building a modern zoo with some state of the art animal habitats, and some old structures and enclosures that will be reworked by time. the inspiration I get most of my local zoo "Zurich Zoo Switzerland". One of the best zoos in Europe (Newspapers told me that). Also I got influenced by zoo Berlin (East) and Vienna Zoo. Well lets see where we going. Here are my first Pictures:

I was trying to work with different heights. so on the left you have a ramp, and on the right you have some stairs to get up to the entrance plaza. You can see the entrance towers in the far back :)

here you have the overview of the entrance plaza (still not finished yet) in the back on the other side of the wall is the monorail. i was planing to go with the gondola but damn that's so fucking big and doesent fit my ideas, so I will maybe go with the monorail. I placed it there to see if it fits the space. on the right is a maintenance building that has access from the inside of the park.

well that's it for now. lets see where this journey will bring us :)

btw maybe you find out where I got the inspiration out for the entrance buildings ;)

Planet Zoo / What did you just do in Planet Zoo?
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:20 PM »
I think we should also start the same thread like in Planet Zoo :)

Post your latest work you just did in Planet Zoo:

HI all and welcome to Swiss Valley.

This is the final Thread but unlucky not the final Park. I didnt had the time to finish up my Park, excpectally the last Attraction i did not finished, but i will definitly finish it, because i love this park. I love the Park and the competition so here is the actual presentation of my Wintercompetition Park 2018!

Welcome to Swiss Valley, your local Fun Park! We build up a new entrance including a bus stop nearby.

When you enter the park and go to the left, you will find the tropical werlyrig and some fountains.
Also you will find a little plaza next to the flyby ride, with some food and drink shops and also toillets.

Another view of this area.

On the right side of the entrance you will find our two big players of attractions. You see the fully redesigned Blue BIrd. OUr signature Attraction Woodencoaster. The new track looks way smoother and is fittin perfect in the park. our engineers have done a really great job.
And there is also the new go kart track with its building from the start. we didnt changed the building because we want to keep something from the beginning.

Another view with the plaza on the left and Bluebird in the back.

behind the gokarts another small plaza found its place, with some shops and the Kickföip ride. this section is around 80% finished because the last attraction is still in development..

View from the gokart track to the entrance, isnt that beautiful?

In the last screenshot you see the unfinished last attraction called Adventure ride.
We didint managed to finish it till deadline sry for that. but we can show you a little teaser what it will be when its finished, hope you like it. (This attraction i will finish after the contest thats for shure)

So this is it till now! Last but not least here is the Park file that you need for your visit! I hope you like what you see!

Link to the Workshop file:

Planet Coaster Rides / Wild One - A Woodencoaster
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:31 AM »
HI all

I had to do something a side to my zoo project. so i had the idea of buiding a small wooden coaster. Wild One i s a wooden Coaster in a "spookie setting" haha, dont know the right word to descripe. So here for you:


Some Screens:

And the POV both, day and night!

Planet Coaster Parks / The Zoo Project
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:44 AM »
Hi all its me again the jay from switzerland :)

In the past few weeks it was a bit quit around me. I finished the Swiss Valley project, well not really finished but puased. I did some new starts but the inspiration was hard to find. I also got in the Summer Challenge but also there the lack of time and the inspiration was hard to find (sry for that). Its a great contest with some really great entrys!

So after the Promotion Video of Jurassic World Evolution i had an idea. And i also wanna try something really new for me. In this Forums youl find so much inspiration by some Users, thats so awesome. So i wanna do something completly new for me, more work with Custom Builds. So it beguns..

Welcome to my new Project called the ZOO!

Some of you already saw some Pics in the "what did you do in PlanetCoaster Thread" so here are some old and new Pics.

My first start of the whole Project! I startet to create a fence, for bigger animals maybe some Cats or something. with a plattform where the visitors can get "in" and have a look over the whole installment (what is the name for the animal area? Pit? or what?)

Then i started to creat other locations, and i tryed to start at a entrance house, or something but iam not happy with it  right now.

So no Pictures of this :)

After that i created another are for some smaller Animals, maybe some deer or something. And then i was thinking about a "Safari" area. Where the people can sitin cars, and drive trough the Animals home. So the people can "interact" with the animals. My first "ride" was born:

This animal area was till then the biggest Project and has a lot of work in it. But i was really happy how it turned out. Some other areas including the bearpit are also created, but i will them show you a bit later ;)

Hope you enjoyd it. Let me know what you think!

Cheers jaY

Planet Coaster Parks / Project_V2 a new Park is coming
« on: July 26, 2017, 11:29 PM »
Hi all

Since Swiss Valley is on hold (creative ideas ar not there yet) i was thinking to start a new park. Why? Cause i learnd so much in the past 12 Months (or more) about Planet Coaster, so i was thinking to restart with a new park with all my new ideas and learnings. I wana build a smaller park more realistic with all the normal surroundings that a park should have.

So it sounds a bit that iam going older :P at least in Planet Coaster haha. So first i wana tell you i think i will also start to do this Youtube Series completly in my horrible english :D just to improve my english as well. But it will not be a live build Series, i will mix it with timelapses and cinematic videos. where i also will interact more with the community on youtube or the forums i visit.

So thats the forword. Now to the park!

In the first picture you see the entrance area. i will build a small parkinglot, with a parkinghouse (is that correct?) also a fountain and a Bus stop at the beginning (not on the picture). The entrance area is on top, i think i will try to build something round but not to opulent like jubili (sry for that writing ahaha) gardens. but i hope still an eye catching entrance :)

First work is done, the layout of the streets and also the fountain is build. the bridge for the people is also in the making.

After this, i will add a "large" backstage area on the left. i need to figure out how i will add that in the best way, maybe i need to redo the paths to the entrance. but we will see. This area i didnt started yet, cause atm my time is limited. so here is the second picture:

So thats it for now. Its a small start with some concepts but iam really happy to bild a new park, with more details, more custome made buildings and with more interaction and more screens for the community :D

Hope you like it!

Planet Coaster Rides / - No Name - Dive Coaster and surrounding
« on: May 04, 2017, 01:12 AM »
Hi all

Here is my newest project to show you. It starts as a small Dive Coaster, and it turns out maybe as a small park :)
So here is the start of the Dive Coaster (i was inspired by another user but dont remember the name):

After i got the Layout of the Coaster i builded the paths around and a bit of Landscaping:

then i added some shops and some Flatrides. why? Cause i can haha. It was just fun to build more and more. And i must say, in the past 12 Months of playing Planet Coaster i learnd a lot of the game. And this shows up in this new small project.

I hope you like what you see. More to come soon. Cheers

The Artist's Corner / Last Trip to Vienna
« on: April 30, 2017, 08:18 AM »
Hey all

Me and my Girl stayed at Vienna the last couple of days. FIrst time i had a Real Cam with me. It was a Canon EOS 7D with a standard Optic (my friend told me its the best to start with). So here are some impressions just for you :) Hope you like it:

If you wanna see more just tell me :)
i made around 600 Pictures i think haha :D

Planet Coaster Parks / Desert Sun Valley
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:58 PM »
Hi all. I will show you here the Progress of Desert Sun Valley. Its a small park out of a german community Forum (spielerheim). One produced a Map with "special" abbilities. so all can build now there park there. So here are my first two pictures of my actual work from yesterday.

The entrance way. The main Road is inspired by Silvarrets work on hes Mainstreet at Elemental gardens (i think):

And here is the left side of the Mainstreet, not finished as you can see. But you can see how it will turns out :)

I will show you the whole progress, in screenshots, and at the end i will do a video for presentation and onride :)

Planet Coaster Rides / DIVER - Woodencoaster
« on: February 18, 2017, 10:13 AM »
Hi all, i started a new project called - DIVER - its a Woodencoaster, somewhere in i dont know. Here are some of the first Screenshots for you:

My first ever custome made Nameplate for the Coaster right in front of the que. Hope you like the little "Graffiti" Style of Sign hehe :)

Soon i will show you some speedbuild episodes and a POV with cinematics of course.

Planet Coaster Parks / Desert Rock Park
« on: February 08, 2017, 03:51 AM »
HI all

Its the crazy swisguy again :) Today i wana show you some of the first Pics of a new Project iam on. Right you think now, what? jay what about your Swiss Valley? Well no woories folks, swiss valley will continue. But this park here, is from a project i do for a new swiss streamer/youtuber community. We are a bunch of streamer tuber and build up a fresh new network for switzerland and for our motherlanguage SWISSgerman :) Iam also on board, and i do a new letsplay of my atm favorite game Planet Coaster. So enought talk here are the first Pics!

Hey there

Its jaY again with a new coaster :)
Its a Familie Coaster with the theme "Dragons" and also with my first ever custom build Dragon (well at least a Head haha). Hope you like it.

HI there
I will show you my newest project (yeah there are many projects around). This time i wanna build a RMC Coaster named "Waldgeist" (Forrestghost or something like that). I will record the whole process and will try to do a speedbuild at the end. i dont know if i can do that haha.

So first here for you a WiP Screen of my new Coaster:


Hi all

I think most of you guys here know me :) iam jay from switzerland and iam doing a lets play series of Planet Coaster. After Release i started with a new Park in a new Sandbox Area. After now there are 3 Episodes on air. So i wanna show you them. But as i say in the title, its in German, but i know there are also germans in this forum and all the english fans just watch the videos without my voice (but you definitly will miss something ;) )

Planet Coaster Parks / My Alpine "Beta" Park
« on: November 12, 2016, 05:29 AM »
HI all

I was thinking i can show you here, my Beta Park iam building. These first screens i was taking during my livestream Session this week. I hope you like it:

Damn i love the new Woodie!

This shot was taking from the entry of my Mountain Park

A bit of an overview, the Shops are just "placehoders" and not finished :P

the first view from the other side, with my yellow Monster on the left.

another view from my woodie.  :love:

the latest expansion. with a "series" builded Wing Coaster and in the middle some more place for my upcoming Minetrain :)

Damn i love the Beta!

Every Day there are coming a ton of new Blueprints to the Steam Workshop.
So i had the Idea that i will show you every Week some of the nicest (for my eyes) works from the community.

The Voice in the Video is in German, but you find all the Workshop Links in my Youtube descriptions, hope you like it!

Planet Coaster Community Board / My Planet Coaster Creations
« on: April 28, 2016, 02:19 AM »
Hi all
Iam now here for hm i dont know maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Sry for my Bad english, native language is swiss german :) Right iam from Switzerland. I play Planet Coaster since Early Alpha Release, am i now a Veteran? :P

I do some Let's Play Series for Planet Coaster, but in German, so if its Okay i will post the Videos here? If you guys think, no sorry no german Stuff cause here we speak english, den i let it by this just one post of my opening Let's Play Planet Coaster Series. I will continue with Screenshots :)

But if its okay, i will post every New Episode of my Let's Play. So please gimme feedback. Thnx.

ok i think i need a tutorial how i can add a youtube Vid in here? :P

Welcome Center / JayBlastOne incoming!
« on: April 07, 2016, 10:53 PM »
Hi all

My Name is Marco "JayBlastOne" iam from switzerland so my motherlanguage is not english, it called swissgerman :) Iam a builder and i played all the RCT from 1 to 3. Now iam addicted to Planet Coaster.

Iam also Streaming and Youtubing, but mostly in german. So if we have some German Fans in here go check out my letsplay Serie of Planet Coaster Alpha ;) Iam playing some other Games but at the moment iam full into Planet Coaster.

If iam not playing video games, iam on the run with my girlfriends, walking in the Mountains and other Stuff, or iam on the Street with my Harley Davidson Forty-Eight or in the Dirt with my Husqvarna FE350.

Also i play Ultimate Frisbee in a local Team and go out to swim in the water. as you can see i have really much to do haha. But still enought time for playing Video Games :)

So more to say? no if you have Questions just ask.

Greez jaY

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