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Planet Coaster Parks / Busch Gardens
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:38 PM »
Hey guys, this is my first pc project that I've been fooling around with on and off since the game came out. It's something that I wanted to do in rct 3 forever, and had attempted it a few times but never really got very far. This is by no means a new concept but here is my take on an Asian Busch Gardens. These first screens are of the first area I've (mostly) completed, India.

On the left, Royal Caravan with Baku looming in the distance.

In the distance, the entrance to the Ganges Rapids Tours.

The eatery/market in the area. Serving the standard burgers/chicken/pizza and drinks.

The seating area gives great views of the rapids below.

The backside of the Indian area.

The bridge that connects India and Cambodia.

A shot of the boat as it nears the station.

That's it for now. Any comments/criticism is greatly appreciated. The next update should dive more into the rest of the rapids as I continue to clean up the queue area.


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