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Community Chat / The magic moment.
« on: May 09, 2018, 07:51 PM »
A long while back I had an experience that kicked off my current love for theme park/management games and it goes like this:

A good friend and I got a group together and we visited Alton Towers. It was great fun but when we got back we were looking for something to keep the experience fresh in our minds.

I loved the rct game's and tycoons but I had yet to play rct3. So we got a copy and decided to build a park together. We were young and naive so we decided to build a 'crige' Christmas park...with all the trimmings.

- launched candy canecoaster.
- houses sunk into the ground with fog and snow to look like a sleigh ride.
- the north star...

Anyway...there was a turning point. I fell asleep and my friend stayed up all night. When I woke up he said...don't be mad...

I was furious. He'd done hours of it without me.

He apologised and said he couldnt stop and so he nervously revealed it to me and all my anger slid into awe.

He had built a stunning mainstreet. With shop interiors and victorian  facades. It was brimming with realistic detailing and behind the scenes stuff.

You need to understand at this time I don't think ppl were modding the game and I had no idea there were places or people like this. My friend had overnight reinvented what it meant to play these games for me1. I spent ages trying to make realistic parks after this.

It wasn't until planet coaster was announced i found there were others who played it like me. That I had missed years of modded game playand scenery packs!!!

It is daunting and amazing seeing how awesome people have taken these ideas and I intend to relish every moment of it.

Do you remember your *click* moment?

Welcome to Brimscombe Hill Park and Gardens

This is my first real attempt at making a full park, outside of the winter competition, and I am really enjoying building it. I had some advice from the beginners forum that really helped me to focus and actually have something...a massively W.I.P. something...but something that I am enjoying.

So the park is located in the Five Valleys in the Cotswolds as that was the vibe the deciduous park was giving me and I know it well. So a lot of the building work is going to be looking for charm and I am really enjoying foliage and landscaping at the moment so….BUSHES AND TREES :D

Anyway here are some images of my progress.

Humble beginnings:

There is an amazing Ice Cream stall up Rodborough Common called “Winstons Ice Creams” that are the best in the area so I had to get them signed on:


More shots of the entrance and Winstons taken from the Venition Carousel and it’s bandstand style gazebo. Incidentally, the first ride I have put into the park.

After I added the Carousel I decided to tackle a log flume for my first area. Here is the shell:

I decided to call it “The Waterworks” an homage to the waterworks museum and the warehouses at the Gloucester Docks. Here is an overview of the ride and I have surrounded it with a quiet picnic area accessible via a short nature walk (how very British), A grill joint (currently Chief Beef themed but I am going to work on my own sign-age.

And FINALLY… an overview of the progress:

Thank you for stopping in and I would welcome any input, feedback, criticisms (constructive or not).

Planet Coaster Parks / Ruggles - Winter Competition (Tier 2)
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:41 PM »


Here is the final download and some screenshots to cap of this competition :D

And one last drone shot at the shut up shop!

Kind Regards
The Ruggles

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