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Playtime Gardens: Riverside Amusement Park (1970) - Episode 0.1

OK, so I don't have a presentable park yet, but I wanted to give this a go and post some time lapses on YouTube to see how it goes.  Hopefully I keep it up.   And BTW I have not abandoned my Dark Kingdom Project, I just need a break from it.

The SGW competition park that I made ended up in a decent place and the next incarnation will be called Playtime Gardens.   I want a park that I could start based on an defunct park and I can then mold to my will, and one I can build over an extended timeline.  This project is why I made the spreadsheet of times and manufacturers, which I posted in the community forum.  Seemed that based on that data, the perfect time to start a park would be the early 1970's.  At first i was going to go for an alternate version of Circus World in central Florida, but it was not quite right.  I ended up choosing Riverside Amusement Park in Indianapolis, which closed in 1970.

So I started building the park, we'll see how it goes.  For now, the time-lapse of the layout, will post pics when there is something decent to show.

Thinking of a future project I want to make, I needed first dates of installation for the roller coasters in the game.  I put it together in a google spreadsheet if anyone is interested; maybe it will save someone research time.  I can see it being used for time-accurate scenarios when we get the editor.

I tried to iframe it here so it could be viewed directly from the post, but I don't think it is possible.  I am putting it here on PDF.  If you don't like PDFs, then click the 'Web Page' link instead.

Planet Coaster roller coaster timeline (PDF) or (Web Page)

Planet Coaster roller coaster timeline with historical data (PDF)
or (Web Page)

Flat rides timeline (PDF) or (Web Page)

Track rides timeline (PDF) or (Web Page)

All coasters and rides with historical data in a single document (PDF) or (Web Page)

If you see any mistakes, let me know so I can correct them.

I Present Wippi Rund Puurk (Happy Child Park).   The name of the park was decided by a Chinese focus group, the result of which was put into google translate.

Grab a park map and enjoy a family-friendly good time!

Transport yourself and get there right now! 

or simply click this link and subscribe:

Images for billboards available here:

Links to entries for each challenge

About this park

The Hula Swings are located to the left of the entrance, right by the Guest services building and the Full Gear souvenir shop.

A small Splash zone to the right of the entrance, in front of the cosmic cow ice cream and milkshake stop.

Just past it, there is the Strawberry Shortcake Carousel

Welcome to Don't Rock the Boat

Where you must "Balance your Matey's or..."

"Overboard ye go!"

A small splash zone has also been added to the exit of the ride, by the Pirate Penguin Secret Lair

Hi everyone,

Fist time posting a park here.  I have been lurking for a while (since RCT2 actually) and playing Planet Coaster since release; 567 hours so far  :-[ .

So I started this project, meant to showcase the Disney Villains, which will probably eventually cause my computer to slow to a crawl, but I don't care.  I guess I can always delete buildings saved as a blueprint in order to continue.

I started using a blueprint I uploaded myself to the workshop, which is an empty park with a parking lot and a plaza, using a challenge scenario because I do like to play with money on (not that it makes a difference).  If anyone is interested you can find it here:

I filled the parking lot with some buses and cars from the workshop

Then started building the entry plaza:

Guest services on the right, some ticket booths on the left and a center fountain to bring it to life.
A splash of colored lights on the entrances.

Like any "Kingdom" park, it needs a Disney train at the entrance, with some evil eyes lurking underneath to keep it villain friendly.

A mobility center is also available at the entrance to rent EVs and Strollers

On the other side, the station is inspired by Victoria Station, since the main street has a UK theme.

And I have more to show, but I will continue this later.   I expect this park is going to take a while to build.  I have a master plan already for the whole thing.

Planet Coaster Blueprints / Continuing my ePCot building series
« on: June 15, 2017, 07:50 PM »
Just finished another building in my ePCot project, the Akersus restaurant in the Norway Pavilion.

Clean insides so it can be decorated

A couple of mirrors by the bathroom

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