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Planet Coaster Parks / River Park | Starting Season
« on: March 11, 2019, 05:24 PM »
Welcome to River Park ! :D

[Fun Fact = just because the whole family love movies and epic soundtracks a Movie Gate with an 1 Hour Music Loop has been build as the first attraction´s arrived in River Park]

a small Themen Park in the middle of nowhere. The Park is in the hand of the family Klaasen and his "leader" Nico Klaasen. His grandfather Günther has build an little small western village with his bare hands and his son Frank has make it more and more to a Themen Park. But the work of his Grandfather still resistant and get as much love as Possible.

Western City

Now the Son of Frank [Nico] has his hand in this business and has build for a while the First Coaster in this Park !


 its a 765 meter (2509 feet) long Looping Coaster from Arrow Dynamics's. This Coaster has 3 inversion's and has a Custom Layout what cost much but was the only way to install a coaster because of the Terrain in this park. The first drop has an Height of 25 meter (82 feet) what sounds not much but with an High Speed of 82kmh (51mph) it is one of the fastest his kind.


With this Coaster comes a new Themen Area, That .. lets say is a Eyesore in this Park. This Bavarian Village looking area has 2 Rides

First is Wave Swinger a Zierer Rides Creation with the Creative Name Wave Swinger By side is Günther´s Merry go Round. Grandfather's First Carousel, a real historic ride from funfair but even Günther it self doesn't know much about the Manufacturer.

Between the Bavarian Village and Flash is Frank´s heritage for the Park, its an selfmade Playground for kids.
The name of this little are is Ruhrtal. This name is a bit exquisite but it is the Name of Hometown of the Family

Right beside of this Playground are 2 more attraction. First is the Ferris Wheel a chill Technical Park creation with a lovely view and in Front of this Wonderful wheel is a Huss Rides Thrill Attraction, Top-Spin with its water effects and his imposing Construction is this a really popular photopoint.


Now... Nico has a big project, its for the Western Area of his Grandfather.
What do you Guy's and Girl´s think will it be ?  :confused: ;)

[Fun Fact = The Photo´s has been made while winter works]

Planet Coaster Parks / Rusty Land ! [WIP]
« on: December 24, 2018, 10:39 AM »
Hello Everbody, Some of you may have Followed my Project " Centro Park ". Now I'm coming up with a new and better Park ! :)
My new Computer Allows me to do way more things and this is what I'm coming up with :

Rusty Land !

The First Coaster is Colorado Express ! (inspired by Colorado Adventure - Phantasialand [Brühl near Cologne])

The Queue Line


Track Layout

The area around the Coaster

This we will be the Replace for my Old Project (Centro Park)
Why I'm Ending Centro Park this quick is actually very easy. I'm simply not Happy with my Old Buildings and the Architecture, With my Old Computer i couldn't do that much with out lagging, So i have build in " lite mode " and it is to much Work to Replace everything.

But i hope you like my New Theme Park !

i wish everbody a Merry Christmas :) !

Planet Coaster Parks / Centro Park! [1986]
« on: October 22, 2018, 01:12 PM »
Hello Lady's and Gentleman ! Boy's and Girl's !

I Welcome you to my New Park i just bought! Since 1986 a Farm in Middle of Nowhere has been Build Up. After financial problems the Park has been shut down for 1 Year, The Rides has been Stored in Warehouses and now have been Build Up again with one Exciting new Ride. The Park is Ready for his First Event the  :laughing_skull: Fright Nights :laughing_skull: and the Big  :) Halloween Night :)! After the Event's.. We have many Things to do!

The New Park Map is Fresh Printed!

Soon Coming more Photo's of this Project,
Hope you Like it !

Best Greets Nico :up:

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