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in late 1981, construction begin at Maryland Lake Amusement Park.

in April 1982, Maryland Lake Amusement Park opened to public.

Here's a view a park on Opening day 1982.

Here's a Monster Mouse an Allan Herschell Wild Mouse that relocated from defunct amusement park in Maryland called Playland Park.

Unfortunately, they forgot to hire a staff like Janitors, Mechanics, and Security.

in Summer 1982 they finally hired Janitors, Mechanics, and Securitys.

when Wild World (now known as Six Flags America) opened, Maryland Lake Amusement Park become a lowest grossing amusement park in Maryland because Park forgot to hired a staff. They need a new coaster, They contact Arrow Dynamics (back when it called Arrow Huss) to build a Loop Corkscrew, and Arrow saided yes. So in fall 1982 Arrow constructed a new coaster for 1983 season, They called....


in April 1983, Loop-Screw was opened

This is an Arrow Dynamics Loop Corkscrew coaster have Yellow track and Black supports.
They marketed as Maryland's first and only Triple inverted coaster.

Coming Soon for more updates.

I'm working REAL SIZE Schiff Wild Mouse coaster on Planet Coaster.

not 30 foot not 40 foot.

Is actually 50 FOOT.

Here's a photos of Schiff Wild Mouse recreation while i'm working on:

construction will be completed soon. be patient guys.

My list of coasters for my next DLC idea:

B. A. Schiff & Associates Wild Mouse coaster (2 trains)

Scenic Railway

PTC 4 seater Wooden Coaster trains

Coney Island's Steeplechase (1908-1966)

S. D. C Galaxi Coaster

Arrow Dynamics Mine Train

Arrow Dynamics Mini Mine Train

Arrow Dynamics Launched Loop

I wish devs will do that DLC.

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Hi my name is Zachary Lunsford, and i'm 20 years old with autism.

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