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Hello guys,
my name is Klaus and I am one of the founders of a young startup on the ambitious mission to build the ultimate creative playground for top talent in music, so-to-say "The Hogwarts for Future Popstars", the "Disney Club 3.0" or what insiders call us, the "JYP Entertainment of Europe".

And we are doing this at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin:

The idea is now to build the Funkhaus and/or its spectacular inside in Planet Coaster as a flyover or even walk-through simulation, because I believe it is so much cooler and faster than using some heavy CAD / 3D software. And I loved playing the older versions of RCT and tried out PC, and I mainly lack the time to jump into myself with now almost 8 employees to manage :)

And the simulation will be shown to 200+ people at our upcoming conference on the 3rd of August, see more here:

And you will also see the secret 3D version/renderings of what we are going to build into Funkhaus :) and potentially we can combine this also very elegantly into one nice final video / simulation.

So this could be a really cool project with direct real-world impact.  Reach out to learn more about it and this could evolve also into something cool down the road, till the year-end we are planning to hire more talented designers / 3D / SFX / animation talent. And if you like the music/media/entertainment world that is another perk.

Oh, and if you are in Berlin or want to stop by, we can give you a real-world tour.


Klaus and the whole team  :)

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