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Parkitect / Kettlefield Corner - Thrill Zone
« on: June 24, 2018, 05:39 AM »
Havn't posted on the forums in two years. Lot of stuff has happened. My last project was called Mangrove Valley which I was doing in RCT3. Since then, I got a new computer and transfer didnt go too well so I dont have that file anymore. Really been enjoying seeing how Parkitect has developed so I thought I'd give it a crack.

I started this park primarily to get familiar with the game mechanics and existing scenery. As such, I won’t be using any mods for this park. I don’t have a computer beefy enough to run a game like planet coaster (I tried) but parkitect works really smooth so far as long as I turn off shadows and occlusion when im building. I also kept the map intentionally small to start off with. The main inspiration for this park was a medium-size park in New Zealand called Rainbow’s end. Only has a couple coasters and themed rides but its all really tightly packed.

I started off with the back end of the park which contains the Thrill Zone area. I might be shooting myself in the foot by starting at the back of the park but we'll see how it goes. Here’s an overview of progress so far.

The entrance to the area passes under the track of our coaster twice! Boosted the decoration rating a fair bit.

As you walk through, the transfer track and maintenance shed are on your left, along with stairs up to the Thrill Zone Pizzeria. While you're eating away at some scrumptious Hawaiian pizza, you can watch the train take the last sweeping turn of the coaster before the break run.

As you head down to the right, past a staff room, we come to The Parlour, Thrill zone's local ice creamery! There's also a toilet block next door and a coffee cart for those who'd prefer a warmer touch to their day.

The backstage area includes the depot for the area, access for the staff to each of the food stations, as well as a staff room.

At the end of the strip we find Z-Strike!! (Exclamation marks included in the name) This power surge ride is slightly raised on the terrain to impose dramatically on the strip and also allows riders a great view of the park from high up! (Though they may be upside down at the time..  8|

On the inside corner, we have the station for the park's largest and most thrilling coaster, Renegade! The queue for the ride passes underneath the launch, sure to get the guests brimming with anticipation!

An overview of Renegade. The launch leads into an immelman which then wraps around the back of the park before heading up and over the station. It then dives down into some low to the ground turns during the trench run of the ride with a zero g roll mixed in the middle. The coaster then skims out onto the water, through the maintenance shed before one last high speed turn into the break run.

We we're able to catch the test train as it flew through the zero-g roll.

That's all for the park for this update. However, one little thing to add.

I've been really inspired by peanuts comics recently and thought it could be a fun way to do something extra to the park updates by adding a short 4-panel strip i drew with each update. The main idea will be just little slice of life things especially related to theme parks. Hopefully over time, if this works out, i can tell a short story with it as well.

Until next time! Let me know what you guys think. Still getting used to the game so keen to learn how to improve on it.  :up:

I've gotten back into RCT3 the last couple weeks after a few years away from it. Durham Country Park inspired me to actually try and play the game instead of just building. Here's the results.

Formerly known as Mangrove Valley Miniature Golf, this small park only 2 Kilometres away from the highway became a beloved country golf park. Over the years of increasing profit, the owners purchased a handful of small rides from a run down carnival. The park is now going into its first year with a new outlook: To expand from a small golf park into a thriving amusement park.

Driving down the highway we approach the park. This first building you see however, is not part of the park.

Applegrove Cafe has been a family business for decades. They serve a variety of meals but are famous for their apple pie.

And now we arrive at the park. Due to their proximity, the cafe and former golf park share a car park (Classic floating trees in the background...)

Here is an overview of the current park. Humble and small, but full of dreams and curiosity. The mini golf course lies to the right of the entrance. Among the sheds that make up the entrance are information shacks, toilets and a first aid area. The newly bought rides have been set up along the West side of the park with a picnic area occupying the back end of the park.

The mini golf course that started it all. A 9-hole putter snaking through the woods (I used walls, logs and other scenery to make each hole different since there are only 6 holes available).

Here is an aerial shot of the map. It shows the major properties around the park. So far neighbours have been either supportive or just not interested in the parks development. Hopefully it stays this way! A river snakes its way through the landscape. Mountains begin to rise in the northern parts of the map (I intentionally landscaped before starting the park to attempt a more "natural" look). The blue area is the land owned by the park. Plenty of room for expansion before buying more land.

How will the park cope with the changes? We'll have to wait and find out.

Really happy to receive criticism on the theming and developments along the way. I do want to start of with a country fair sort of feel and slowly develop to a theme park with actual pavement and buildings that don't just look like sheds. Here's to new beginnings!  :)

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