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This calculation would not be possible without the information found in the following two places:

These two articles give us all the info we need to correctly estimate in-game profits (within a $50 margin of error). From the first tutorial by andreizsmart, we learn how to calculate Hourly Capacity. The biggest pain is doing the ride duration, which has to include unload time, load time, and ride circuit. Be careful when timing your ride. If an inspection happens at any point during your timing, it's invalid and you have to restart.

I opted for doing two rounds of this, and them simply averaging the two runs. (# of seconds + # of seconds / 2 = Duration in seconds). After that, divide by 60 so that your time is in minutes; I usually keep only 2 decimal places.

Then we can plug this into andreizsmart's equations without to much hassle. For those who don't want to thread hop, his equation is [60 x # of Trains(T) x # of seats on a train (C)]/Duration in minutes.

I did this for two rides of mine: a log flume (Monthly Guests: ~125, Admission: $7.00, In-Game Profit: $138.17) and an RMC (Monthly Guests ~335, Admission: $8.00, In-Game Profit: $348.12). For my Flume, it had a duration of 3.03 minutes, 6 logs, and 6 peeps/log.


The RMC came out with 2.53 minutes duration, 3 trains, and 24 guests per train. Totalled out to roughly 1708.

These numbers are your peeps per hour IRL. Now, we divide the numbers by 5. Why? Because thanks to that reddit article, we know that a month in game is 12 minutes IRL, and all of our time calculations are done IRL. Therefore, 60/12=5. So your peeps per hour/5 is your monthly in-game attendance at that attraction.

Flume: 142.6 Monthly Guests (I usually round down, I'd rather be under than over)
RMC: 341 Monthly Guests

With your Estimate of Monthly Guests, you multiply by the Admission to the ride.

Flume: 142 x $7 = $994
RMC: 341 x $8 = $2,728

Final step is to now subtract the ride operating costs. Once you've done this, you've got an estimated profit for the ride/attraction.

Estimated Flume Profit: $994 - $715.83 = $278.17
Actual Flume Profit: $159.36

Estimated RMC Profit: $2,728 - $1,916.11 = $811.89
Actual RMC Profit: $811.89 (not kidding, it was to the penny!)

What happened on the Flume's profit? These estimates are all based on the ride operating as planned. If the train stalls at the station for a second before raising the lap bars, if an inspection happens, a break-down, anything that impedes the action of the ride, it will lower your profit. This is what happened here. While I was away and calculating, the Flume had an inspection that caused the boats to back up, and thus be thrown off of their pattern. So post-inspection, the boats got loaded back-to-back, and then there was a large gap between the last and first boats. And yes, this really was long enough to tank the profit for the month.

Another thing that can severely alter your profit: Ride Load. If you have the ride set to Any Load, it can undercut your profits. Our calculations are an ideal: a full train for every train every time. This doesn't always happen. If it's a guest interest issue, I'd suggest investing in scenery and spruce up the place. If it's a ride operation issue, start tinkering with your ride's settings and get the fullest load possible.

Underneath the Spoiler below, I went ahead and ran another ride (Car Ride) to get some details on it. You can look if you'd like.

Plaza Autos - Luna Autos
  • Duration: 154s = 2.57min
  • Admission: $10.00
  • # of Cars: 8
  • Peeps per Car: 4
  • Running Cost: $451.20

Estimated Monthly Guests: [60*8*4]/2.57 = 747/5 = 149 guests
Estimated Monthly Profit: 149 x $10 = $1,490 - $451.20 = $1,038.80
Actual Profit (August): $848.80

Why? This particular ride has only 4 seats, which means that if your party is not of 4 peeps, then you won't fill the car. For the months of October and March, I kept track of how many cars went through, and how many peeps were in them, and I found the following:

In October:
  • # of Cars: 32
  • # of Guests: 111
  • # of Full Loads: 23 (~72%)
  • Actual Profit: $908.80

In March:
  • # of Cars: 32
  • # of Guests: 101
  • # of Full Loads: 15 (~47%)
  • Actual Profit: $1,078.80

What the hell is going on here?! This is much less about how many people are riding, but about how many people are we passing through the queue. The more people that get on the ride, the more that can get in the queue, which is where they pay the admission. The more efficient (and predictable) your ride is, the closer you'll be to your projections.

Personally, as someone who's interested in the management side of the game, I find this way more accurate on the coasters and flats. The tracked rides have limited seating for larger parties, and attendance is largely due to luck of who lines up when. I'm interested to know what you all think about all this as well.

- StickyGum32

Planet Coaster Parks / [WIP] New Forest-Themed Park
« on: July 20, 2019, 05:04 PM »
Hey friends! Been a while since I posted here, so I thought I'd start sharing what I've been tinkering with in PC. Started working on this park last Christmas, and it's slowly grown from one small coaster to a sprawling wooded theme park. Haven't really figured out a name for the park, but I do know that so far we have 6 Coasters (including a water coaster, kiddie coaster, RMC), 7 Flats (Ferris Wheel, Aeronauts, Chairswing), and a handful of other Tracked Rides (Steam Train, River Boats, Log Flume).

I'll post some POV's as I record them, but for now, here's a few screenshots. Let me know what you're interested in looking at and I'll record it!

The Aeronauts:

Unnamed Eurofighter:

The Entrance to the Unnamed Eurofighter (it turned out pretty, and I like it):

Entrance Plaza:

- StickyGum32

The Artist's Corner / VST's
« on: July 21, 2013, 02:49 PM »
So for a lot of electronic music people (like myself), we rely heavily on VST's and what not to bring new sounds and this and that and blah blah blah and some more fluff talk. But let's cut to the chase. If you're like me, I'm always looking for new VST's and there aren't really many well known sites (that I know about). So, I guess the thought of starting this thread is to be a place where if you find a VST you like online, then you can share it with us.

For instance, I just found a site that has a lot of free (and good) VST's, and it's going to help me greatly with my coming projects. They can be found here:   

Anyone else got some cool stuff?

- StickyGum32

The Artist's Corner / Sticky's Musical Landfill
« on: March 22, 2013, 02:12 PM »
Hey Peeps!

As some of you know, I'm like super into music and composing and what-not, so this thread is going to serve as a place for me to place random files of mine that I've written, or maybe something I'm working on. You can give feedback, or just listen or whatever. Up to you. Regardless, I'm going to have a thread here, and one over at vPyro. So yeah.

To start this thing off, I'll share what I did just today. Just kinda came to me (the melody did, the rest followed shortly behind).

Just thought of something else. If you all have questions about my software or how I do this or whatever, you can ask that too. So yeah.

Hope you enjoy!

- StickyGum32

Fun & Games / The Main Street Electrical Parade
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:51 PM »
Well, about a week ago, I started messing around with doing a cover of the Main Street Electrical Parade (MSEP), and with the help of good ol' trusty Fruity Loops, I'm on another project that has absolutely nothing to do with RCT3. This is just for fun, and if you enjoy the work, then I hope you hang around to see how it turns out, since I do intend to finish this thing. Sometime later I'll upload the version I'm using for reference, but just know for now that that version is roughly 5:30 long, so it won't be too unbearable to listen to.

Anyway, here's what we've got so far!

Also, expect somewhat frequent updates and random updates. Frequent in the sense that it doesn't take long to add things and what not; random in the sense that I don't work on this everyday.

So yeah. Tell me what you think and enjoy (:

- StickyGum32

P.S. Secretly, I'm already up to a 4th test and I'm about 1:25ish done with the cover, but I decided to start this thread from the beginning so not to jump straight into the deep. So these first couple of tests oughta be every couple of days. So yeah.

P.P.S. This thread can be found on both SGW and vPyro, and both get updated at the same time, so don't try to find newer info on one....cheaters.

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