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Planet Coaster Parks / Peony Park II - The Farnam Street Fun Factory
« on: October 20, 2018, 08:15 PM »
In one of the lesser kept of my least kept secrets, I announced this park inside of my Lake Jeronimo download a couple months ago.  Yes, I've been working on it for three months and all I have is a 90 second teaser in which you don't even get to see the park.  But you should totally watch anyway because I had to tear down a grocery store to get the land for this.  Enjoy.

Pictures coming soon.

Planet Coaster Parks / Lake Jeronimo Park (SGW Summer Competition)
« on: September 02, 2018, 08:42 PM »

When I left off with my story, I was starting to talk about five years worth of changes to the park that happened once they doubled their footprint with the Jenkins acquisition, and I also showed you the growth that had taken place in surrounding Planco City thanks to the boom in tourism.

I think I also showed a shot of the new observatory that had replaced the steakhouse, which as it turns out, was not entirely finished at that time.  Here's the observatory as it stands today.

We not only lost the steakhouse, but another planned restaurant near the log flume was replaced with a VIP lodge hotel.  So we scrambled quickly and put up "Tastes Like Chicken" a sit-down cafeteria style restaurant that mostly serves, well, chicken.

Beyond that, we made adding a kiddie land into a priority as there hadn't been much for the kids to do in this park prior.  A new small coaster and some appropriate flat rides were given a fishing-hole theme, because, nature.  [The coaster is from my first PC park Copper Creek, unchanged.  The flats are mostly from Worlds of Fun, re-themed slightly.]

The Wild Moose coaster had been in the park for a few seasons, I think we didn't show it previously because it was one of those years that the city didn't want us to add any new coasters.  It feels much more dangerous than your usual wild mouse due to it's proximity along the top of the cliffs and the track being built around a cluster of existing trees in this area, making you feel like you could smack into one with every turn.  It's fun, you should totally ride it.

Ambitious plans were made for expanding the land behind our Timber Town section, and they ended up backfiring on us.  Three coasters were initially planned, only one was built.

"Cliffhanger" is built at the top of the cliffs on the Jenkins land, a mine train that starts at it's highest elevation and takes you gradually down the hill, where you don't see either of the two lift hills until the end of the ride.  [Another import from Copper Creek, mostly unchanged.]

As you can see above, we did get the giant swing into this area as well.  But then before the next two coasters could be completed, the city enacted another coaster ban on us.  Seems the infrastructure of Planco City was never designed to support this level of growth, particularly amongst people who don't actually live here.  The plethora of minimum wage jobs also created a worker shortage so it might actually be for the best that we had to stop our expansion here (and also explains how Becky was able to get her job back, AGAIN.)

The "Steeplechase" wooden coaster, and "Octane" launched coasters were never built, even though their stations were.  We had even started some extensive terraforming to accomodate both coasters, but for now that land will remain fenced off from the public.  [Both coasters were built, see my notes below.]

"Octane" would have been part of a new land themed to racing, and, um, stuff.  (Naming these lands was never a strong suit for me or my staff.)  A go-kart track, relocation of the bumper cars, and a couple more flat rides were planned for the area, and currently we're not sure if and when that is going to happen.

So Lake Jeronimo Park is currently at a standstill, and even I have had to start looking for other work.  Down on the beach, the city pulled back on any plans they had made for that boardwalk, save for a couple of small vintage flats and a hot air balloon ride that had been added in prior seasons.

And as for Old Man Jenkins, well, turns out he wasn't sick and he wasn't even as old as we thought he was.  He stopped planting crops because some recent changes to tax laws cost him all his customers.  It seems he spent a lot of his time living in the past, and what he apparently wanted most was to make Planco City great again, like it was in his childhood.  He forgot the fact that his family were just poor farmers that entire time, but mostly, he was a kid and all memories, even bad ones, gain fondness as we age. 

After about three seasons Jenkins was no longer able to pay the mortgage on the land he "inherited" from his parents, one of those loans that was designed to never be paid off.  Jenkins sold the land to us, (if we had known about the pending coaster ban we might've reconsidered) and in exchange for the reasonable sale price, we left him the small plot that contained his house and barn.  Granted, we made no effort to create a barrier between him and the park, but we still felt that was quite generous.

We're not even sure if he still lives there, it's been awfully quiet the past couple years.  Everyone is afraid to investigate, not sure what he might be hiding in that big barn, if anything.  For all we know it could just be the skeletal remains of Jenkins himself, dangling from the rafters.

Ironically, the people changing all the tax laws and rebuilding his childhood neighborhood are all the people that he himself voted for.  And in the end, Planco City did become great, just not a great place for poor people like Jenkins or minimum wage park employees.

That is the end of the Lake Jeronimo story, for now.  But times change, and so do laws.  So perhaps the best is yet to come for this former little ice skating rink at the top of a lakeside cliff.  With any luck, things could even start to look better as soon as November.

Park download:



So the true story is this: The end of the competition came a little sooner than I expected, was thinking maybe one or two more challenges before the final upload.   Once that happened and I had a bunch of things started, I sort of lost my enthusiasm, mostly because I knew I wouldn't get finished.  The final rides weren't going to get the level of theming I wanted, and there definitely wasn't enough time to do my racecar land.  So I deleted two of the coasters (but left the station and the terraforming) and tried to focus on the mine train, but even that ended up getting half-assed.  This is totally my own problem, I went into this with an entire park in mind because that seems to be the only thing I know how to build.  I don't think that's possible to do in a competition, and now I know.  :)

BUT I thoroughly enjoyed finally experiencing a competition as an actual competitor, and I have a new respect for what everyone goes through.  I got to play with a great and talented team of builders, and got some great feedback that I might not have gotten otherwise.  And also, that Steeplechase coaster I built kind of exceeded my expectations, and once I knew I couldn't finish it properly, I didn't want to waste it here.  Which gave me my idea for my next park.  So, totally worth it.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Horror Heights Help
« on: May 17, 2018, 04:03 PM »
Has anyone here pulled off successful door timing counts for the Horror Heights ride?  It's possible my park has too much lag to get accurate timings, or maybe the various doors all work differently, but I'm getting concussions from how many times I've crashed into a door that wouldn't open... I'm using the traditional Tower of Terror sequence with the sci-fi doors and I'm finding zilch for tutorials or cheatsheets on the web...


I almost didn't post this project; starting a new job next Monday (after 20 years with the last one) and I have no idea what that will do to my recent overabundance of free time.  I'm also not sure how to describe / categorize this ...  it's not a literal re-creation, it's not a timeline, but it is mostly Kansas City's Worlds of Fun as it appears now and in some cases, how it appeared in the past.  And then I'm changing things, because creative freedom.

It started one day when I was trying to work on my coaster-building skills and thought I'd try the now defunct Orient Express.  The track is mostly ok, a couple rough spots between elements where the game doesn't let you smooth track, but visually I think it's close.  And this was never really a smooth ride to begin with, so... accidental realism?

Custom supports by Kinderly; I might have stole them out of NoNameLandia.  Shh.

Technically this ride could still exist with everything else currently in the park; the land it occupied is still empty and the station is still standing today.  There's a couple of other old coasters I'd like to "resurrect" for this project and I think I can make them fit in with the existing lineup as well.

The first of 5-ish separate lands, The Orient, is almost complete so I'll show some more of that and then we can move onto Americana, where I put up that awesome new entrance.  (The entrance is what finally convinced me this project might be worth posting online.  Oh, and the hot air balloon model I adapted was originally made by m3ch4meta for the workshop as part of a flat ride skin.)   

For comparison, here's the actual new WoF entrance that opened just this year:

I got bored with Expo City a couple of weeks ago and put it on the back burner so I could finally play with the pieces from the Spooky Set.  Decided to try mimicking a couple of buildings from the Lemax Christmas collectibles, and it sort of evolved into this.

"Holliday Harbour, is one of the oldest villages in America, or so they would have you believe, located on a small island off of Cape Cod.  The size and geography of the land prevented it from ever growing past village status.  It remained quietly off the radar until the early 2000's when the villagers united to capitalize on their rich historical architecture and opened the island up to tourism."

There's a story for this in my head, not sure it's all that important to the pictures.  I've probably got close to 50 unique buildings so far and I'd like to get up to a hundred buildings this month.  I think it would be cool if I managed to post some each day until Christmas.  [Probably won't happen.]   No flat rides, no coasters, and only two track rides with a third one possible should I decide to add a train.  Mostly I think I'm just trying to force myself to get into the spirit.  :)

Also: workshop content so far not created by me:
Boats and cars, Wings&Strings
Boats and buoys, Bullethead
Fire hydrant and exit sign, Fisherman.

I think you know the links, but if not let me know. 

Planet Coaster Parks / Expo City: More water stuff
« on: July 11, 2017, 07:24 PM »
Edit:  I rebuilt this park with a sci-fi theme that will still cling to some of the deco, so I'll leave this first post with the original pics up for now.  Hopefully most of this stuff will make it into the final park.

Planet Coaster Parks / Peony Park - April 1994: THE END.
« on: March 18, 2017, 12:14 PM »
[Note:  Peony Park was a real park that existed in Omaha from 1919 to 1994.  This is a fictional re-imagining that will be loosely based on that park and the few images I've been able to find.]

The 25 acres of land was purchased in 1883 by local entrepreneur George Joslin as a gift to his wife.  The main house, completed in 1903, was built in the Scottish Baronial style.  For nearly two decades Mrs. Joslin worked primarily in the gardens of the estate, with an affection for peony bushes in all colors.

Word of these gardens began to spread and soon people from all around were traveling in to see them (the estate butted up against what would eventually become a main road artery.)  Mrs. Joslin encouraged and welcomed the visitors as it inspired her to work even harder to beautify the land. 

An avid swimmer, she commissioned a man-made lake which was filled with sand to resemble a beach.  In summer months children would swim in the water while their parents toured the gardens.  Sometimes the parents joined them for a swim as well.

By 1919 the estate was too large for the now widowed Mrs. Joslin to maintain, and the 25 acres was sold to local developers under the contingency that the gardens be maintained and remain open to the public.  The house was by then known as Joslin Castle and retains that name to this day.

Planet Coaster Parks / Copper Creek
« on: December 20, 2016, 05:38 PM »
Another rustic park  ;)

So it seems there is absolutely nothing to do at Copper Creek... no rides, no shops, and not even a creek. 

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