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Planet Coaster Rides / The Witcher: The Ride RELEASED
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:21 AM »
The Witcher: Ride of the five Signs

Geralt lost the power of his five signs. He started to recover his signs in Beauclair. The big town square of Beauclair is located in Gametropolis themepark. It´s the second area of this park. You are going to see more of the town square in the following updates.

by RCT D!

San Lacrona Beach Resort
Interactive Park Map 2018

You want to visit the whole park, all areas, all places? You want to know where exactly a certain ride is located in the park? Then you should use the updated interactive park map of San Lacrona Beach Resort 2018.
First of all you can visit the park without riding something by watching all area videos. Furthermore you can take a ride on all e-ticket rides and shows: San Lacrona Dark Water Ride, Carta Marina, Sea Monsters, Yashima - Drop of Doom and the big water firework show in the second themed area. Furthermore you can watch a special video from the special winter event of San Lacrona Beach Resort: Winterzauber. Have much fun!

Unfortunately it´s not possible to upload an interactive park map since may 2018. So you have to click the different videos on your own. Use the San Lacrona Beach Resort playlist or the links in the video description.

by RCT D!

Planet Coaster Rides / Trackmania Racing Coaster - Video Release
« on: November 06, 2017, 09:43 AM »

This is the first step of a big project that will be developed over the next years. The first big part of this project will feature the video game franchise TRACKMANIA. After The VAULT which is featuring the FALLOUT franchise, I am currently working on a coaster that is also themed to a known franchise. I try to capture the TRACKMANIA style as detailed as possible to guarantee a great ride experience for all TRACKMANIA fans as well as coaster fans.

TRACKMANIA plaza is the main stage for all racing fans. You can spot a hand made TRACKMANIA racing car as well as many hidden TM things. Furthermore you can find the entrance of Trackmania Racing Coaster, the e-ticket ride of that area. If you want to buy a souvenir, go to the Trackmania shop and make your wishes come true.

Trackmania racing coaster is a high speed launch coaster manufactured by Intamin with a total height of 60 meters (~200 feet) and a top speed of 130 km/h (~80 mph).

by RCT D!

RCT Parks & Rides / Yashima - Drop of Doom: Released
« on: October 17, 2017, 06:52 AM »
Drop of Doom

In the middle of a little Asian village, Yashima´s big tower seems to rise endlessly into the sky. Once she was one of the most dangerous and powerful pirates of the Asian sea. When she died she took the secret of her treasure into her grave. But she left one message: the person who dares to climb my tower and fling oneself down will be the owner of my treasure if he survived.

by RCT D!

World of Wonders

So this is zeroG and RCT D!´s entry for the Summer Competition 2017. Sadly we were not able to finish the park. Many other stuff was to do in our life. So we will upload the park in its current status without any comments to the unfinished areas. The pictures in this thread summarize all created stuff for this park so far. We only have one video for the darkride Candy Corp.

The entrance of Neverville. We had the idea to divide the park into three lands: winter world at the left side, fantasy world in the middle and teampunk world at the right side.

An overview picture of Neverville in its current status.

Winter world: shops, restaurants etc.

Helion Freeze Ring by daylight

Helion Freeze Ring by night

Fantasy area with the main ride: B&M Hyper coaster

The wooden coaster is turned into a RMC woodie.

Steampunk themed pirate ship.

Candy Corp front by daylight.

Candy Corp front by night.

Darkride station.

Frosted Cups

Candy Corp Darkride
Steam workshop link for the park

A Fallout Story

Our american way of life - love, peace, freedom - seems perfect. But what is if it´s not? Where will you be when the atomic bombs fall? You can secure you and your families future by escaping in an underground vault from Vault Tec. You and you famliy can wait out the horrors of nuclear devastation. The Vault has all the things of your home and it´s attractive. Perhaps there you might meet that special someone and a few years later you and your underground Vault wife will repopulate our great country. Reserve your spot in a state of the art underground Vault today. Sign up now and prepare for the future!

by RCT D!

RCT Community Board / The creators lounge down?
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:23 PM »
Hey guys,

just wanted to know what happend to the Creator´s Lounge. I cannot enter the site...

Planet Coaster Rides / Grimestone Mine [Darkride] - POV released
« on: December 30, 2016, 10:52 AM »

Grimestone Mine is located in a tiny, stony bay, far away from any civilization. Some brave pirates founded a little settlement here and dig deep into Grimestone Mine. They hope to find the legendary treasure of Grimestone. But it´s dangerous because the cave is very old and could collapse. With some wooden structures they supported the most important shafts. Are you brave enough to enter the cave? And if so, avoid the dangerous shafts, as you explore a dark world with a new obstacle around every corner...

by RCT D!

RCT Parks & Rides / Albtrauf [Video released]
« on: November 18, 2016, 09:30 AM »
Be prepared for the next darkride experience launching in December 2016. It will be a suspended fantasy darkride with a melancholic and harmonic theme along with a melodious, beautiful soundtrack.

by RCT D!

I solved a CS related problem myself, for all others who have some problems with changed CS sets, double appearing CS sets in the game or deleted CS sets that anyway appear in the game, I will try to describe: I changed something in the OVLs of a CS set. After changing, it was not possible to load the game. So I deleted the changed set and reinstalled it. But anyway, the game crashed.
After a long search, I found out that there exists a hidden RCT3 path where many CS sets are saved a second time. Not all of them only a few.

Please check out the following path on your system: (you have to activate hidden folders first, otherwise you will not find AppData)

C:\Users\"YourName"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\Style\Themed

Does anyone know why there is this path? I am playing the game since 2005 but I´ve never recognized that this path exists. Now I understand why some deleted CS sets appear anyway in my game: because they are not completely deleted... I don´t know, does anyone know more?

RCT Parks & Rides / Sky Hunters: Mission Two [Special Update]
« on: April 23, 2016, 11:40 AM »
Sky Hunters
Mission Two

Your position: Sky Hunter Base 2.0.
Your mission: The space pirates are back. But this time in several worlds. You are the one who has to hunt and kill them, one time more.

by RCT D!

Your Theme Park Photography / Spain Tour - Park 1: Parque Warner
« on: October 02, 2015, 08:06 AM »
Spain Tour - Park 1: Parque Warner

During my stay in Spain (I studied and study in Spain for 3 months), I visited and will visit some of the biggest theme parks. I took and will take many pictures to present you the spanish theme parks.

We will start with Parque Warner Madrid, one of two big theme parks in the capital of Spain. I love Parque Warner, the atmosphere is so great and the park has some of the best rollercoasters in Europe.

The entrance is very big as well as the mainstreet, I loved it.

The 4D cinema, you can watch Coyote y Correcaminos, and Marvin el Marciano.

Great buildings, well themed, I was impressed.

The Cine Tour is a little bit boring and one of the worst rides in the park.

The Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang Stunt Fall. Very extreme but I loved it as well.

Mad house, not as bad as in Walibi World but not the best one. The story and the queue are very good, the ride itself a little boring because the music is too quite, you cannot understand anything and furthermore during the ride there were too many people talking.

Floorless Coaster B&M: Superman – La atracción de acero. FANTASTIC coaster! One of the best ones in Europe.

Huss Topspin Lex Luthor, the most boring Top Spin in the world.

The best area of the park: the atmosphere there is wonderful, espacially at night with the original Batman soundtrack  :love:

Freefal S&S La Vengaza del enigma, not bad!

Batman La Fuga Iverted Coaster B&M Standard, but unique in Europe.

The Old West Territory is another themed area. There is the wooden rollercoaster Coaster Express created by Roller Coaster Corporation of America, the longest wooden coaster in Europe but very rough.

Spill Water Las Cataratas Salvajes, Intamin. I was soaked! But in Spain it´s funny because it´s always hot.

Río Barvos Platz, Intamin, Logflume. Wonderful themed ride with many surprises, love that ride.

Cartoon Village area or Looney Tunes area. Kid area with a ton of flatrides and two coasters. I like that.



Welcome Center / RCT D! presents himself
« on: May 22, 2013, 03:07 PM »
I never introduced myself on SGW I think. I´m RCT D! and come from Germany. I study maths and spanish and I am 21 years old. Below a short history of my RCT3 career:

  • 2004: I play RCT3 since its release date.
  • 2006: I signed up to the first forum. In those days it was I discovered the cs objects and other creations of the users and that was my motivation. I wanted to create my own projects and realize my own ideas. So I started to build parks, but this time with custom scenery. Those parks weren´t very good but due to many comments, I could improve myself and the projects became better and better.
  • 2008: I only presented my parks in until I discovered other german forums (RCT World, In those days I started to create darkrides and other projects than parks. I wanted to create something different, my own ideas and not a park. I wanted that my projects have a personal taste.
  • 2010: I released my first project that was not a park. In addition to that I signed up to YouTube and since that time I upload my videos there.
  • 2011: I started to build a park again with different themed areas and but every area should contain a main ride. Malaya was the first one and every ride should be presented with a video. Furthermore I signed up to RCT-Lounge.
  • 2012: I signed up to SGW. Besides I created projects (Apardis, Abavolus...) that have no traffic with parks or coasters. Here an example:

  • 2013: This year I keep up creating projects with my own ideas and create darkrides, park areas and other projects. Moreover I began to work in co-productions with other members. Project by project I improve myself and I look forward to future creations. To me the community is very important because without that great community, RCT3 wouldn´t exist any longer.


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