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Hello everybody, I have an idea or better, a question about Thememakers's Toolkit and wanted to ask if anyone has ever tried it?

When I create an object for PlanCo in TMTK, I get a file with the extension . pcugc. I then copy them into my TMT folder in the Frontier Developement / Planet Coaster directory.

Then I can use the object in the game and copy it to the workshop via a button, if I want share the file with the whole community.

But actually it should also work if you send the . pcugc file to friends and they copy the file into their own TMT folder. So you could test single objects or whole sets of friends first, before you distribute the objects to all.

You would bypass the workshop (like the old RCT3-Custom Scenery objects), could combine whole series in a zip file and create something similar like your own DLC sets.

It's just an idea, nothing more.

Your whole simple objects set reminds me to someone from this site, who has made some similar sets ages ago ... :) . I love the awnings and I thing, they will be, like your walls, a great addition for anyone. That's exactly, what PlanCo needs ... more versatile building pieces.

From the Xtra Stream they explained, that the gameplay of Planet Zoo is different, because the animals need all your attention. I think, they've mixed the breeding parts of JWE with the building parts of PlanCo.

But I see one option for both games. Because, the Planet Coaster Developers want create more Ride-DLC's, I think, we will see also some Animal DLC's, once the game was released. Between these DLC's Frontier can release also DLC's with Scenery, Foliage, Building Stuff etc., which could maybe be used in both games.

As you start with your park and I've seen all the sketches I have lost the interest in this thread ... but now, thanks to the snapshots on Shyguys main page, I became aware of this thread again.

After seeing the pictures on the last page, I just had to read everything from the beginning . . . and I'm sorry I missed all that so far.

Great atmosphere. You're so fond of detail, I like that. Somehow your park also reminds me of Sdanwolf's Safari Park. I will continue to follow this thread now.

I'm still learning to create new objects in Blender and I think I'm making good progress. Meanwhile I found out how to place walls on grids almost exactly, Normal Maps and Flexi-Color also work.

In my latest test, I also found that I should probably change the front and back of the objects to get better results with light and shadow.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Magician's Forgotten Continent
« on: April 21, 2019, 12:49 PM »
Your videos are inspiring and I decided to create my future TMT objects like walls with and without grid based on your explanations about building with or without grid. 

Maybe you read it in the PlanCo forum that I had to renew windows a few months ago, but stupidly did not backup my PlanCo parks and blueprints.

Fortunately, there is still this thread with all the pictures, so I can orient myself a little bit, if I will build the "Arabian Nights" part again. This theme is still one of my favorites and I will definitely pick it up again.

At the moment I'm on a trip to China again. This is my creation of a little teahouse, inspired by the famous Huxinting Tea House in Shanghai. The pagoda was created by HeltRoy豆豆 and is taken from the PlanCo Workshop.

The Asia Theme in Planco is great, but some objects that PlanCo calls "small" are anything but that. But you already know that. The new "Sky Temple" looks great and is perfectly modeled after the original in Efteling.

I already uploaded some Chinese vases in the TMT workshop. Maybe you have already seen them?

If I can fix my "problem" with the right placement of walls in Blender, maybe more will come.

Hope, you'll like this small update. More hopefully soon.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Wonder World (Rocky River Rowboats)
« on: April 16, 2019, 11:08 AM »
Can't help myself, reading this thread reminds me a lot of old RCT3 Times ... searched in my old archives and found this ..

With the release of the World Fair DLC I come up with a lot of new ideas for this park. But currently I work on a totally different (in the closest meaning of this word) project with or for Planet Coaster.  :whistling:

Very beautiful! Love the Moroccan architecture.

Thanks for reviving this thread. Unfortunately, I still have not got on with it. Let's see what the next DLC brings. Maybe then I will have more ideas again.

BTW: Like you Outdoor Lightning Set very much. Great Ideas.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Euro Reptarland
« on: September 12, 2018, 02:19 AM »
Your work is ... unique. And awesome. I like the tower, but especially the japanese clockhouse. Hope you'll upload it some day soon as Workshop object. Would like to see and learn how you have build this all.


Thanks very much.

Yeah exactly that. It's the desired wall texture (painted wood) with the logo then photoshopped over it and various filters/effects. I did the same for a few other bits I.e. the Splash Mountain entrance sign and some wall features. Takes a bit if messing around with final colours in game but does the job.

Really love your jobs on the logos and the walls too. I need always to darken my pictures very much to match the colors of the walls etc. Did you use some special settings to match the colors of the walls and have this brighten colors in your logos?

Interesting, how the Day/Night light change the complete mood. At first I've think, that you've changed your graphic card. Love your billborads. Yo're a master of details.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: New Paid Content
« on: September 24, 2017, 05:11 AM »
The upcoming Spooky Pack is one good reason to stop work on my project. And I'm still waiiting what they are offer to us at the Expo. So when they release the new Spooky Pack next Monday, we are just 14 days away from the next update and hopefully first EXPOntion-Pack.

Community Chat / Re: SGW Rewards Challenge #16
« on: August 14, 2017, 04:08 AM »
How about those little Shyguys?

Gorgeous building!  The lapis lazuli inlays looks great

Gorgeous work!

That lighting on the right of the last night photo is gorgeous. Love the combination of colors.

Thank you all very much for your gorgeous comments  ::) . I am really happy that you like the color combination of the buildings and the light effects. I myself am always surprised again, which color effects are caused by the light. For me it sometimes takes longer, until I like a thing 100%.

I think, I have now finished the front part of the dark ride complex.

The interior and the ride itself with the planned effects will probably give me some headaches.

Stupidly, the first test visitors have moan about missing toilets. Since there is so much trouble with the architecture and they only want to pee ... (I've added the bazaar building to the area, which fits very good to the whole theme)

I'm a little proud of the dome. Thanks to misterthom. I've borrored the concept of the dome from one of his blueprints, but make my own dome, because of the size and form. This picture was taken from the new opposite building.

I have also changed again the patterns on the front of the "mosque"-styled building, which match now better wih all other parts.

Here are some pictures of the whole "finished" part so far ...  at day

and at night (I love the lightning too ... )

Also a little change of the lightning inside the exit of the dark ride (thanks to TheGreenBear for the idea with the inverted chandeliers)

I'm not sure, if the whole area will look to static, when I add the Genie ride in oppsite to the Dark Ride Building.
I think, that the ride in the middle of the plaza will be removed again and replaced by a kind of market with a Cafe and different shops.

The red lined areas are my current problem zones (apart from the ones on my own body) and I could really need some hints, ideas, suggestions or whatever.

At last for today, the current, but definitely not final front of the Genie Ride building.

Hope you'll like it and please comment my pictures.


Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Magician's Coaster Royale
« on: August 08, 2017, 01:50 PM »
I'm a fan of Asia Themed Parks since RCT3. I'm in love with your japanese buildings. The main building reminds me to an old japanese castle in Osaka or Edo.

I wish Planet Coaster would get a Scenery Set for Asia Buildings some day soon. The creation of the roofs must be a pain, apart from the many parts we need for one roof. And we al know, how fast the FPS can get down, when we have too many of this in our parks. Fortunetely the lag isn't so massive as in RCT3.

Keep up with your amazing work on your park.

Just a few shots from the front of the "Arabian Nights" Dark Ride building ... in fact the main gate of the building is the exit of the ride.

A food shop sells oriental food like Kebab and Falafel

The exit of the dark ride

The entrance to the ride looks very simple, but match the arabic style

Under the full moon

The whole building so far at night

and at last for today .. at day

Thanks for looking.


Thanks for all the likes and comments so far. It motivates me a lot.

This is very nice!  Loving the style. 

The only criticism (and this is something I am guilty of as well) is that very square.  Some angled parts here or there will make it more organic; unless of course you are going for square, then I'll shut up  ;D

I agree with you, that the whole building looks at the moment very square. But currently it's just the base of the building with the station and the queue. And I don't know how I can make a station more curvy  ::) . When I add later the minarett-towers, decorative bows and something more of the dark ride's interior it will maybe looks more organic.

I think this one gives a good clue

The station's inside is also finished an looks like a small alley


Planet Coaster Parks / Re: (W.I.P.) Fairytale Woods
« on: August 03, 2017, 08:28 AM »
Time for a small update ...

I'm more a building modeler as a park modeler and that makes me currently a litte crazy. I don't know how many times I've started last week with the building of my first dark ride. First I've placed the ride in a location, which was to close to other planned areas. Then I've moved the buildings several times from that place to this place.

The most stupid idea was the try to build the whole area in once big building with all rides included. I realized very late, that this idea won't work perfect.

A picture of the All-In-One Building with the Genie Ride. Of course, belongs to a section on the topic "Arabian Nights"

I think, most of us have the intension to make their buildings looks perfect. I have always more than three versions of a building, before I was satisfied with the result. Here is a very first version of the station for the "Arabian Nights" dark ride. The only thing, that survives from this version are the sleds and the color of the seats.

Then I came up with the idea of ​​taking over the All-In-One building at least for the Dark-Ride. The facade will reproduce several buildings. The courtyard with the queue should be look like a old caravanserai, as they were once found all over the Orient.

At night

The courtyard with the stables.

The yard looks a little romantic at night

Unfortunately the park does not have enough female employees  :whistling:, which could be exchanged, so in the stables of the caravanserai instead of camels small drats are bred.

On the opposite side of the stables there is the office of Kalif Al-Rashid's caravanserai (named after the famous caliph from the "Arabian Nights" fairytales)

At least the railings get a final topper and a few small decorations

The final entrance to the ride's station is in one corner of the courtyard. The ride's exir is on the opposite site of the station. I like how the shadows looks on this picture

The new (and final) version of the ride's station

At least the whole on the first floor was filled with wooden arabic styled window

That's all for today. Hope you'll like it ...

Oops, I almost forgot ... here is a little (very, very raw) tease, on what you will expect in the ride.

But now, it's reall all for today. Comments and critics are always welcome. Thanks for reading.


Don't know how you do that ... you use the same building parts like anone of us, you build something and ... bamm ... it has that "Shyguy Style". The Mead Hall looks fantastic.

But you should do yourself a favour and don't show the picture of the "Rosted Drat" in the PC forum. Bo will hate you, when you use her favorite cutie for a BBQ.  :D

Congrats to the winners, but I think, it's really difficult to judge all this entries. All of them are awesome and should be on one of the first places.

The entry of zappublishersltd has a great idea with this Colosseum Building, but to less details and the wrong ride. You should have choose the Magic Twirl to simulate chariot races.

Jake C's entry was also nice, but I think, we have seen too many sawblades on Top Spins in the past, so the idea isn't really unique.

Nemmies' entry is outstanding. How he create this wobbly houses ... I wish Planet Coaster would give us more options to do that with any kind of building.

mineraljunction's entry would fit perfect in Shyguys parks. From style it fits with Catfish Cove or with Wonder Beach Boardwalk. I like the Fish Shop (but it shows, that we need some fishes as scenery) and I think I will borrowed some of the ideas.

Ya Te Veo ... it's not the ride itself, but the whole environement has some many creative ideas (and I would like to know how LoneWolf & CTRSind did it).

The two carousel buildings of Simtanic8 and Kinderly & Grrt are both beautiful. Maybe you should work together and do later one version with the best of both ride covers.

RCT D's entry looks like the ride was made by Princess Elsa from "Frozen". I like the ride very much, but a few snow covered trees in the background and a little bit more snow behind the ride would have make the illusion perfect.

Muserato's ride is unique in this competition and I like how it looks. Reminds me a little to a steering wheel of a sportscar or to the old game "Senso" by MB (which shows how old I am)

Not forget to mention Ruby &  mister MR's chair-swing ride "Cielo Rider". The ride skin has a very light design and the whole area surrounding the ride looks mediterranean to me. A place to have fun and to relax. Gives me also some new inspirations for gardening.

This is no rating, just my personal opinion (but who cares  :'( )

I would be glad if you can download the whole enties in the workshop, in order to see itself again the objects in the game.

The Blog isn't all, the whole Wonder World Cardboard Park can be seen here:,429.msg14860.html#msg14860

Wow, the interior of the new building is awesome. Great to see, that you change a little the timeline of Wonder World and build International Street, which was unfortunetely always just in planing in RCT3. So we need to wait for Circus Center. But I'm really curious to see International Street in all his glory.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: (W.I.P.) Fairytale Woods
« on: July 26, 2017, 10:53 AM »
Thank you very much for all your nice comments. For me it is absolute okay if your want borrow some of my ideas. Sounds better than steal. And I think I have also borrowed one or two ideas for my buildings.

I'm currently in a somewhat stupid situation. You have me really motivated, but I think I'm shot at one of my recent building a little over the top.

The dome of this building loosely crosses the BluePrint border. Over 4100 parts, the two pins on the top not included. But I have found out that the Minarett roofs (and also the other related roofing) are now colorable.

I'm not sure, if I will use this building later in the final park environement too.

Next is a picture of a litte Spice Shop on the backside of the bazaar.  On the right side there is a small jail building, which can only handle a capacity of max. 40 thieves.

I have also tested to create a lamp shop, once again I wish we could change the colors of the light in different lamps too. Maybe Aladin's Wonderlamp could help to make this wish comes true one day.

The last building for today is modelled after a real mosque, it's not finished yet but will defintively be a corner part of the "1001 Nights" Dark ride. I think, I will change the patterns on the billboards to a more matching color.

Thanks for reading. If you took some of my ideas feel free to post your creations in this thread too. I think, it's funny to compare how different one and the same idea could look in different parks.


After a very ... really very long time I once again decided to build a new park. And no ... this time it is not (yet) a green ogre .

My new park is called

and is a park themed around several fairytales from all over the world. A kind of Spanky's World, but themed with more imagination. I build at this park whenever I feel like it. There may be intermittent breaks.

I had also already a storyline for the new park thought out and written down, but alone the introduction would have already two forum pages (without pictures). In addition, the story would feel obliged to build the park after the story and not by what comes straight into my mind.

Some of the buildings that will be shown in the pictures, I might also reject and re-build or completely omit.
That is why I consider this thread more than a kind of scrapbook, in which I keep, develop or reject ideas for my park.

As the name of the park already reveals, the park is located in a large forest area. A few signs point the way to the park and ... well, I can not leave it.  ::)

Bo and Ed, our lovely Community managers from Frontier, have already heard of the new park project and have visited the forest.

Since I still have no significant ideas for the entrance area (a fairy tale book would be great, but there are a lot already), I started with the first themed area ... The Tales of the Arabian Nights .

A bridge over a larger lake seperates the "Arabian Nights"- area from the rest of the park. In the background you can see the test for the "Sinbad and the Seven Seas"-Ride

The bridge looks very nice at night.

The entrance building or gate to the "Arabian Nights" area

A first idea for the bazaar

The current final version of the bazaar

Bazaar and larger building with tower (inspired by Efteling's "Fata Morgana"). The larger building holds many shops and a toilte and should be a entrance to a train station or a dark ride.

Another perspective on the two buildings with a new fountain in the middle of the plaza. All this buildings and the fountain are saved as blueprints and on this pictures not on their final position.

Another test for the entrance of the dark ride-building

A different version of that entrance

and finally for this first post a test for some interior of the dark ride

I hope you'll like this park-project. Comments and critics are welcome.

I was there with my family and won't let them go without me, so I was only at the meeting for about 10 minutes. I hope I have more time with all the nice people for a longer time next year again.

This challenge was one of the best I've ever seen ... always the same coaster (with one exception) and so many different themes. Anyone who has particpted has done a great job. Congrats to SPRidley and Adfo for the 1st place, you deserve it.

Can't believe how you capture that "Shyguy Style" from RCT3 and move it to Planet Coaster. Who knows ... maybe Mr. Wonder has created a Scenery Converter Machine, unfortunetely currently just for his own pleasure (and for those who work for him)  ::)

All entries are beautiful. Personally I would have seen the parks of CTRSind and SPRidleys Park Entrances on one of the first places, but I'm not the judge.

The idea of Simtanic8 is nice, but unfortuetely "just" a well done builded, good copy of one entrance of a RCTW Promo Picture.

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