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"Despite not sharing a common language..." (haha, I love that line) I bet Stubbs and Hoolihan were able to communicate using a plethora of rude hand gestures which they undoubtedly picked up in their home towns and on their many travels to strange and exotic places.

They've been together repeatedly reefing topsails around the Horn more times than they can count.  A raised eyebrow or a grunt in a particular pitch speaks many words in the custom mutual language they've developed over the years.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: February 19, 2020, 07:45 PM »
You certainly made it look way better than I intended.  I must meant that to be a backstage loading dock.  But you took it a few levels further ;)

There was a page missing form the section covering the hotel staff above. It fell out and Mabel Mabel found it under the card catalogue while dusting...  I've edited the post about so that the pages remain in order.  Thank goodness Mabel Mabel is still able to bend over to get the dust-mop under things! She's awfully limber for an 86 year old...

LOL, I can't decide if my sister's pic is true to life (which it is) or a symbol of your exasperation with me.  Or both :D

Ha ha ha.  Had to go look it up.  It comes from this, the opening credits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Seriously?  You'd never seen the funniest movie every made??!?!?!   :n00b:

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: February 17, 2020, 08:38 PM »
You certainly made this building feel right at home with all your realistic street clutter.  This is a copy of a real building in Kathmandu and you decked it out as it really is.  I KNEW you'd be the one to put this thing to proper use ;)

Thank goodness there was no sexually implicit language or images in this update. No siree Bob. Wouldn't want anyone to get the vapors. Young Will Tanner looks kinda hot... maybe one of his friends should open a window to let some cool air in... I'm sure it would help if he removed his shirt as well. Sprained toes are almost as painful as møøse bites; I should know, a møøse once bit my sister. No, really!

Yeah, the Apollo statue is totally about ice cream :)  Here at Rose Lake Park, we try to cater to all tastes.  Otherwise, we lose out on potential customers.  Any innuendos are totally in the eye of the beholder :D  But we encourage all customers to look for them and put whatever meaning suits them on whatever they see.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: February 12, 2020, 08:42 PM »
Hey, I saw my big red restaurant in there.  But the Cliffhanger and its hotel are way better ;)   And I LOVE how you modified that row of buildings to make the realistically chaotic Kathmandu street scene.

I just can't touch anything.    :mellow:

This, of course, is blatantly untrue.  Wagi is probably the most productive member of the team in all aspects of the project, from building stuff, to having great ideas for features, to finding perfect period images, to writing snarky backstory blurbs ;).

I'm the one not allowed to touch anything.  The team has allowed me to make a few very minor contributions that are mostly hidden from view unless you really go looking for them.  Neanderthals don't do "pretty".

@JB:  As to how I'm an "amateur" Neanderthal, it's because I have quite a few of their physical characteristics and apparently also much mental similarity, as in utter lack of imagination.  And I enjoy messing with primitive tech, like making arrowheads and creating fire by friction.  But I'd only be mistaken for an actual Neanderthal if some future archaeologist digs up only a few of my bones in isolation, which are diagnostically Neanderthal in shape.

Oh that's the work of Wolf Tenor, JPAlmighT, Wagi, and Bullethead too! Plus some consultation from citytrader!  :D

I think my only contribution in any pic so far is that I put the deers' feet on the ground :).  Most things I've built are inconspicuous and usually well-hidden so as not to scare folks away ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: January 16, 2020, 06:35 PM »
That 2nd-to-last pic, with the shrine used as a path roof, is genius!  I'd have never thought of that ;)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: January 07, 2020, 09:28 PM »
Looks fantastic.   You did a good job hiding my ugly building ;)

Seriously, this is exactly the sort of thing I made it for, to be part of a VERY busy main street.  And somehow I knew you'd be the one to put it to proper use.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Expo City 01.07.20
« on: January 07, 2020, 09:26 PM »
Geez. that's an impressive theater.  So.  Many.  Seats :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: December 31, 2019, 07:10 PM »
This place definitely wins the prize for the most signs per square meter EVER ;) 

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Nepal
« on: December 25, 2019, 09:06 PM »
WOW, Wowman!  That chaotic cacophony of street signs really captures the place as I've seen it on the Internet.  I think I might have seen a hint of a familiar building behind all that but I might be mistaken.  But regardless, it looks excellent!

Glad to see you're still at it and that your computer problems (which I'm proud to say I had nothing to do with this time) seem to have gotten better.

Merry Christmas!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: C.O.A. Dreamland Kingdom - Celebrating!
« on: December 25, 2019, 08:54 PM »
Glad to see you're still at it CSL.  Great stiuff!

Without Bullethead's superior knowledge and help supervising and keeping us in line you'd think this park was powered completely by extra-large rubber bands, and the drinking water came from an open well located downhill from the outhouses...   :confused:

The less said about 1890s water systems, the better  :euro:  Besides, you have at least 1 other engineer and an IT guy on staff to do the heavy technical lifting.

The current part of the series is rather primitive and doesn't yet take advantage of his other superior skills - heck any idiot can place hundreds of trees around the park...which seems to be the job they gave me, come to think of it...    :mellow:

I dunno.  I'm more into primitive technology.  The bow and arrow is too new-fangled for me---don't trust it.  i'll stick with my atlatl, thanks all the same.  At least it works in the rain.  I can kinda handle steam, being as it's all fire-related and I've been rubbing sticks together since way back, but that EE-leck-tristy stuff is all black magic.  Once the lights turn on, I'll scuttle back to my cave.

So I'm just a bit player.  The team abounds with artistic talents all flexing their muscles, creating amazing things all over..  And your stuff makes the developers of "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" want to hang themselves for not having you in their employ ;D

And I can't help but giggle at the thought of what kind of cray-cray will be unleashed when you let my buddy Bullethead loose and unsupervised on this park. :)

Well, I'm totally supervised, restrained, and heavily medicated.  As such, ironically enough, I'm merely the voice of reason, a technical adviser.  Occasionally they let me build a small detail to hide in a corner somewhere, so long as it doesn't detract from the masterworks all around it.

Seriously, I feel like somebody who got called up from the C league to play in the majors.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Holliday Harbour 2019: update 12.23.19
« on: December 23, 2019, 05:55 PM »
Excuse me while I try to find my jaw.  It fell to the floor and I heard it rattle off into a corner somewhere.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Tropical Storm Barry
« on: July 14, 2019, 08:01 AM »
Just remember, if there IS flooding, you can't blame me this time because this water is coming from an entirely different direction :P  [natural disaster humor.]   :whistling:

Yeah, different scapegoat this time ;)

Thanks again for all the good wishes!

Update 1000 Sunday

I got a pretty good night's sleep with nothing happening Yay!  I got away briefly to check my house and all is OK, still even have power.  Only lost 1 tree but it was on the treeline between my yard and the highway, and fell towards the highway blocking the ditch and most of the shoulder.  So that means the highway department has to get rid of it, not me.  Yay! :)  Also checked the rain gauge:  1.75" total for the 24 hrs ending at 0700 this morning, so yeah, we really dodged a bullet there.

This morning, the heavier rains are finally making it ashore as Barry stretched out north-south.  Some of these are spawning small tornadoes in the general region but none locally, thank the Dark Gods.  We expect this to mostly blow over in the next few hours and plan to secure from general quarters and resume normal underway watches at noon.  So I can finally go home to stay ;).

The radar is giving the impression of some circulation developing over Houston.  "Son of Barry" maybe?  So Derek might want to stock up on munchies.  Hope that turns out to be a nothing.

Anyway, barring something significant happening in the near future, this will be the last update from me on this storm.  I leave it's further progress to anybody else in the path of what's left.  It'll be bringing significant rain up through St. Louis and along the Ohio valley in the days to come.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Tropical Storm Barry
« on: July 13, 2019, 08:25 PM »
Update 2200 Saturday.

Well, I went back to the station at 1200 as things looked like they were about to pick up, but all we really got was wind.  It peaked about 40 knots but has since died way down.  We had more or less constant light drizzle all day.  I wandered by my house a couple hours ago while in the neighborhood on other business, and had only 3/4" in my gauge.  A few small limbs and lots of leaves down but no trees.

The storm is currently passing my latitude on its way north and it's about 100 miles further west than anticipated this morning so that's good :).  It's also moving faster, which is also good.

Our saving grace has been the unexpected inflow of dry air from the NE, being sucked in and wrapping around the center.  This has put a real damper on the flow of watery air from the Gulf.  All day long there has been huge amounts of rain falling just offshore but as the storm rotates, these strong bands die right at the beach and all that's been coming ashore, for the most part, has been drizzle.  At our 1800 briefing, the boffins said they expected this to change within 2 hours and the bad shit start heading our way but so far that hasn't happened, and we'd still get 10-15" of rain out of this.  I don't see how that can happen as there's still an assload of dry air wrapped all around the top and west sides of the storm's center and that has to all get out of the way, and no more follow it, which doesn't seem to be happening.  The current NHC rainfall potential hasn't been updated since 1700 and still shows us in the 6-10" region, but that's looking unlikely to me, too.

So, I just handed command over to my relief for the night and am about to crash on the office futon just in case, but I really don't expect anything major to happen before sunup.  If the dry air keeps the brakes on, the concern is ultimately that the southern bands of strong rain, which are currently still offshore, will get dragged over us as the storm moves north.  However, by then they'll have been over land for 100 miles so will likely have lost a lot of their punch.

I say all this knocking on wood, not forgetting there's another wannabe something already making its way across the Atlantic and it's on the track that tends to lead in my direction, so we might be going through all this again next week.  But the difference between expectations and reality for Barry are really shocking.  We were told to expect just as much flooding as in 2016, from which this whole region still hasn't recovered, and of which we still have many bad memories.  So I feel safe in saying it's definitely not going to be that bad ;).

Anyway, it's been a long, if boring day sitting around while nothing happened and rechecking everything for the umpteenth time.  But hey, it all pays the same so I'm good with that :)

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Tropical Storm Barry
« on: July 13, 2019, 08:42 AM »
Update 1030 on Saturday:

Well, overnight more dry air got into the storm than the boffins expected so the north half of the circle is still pretty rain-free.  Thus, instead of things being busy here now, it won't be happening until this evening and through the night, and into tomorrow and Monday.  The real rain is only just now starting east of here, like by New Orleans, although folks in Alabama and Mississippi have been getting drowned for a while now.  Basically, the storm has to rotate about 90^ before that starts landing on me.

The wind, however, is already here.  The thing has become a small hurricane and we're getting significant gusts.  These will also increase most if not all of the night as the eye gets closer.

Anyway, due to all this, we just shut down our crisis center but will reconvene about 1800.  So for now I'm back home and am about to take a nap in expectation of a sleepless night.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Tropical Storm Barry
« on: July 12, 2019, 05:27 PM »
Yeah Allison way back in 2001, I believe.  That was a mess.  And of course hurricane Harvey...we were stranded in our apartment for 5 days surrounded by water.

Exactly.  And from Houston's POV, Harvey was AT BEST a tropical storm.  Most of its stay there, it was either a depressing depression or even less.  And that never-to-be-sufficiently-damned "no name" storm that caused the Great Flood of 2016 wasn't even a tropical system at all, just a normal dry-land rainstom on steroids.

Hurricanes blow things down and if you're any measurable distance inland that's all you have to worry about (if you're on the coast, storm surge--also a product of the wind--is your biggest worry).  Rainfall will probably only be 4-6" over a couple days, usually no problem.  So generally, after even a strong hurricane, if your roof stays intact, your main concern is how many weeks it will before before your electricity comes back.  With these slow tropical systems, however, you get FEET of rain and that causes massive damage that's not immediately apparent.  The buildings (mostly) all have roofs, the lights are (usually) still on, but every flooded building is uninhabitable for months if not totaled, and every flooded vehicle is totaled.  So many, many more people are affected from loss of home and/or job, and are on foot besides.  This can cause significant demographic changes.

Anyway, due to the storm being later than expected, I got to go home tonight.  But I'm back on the clock at dawn, and it'll be a long day, so I won't be up much longer.

Thanks again for all the good wishes and see you all when I can :)

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Tropical Storm Barry
« on: July 12, 2019, 05:58 AM »
Thanks all for the wellwishes ;)

It looks like the schedule's slipped about 12 hours since I went to bed about 2300 last night.  According to the latest official word (, landfall is going to be tomorrow afternoon instead of just after midnight tonight.  This means the damn thing is moving even slower than expected and I'm sure Derek remembers what happens with slow-moving tropical storms  :facepalm:

Oh well.  I joined up for the excitement and it's been fairly boring this year so far  ::)

Sorry to see the Inspector go but needs must.  Looking forward to seeing Elemental.

You might want to tweak the jagged edge of the pond in front of the 3rd pic.  Select the "pull" tool, set the radius to 3-4m and the intensity down to about 20%, then just tap a few times in each jag around the shoreline and you should smooth it out nicely.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Coney Island 1950 - Acknowledgements!
« on: July 11, 2019, 07:32 PM »
Skiphaul Industries got the contract for that tear down job on the Bowery, and are clearing out the lot;

This, like the ride under construction, is one of my favorite parts of the whole thing.  They show the circle of life and make the place and make it more alive.

Fantastic job Bullethead!

Thanks!  I enjoyed the challenge.  You did all the really hard stuff, getting it to fit the footprint and working around the damnable PC station, I mostly just took same sandpaper to it :).  I'm very flattered you let me contribute so directly to this epic project :D

I was fortunate enough to take a ride on BH's new and improved Tornado Bobs, and I concur he did a fantastic job.

Much appreciated ;).  But Rich still did all the heavy lifting.  At least 90% of the track is his original work.

I like that overhead view of the coaster- 4 layers of track stacked on top of each other!

Glad you like it.  That was the only part of the layout I made a real change to, and it was quite a challenge due to the cramped space.  Rich's layout also had 4 layers there, just in a different order of stacking.  It's a total tangle either way.  The guy who built the real thing was a mad genius ;)

Planet Coaster Community Board / Tropical Storm Barry
« on: July 11, 2019, 07:16 PM »
This is OT but I only inhabit the PC section of SGW so the only people I know are here.  Thus, I figured this was the best place to post this.

Anyway, Barry is currently projected to pass pretty much right over me.  Maybe just a hair to the west, which is even worse as close to the center on the east side is the windiest, wettest place to be.  Fortunately, Barry isn't expected to have THAT much wind (just shy of Cat 1) but it's moving very slowly and so is expected to dump 1 - 2 FEET of water where I live.

Fortunately, I live on some of the highest ground in Lousy Anna, about 100 miles from the coast, so I'm totally safe from both storm surge and flash flooding.  But there could be tornadoes and trees will certainly fall, roads will wash out, etc.  Power will probably be down quite a while.  I have a whole-house generator so that won't bother me.

HOWEVER, as I'm a fireman, I expect to have a VERY busy weekend.  I doubt I'll be home much if at all for the next few days.  The Mississippi River right here has been well into flood stage since LAST DECEMBER without a break, and this has backed miles up all the local creeks, so there's nowhere for the rain to go.  Thus, we expect dramatic flooding along the creeks and various villages being cut off for a while due to bridges being under or even washed away.  Fortunately, there aren't many such areas in my bailiwick.  BUT, once we get done saving our own folks, we'll certainly go help those down on the surrounding floodplain.

So basically, if you don't hear from me for a while, it's probably because I'm busy ;)

Excellent pic, Mackie!

Built a woodie, the excitement rating says it's toatally boring but I quiet like the interaction of the trains. So I will keep it.

It looks like a woodie should, like a loose pile of eviscerated intestines.  So I'd keep it, too :)

That looks amazing!  I have no idea what colors the ancient Greeks painted their buildings but I strongly approve of the colors you've chose here.  It really looks nice and fits around the rides and paths so well.

The many and varied water courses showing dimly through the overall map blow my mind.  Getting such intricacy in shorelines is a real bother for me even on a small scale, and you have a whole map of it.  Salute!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: DIAMOND FAIR - compact city park
« on: July 09, 2019, 10:03 AM »
I'm really liking this!  The supports for those coasters are superb!  And the whole place looks quite nice and realistic.

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