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Haha Bullethead.  I guess the spirits were not very good at expressing themselves.  But not to Worry, the return of an improved Ouija is in the cards for a future update.  :-)

Neat idea, giving the Super Loop a Simon ride skin. :)  Is it possible to shine triggered/sequenced lights onto the differently colored quadrants so that they light up randomly, or in some prescribed order, at night? Just a thought.

I do have that with a simple sequence JB.   Note the spot lights on a the trellis to each side of the ride.  It's just hard to show on just images.  It's staying simple sequence for now, after all this is still at the beginning of the park, they would not have a budget for anything too fancy just yet.

1979 - Wayne gets married

Wayne and Amy had been dating for quite a few years already, and almost called it quits with he stress caused by the storm the previous year.   But all and all, after all the ups and downs, they knew they were made for each other and he finally proposed.  His mother Helen was ecstatic!  Finally some grandchildren?  Maybe?

On a related note, on the park front, the destruction of the Ouija left an empty lot in the park.   What best way to fill it than to dedicate this to Amy.   She was obsessed with this new fangled game everyone is playing called Simon, so he decided to make a giant one!  He even tried to make a nice garden in front of it, maybe she'll give it her seal of approval this time?  He was really trying to keep the gardens better...

Playtime Park and the Great Blizzard of 1978.

The park was definitely not quite ready for this.   On January 25, the combination of circumstances created the perfect conditions for a huge blizzard.   Huge wind gusts and over two feet of snow took a toll on the park.

There was damage all over the park, but Ouija took the largest hit and lost it's roof. This caused the sign to topple and the ride system got snowed in and ended up ruined.

The Ride n' Slide did not fare well either.  The temperatures dipped so low for so long that the water froze the pipes and the pool cracked, creating leaks everywhere.

Although the damage was extensive around the park, most of it can be repaired.  What will the future bring, hopefully good things... wait, what's with this cease and desist letter?...

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: The Wonderful World of OZ!
« on: January 29, 2019, 09:29 AM »
Super fun project Citytrader, looking great already!

Woo!  Congrats on finishing such a large project! It all looks amazing, great job!

Thanks Bullethead,

Small candy canes.  It was hard to come up with something that looked like a hula hoop without making it giant, but candy canes angled just right kinda sell the idea.

Thanks for the comments guys.  I blame SPRidley for leading me in to the neon inferno (pun intended).  after seeing his lexcorp building I was hooked.

Shy, the pinball and arcade machines are indeed mine. I put them on the workshop on their own if you want them.  You can get them here:


Haha, thanks.  Don't worry about the Rat Trap, a return is in the plan ;-)

OK, here we go again!  Playtime Park 1977 is now open, subscribe to the park here:

Playtime Gardens: Playtime Park (1972) - update 2
The park grows up:

The new theme of the park was a complete success, people were coming to the park and having a really great time.  The popularity was such that Wayne was not only able to make improvements to the existing structures, but also add new rides and bring the park into the forefront.

Things in life also got interesting.  Wayne met this great girl, Amy Johnson was her name.  She was lively and smart... and kept criticizing the parks management of the green areas, who did she think she was!?  Just because she has an associates degree in Horticulture from Ivy Tech she thinks she knows better?... so the way to address this was obvious, he must go out with her.  And so they did and have and have been dating for over a year already.

However, not everything was coming up roses.  He started getting all these cease and desist letters from Lawyers about their supposed infringement on trademarks.  That can't really go anywhere, can it?  Besides, there was already one ray of light in this facet of the park, the Lesney company, makers of Matchbox toy cars had responded to a request for an agreement to theme a ride to their name.  They were so desperate for any edge they could get over Hot Wheels that they didn't even charge anything for use of the name. Not a perpetual license of course, but hey, a sponsor is a sponsor.

Construction update:

First,  there was a need for room for expansion, so something had to go.  Since we were getting access to a new roller coaster, it seemed like a good idea to ditch the wild mouse. So the Rat Trap was dismantled and sold to a travelling fair, the theme elements however, were put in storage.  This opened the way to various things.

The mini golf was able to be expanded to a full 18 holes finally.  It was a little bit of a struggle to come up with themes for the rest of the holes with classic games.  So some more modern themes were used.

The Hoppity Hop cafe opened to the side.  Based on the new space hop toys that were imported from the UK.  even hired an entertainer to hop around in one of those to cheer people up as they pass by.

Keeping up with the new technologies, a new corkscrew roller coaster was installed in the empty lot that was at the back of the park.  Wayne, however, wanted to up the ante, so he asked the arrow company to include a couple of hops at the end of the ride, after the corkscrew.  this is not a Hula Hoop, but a Hula Loop!

To the other side of the Dance hall, the bathrooms were moved as well, to allow for more expansion to the right side of the park.  This expansion included a new kiddie coaster themed to Dr. Zoos, to make up for the loss of the wild mouse; a video arcade with some pinball games, a passion of Wayne; and a candy and caramel apple stand.

The Dance Hall/ roller rink itself saw some improvements as well, inside and out.  Disco music has taken the world by storm, and it took over the roller skating rink as well.

Other improvement include the licensing of Matchbox cars to the bumper cars

The pool, which was actually pretty nasty, got cleaned up and resurfaced.  With a filtration system was hidden in the ducks.

The Zierer company was brought in to replace the chair swings with their new tilting model.

The Neighbors:

Since there were so many people coming to the park, it was just a matter of time before new businesses started moving in next door.  The parcel of land next to the west parking lot got sold and an Oasis Diner opened up.  Wayne had mixed feelings about it, He loved the diner chain, it was an Indiana institution by now, but he had his eye out for that land for a future expansion of the park.   Maybe they will have to grow another way, there is plenty of land around anyway.

Special thanks to:

All of BroNation for keeping me sane while continuing this adventure and all the advise.

FishermanRCT for the great food carts

RubbleTrillions for his amazing Midway games

Uthris for the super handy Industrial Kitchen Set

Wow, great entries everyone!  good job!

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Zu-Amba video is up for those of you that want to see it in action:

Welcome to Zu-Amba.

The words Zu and Amba come from the Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan, meaning Big and Fall, respectively.  This is from the language the Apes taught Tarzan as a child.

For this Villains park, the ride is "operated by" the Clayton Jungle Tours company, which will take you on a jungle expedition "the likes of which you have never seen". Clayton by the way, is the main human antagonist in the Tarzan animated movie.  In the books, Tarzan's last name is actually Clayton, Disney repurposed it (or he may be actually related to him).  But back to the ride.

First you make your way through the queue past the tour company's office and a makeshift base camp.

Tour rafts are always ready to receive new explorers

The previous endeavor of tourism by plane did not work so well in the jungle

But you don't have to worry about that anymore, up to explore the jungle you go

Explorers are actively trying to find new treasures in the thick jungle, just clear a few trees and get ready to dig.

But the jungle is also full of dangers

It looks like Sabor is still lurking around

And just past the remains of a jungle survivor's abandoned old home...

there is Zu-Amba! 40 feet drop into an inescapable soaking!

If that is not enough, onlookers can use water guns to make sure there not a single dry spot

What's this?  it's not over?  a lave tube sounds dangerous...

Of course there is volcanic activity, that's where all those geysers come from!

And past the danger, lies the reward.  A treasure, from an ancient civilization!

And as you make it back to base camp, you are left with a decision... will you let Clayton know where the treasure is, or will you keep the secret of the hidden treasure?

I just did a ton of pictures because I know the SGW audience likes those better, but I will make a POV sometime this week.  Also, a shoutout to the guys and gals a BroNation that helped me refine some the details in the sign.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: SPOOKY SHACK
« on: June 19, 2018, 09:42 AM »
I am loving this.  Can't wait to see the insides.  I get the "too bright" for the color choice argument, but like JP said, it fits the park perfectly.  Great Job!

Opening soon:  Zu-Amba, presented by Clayton Jungle Tours

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Expo City: More water stuff
« on: June 14, 2018, 08:27 AM »
Uhh! cool font!  Love the watery color scheme.

Love it all, keep 'em coming!

I love the characters.  Great build, can't wait to see where it goes.

I love the tripods. Very cool concept you got going.

i just started catching up on this project.  It all looks amazing!  Great job!!!

Thank you for the comments guys!  Glad to be back in creative mode ;-)

Oh, I forgot to say.  I had a problem in vandals tagging their names around the park, so you might see some graffiti around when you visit.

Ok, I am done with this park for the 1972 version (unless you find something wrong with it, please let me know).  Park file download here:

Looking forward to some comments and some constructive criticism

And Fisherman, your food stalls are great, I had to put some in the park, they work like a charm.  And the cotton candy freaks me out every time I move it,  :P

Sorry everyone, I did not mean to disappear.  I blame/thank two things: PlanCo burnout and CommandoSanta for pointing me toward Factorio, which got a lot of my attention for a while.   Great game by the way.  But I am ready to continue with this project again.  Some of this stuff I might have posted on Twitter already.  I am also getting close to sharing the park's 1972 version.

Playtime Gardens: Playtime Park (1972) - update 1.4
Construction and minor story update

So then there was cousin Milton... A recent architecture graduate from Indiana State, was looking for opportunities to get some designs in his portfolio.  Mrs. Taylor, Wayne's mother, though what better place to get him started than to help with the rebuilding of the park.   Not only was she so thoughtful as to have him design the queue for the new ride his son was buying, she decided to have it all done in secret and have it built while her son was traveling.  It would be such a nice surprise.   John, Wayne's father, wasn't so sure it was a good idea, but went along with it anyway, happy wife, happy life right?  besides, how bad could Milton mess it up, right? it's just a queue cover?

And Wayne came back to this:

Needless to say, Wayne wasn't pleased.  How much money did they spend on all that concrete, glass, and steel?!?!?  It didn't even fit with the rest of the structures.  It felt completely out of place.  But it was too late, it was done, money would have to come out of the budget somewhere else.

The carousel got a few minor updates to its cover and queue, themed to the popular Raggedy Ann doll

The shops in front of the old Mills Chute got a paint job and new food items for a more fair-like feel

The Mills Chute was originally going to be replaced, but the new budgetary constraints forced a light theming to Slip 'n.... err, we mean Ride 'N Slide

New paint job and added flavor choices for the ice cream shop at the windmill.

The bumper cars also got a very modest retheming to the popular Matchstick cars.

And last but not least, the Flash was now the Linking Log Roll

Had not checked in here in a while, this park is so amazing, so much great stuff.  The Tornado is sooo good.

So much awesome!

You sir, are making me blush, LOL.

It's been a little while since I posted.  But I am working on this still, just a little slower.   I might also skip the time lapses and maybe just do overviews.  Some of you may have seen some of these already on Twitter or on the BroNation discord.

Playtime Gardens: Playtime Park (1972) - update 1.3
Construction update:

The Mad Mouse needed a little love, and it got a new name, a new queue roof, and some light theming to the game of Mouse.... err... we mean Rat Trap.

Next to it, the horse rides had become less popular and the deal with the local ranch soured.  Something had to be done with the space.  A small-9 hole mini-golf seemed to fit just fine.   Groovy bonus, no manure smell in the park.

... each hole themed to a ancient board game of course, Ancient Go, Mohjahn, Chess, Checkers, Cribbage, etc

The skating rink needed a new sign, something more modern.

Inside:  a new coat of paint, some color to get the drab out, all new rental skates, and more fun with an instruction board

The Tilt-a-Whirl needed a canopy to protect from the weather, and got a new sign.  It is now called Tin Top, get ready to spin spin spin

And last but not least, who doesn't love Spirograph!  time to make your own patterns in the sky with the renovated SpiroSwing.

Jod job everyone!  We saw some great stuff from you all, and a lot of improvement over time as well.  Congrats to the winners, the wins were truly well deserved.

I have posted observations for every park in their respective threads.

Too bad this park is unfinished, there are some excellent ideas here that just need a tad more polish.  Sadly we are focusing on what was done after challenge 4, and that was not much.  Can't wait to see the dark ride completed.

Bus stop at entrance +
Nice job on the gardens at the entrance, it’s pretty and quaint +
Small shops are great +
Bluebird queue is nice, but could be improved with additional sun protection for the upper section.
The coaster itself is good, but the angle of the lift hill makes it look unrealistic
The new layout of the karts is nice, and the terrain around it, the queue needs help.
The flyby looks great with the stuff around it. +
The kick flip is way too far from the main path
Too bad it’s unfinished
No park music -
Lighting throughout the park is done pretty well (except for the unfinished part, but that’s understandable)

This is a good park, with some minor issues here and there.  The paths feel a bit cramped, and looks like the interpretation of budget was way more strict.

Remade the cross bridge pretty +
Very nice flow and gardens on the minigolf +
Gardens are beautiful, not too over the top +
The hedges in the central plaza seem too tall, but thats really a PlanCo problem
Elevated chair swings feel kind of odd
Theming on the karts is really nice and lush +
Kudos for making a dark ride in existing space,  the queue could be better,  the ride itself is very nice and janky +
Love the simple modern feel of the food court
Special effects on the euro microdrop +
Layout of the microdrop is pretty good.  Custom supports elevate this build.
Microminer is an OK coaster with nice theming.  Some parts feel too overbanked, the station is not completed, unsafe exit
Park music on the entrance makes me happy, could deal with more of it throughout the park
Thought went into terrain painting ++
Ok lighting at night, a couple of areas could use some help.

People usually improve as they go through the competition, I can say I’ve seen the most improvement out of you for sure. 

Park music, yes! ++ it’s amazing how a bit of music changes everything, you are the only one that really got this.
You renamed all your rides +
Somehow you manage to fit a western, pirate and action themes into this tiny little park, and the are mostly segregated without obvious clashes +
The western shops are nice, but they could use some slight depth changes, as simple as flipping them on the grid, or split them into separate buildings so you can move them independently back and forth a little, maybe a little angle.
The western carousel area accomplishes a better look, you could lose the bushes.
I like the idea of the cave flight, but the large amount of rock work bothers me for some reason, not sure how to fit it though, maybe rock variety, or scaffolding to break up the monotony of rock color.
That’s one tall mouse coaster, very fun ride.  You could graduate the bottom of the hills a little to reduce vertical Gs and get less fear.
The pirates area definitely shows you’ve improved during the competition, love to see that
Could use a few more path lights for nighttime in some areas
Also, paths could be improved by simply making them more natural.  I know the PlanCo path tool is not the most cooperative, but learning a few tricks will improve your builds immensely.

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