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Happy to see anything you want to post, whenever you want to post GSK.  You can even post in the older challenge threads if you want to catch up, or the current thread(s) whenever you want to work on that.  I usually check the most recent post thingy whenever I log on so chances are I'll see it wherever it is.  In fact, if you want to put pictures up of the work you have done and explain where you were going I'd still love to see them and give any tips I can think of.  Sort of seems mundane against real world stuff, but I know you like the game and the interaction and wanted to do some "Planco learning" this summer, and you deserve to have that.   ;)

Sincerest hopes for you and everyone else that life lets up a bit, and soon. 

Wow Neitsab.  I was totally thinking what Bullethead said about you being limited on time but STILL built your structures piece by piece instead of using the ingame stuff.  You definitely got your money on the custom roof, slightly less on the stage floor but I understand given your timeframe and just the fact that the game works against you when making flat surfaces sometimes.

My faves here are the exterior of the mansion, and that clock.  Oh my, that clock.  I'd tell you about my plans to steal it, but I don't think I'd know how.  Even with the picture blown up large.

I'm also happy I remembered my high school French enough to recognize the word etrange.  :P  Bien joue! (I did have to use google to say that.)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Euro Disneyland WIP
« on: Today at 02:54 AM »
Wow, first I'm hearing of this technique myself and now I can't wait to try it.

Great looking park, and loved seeing it presented this way. 

It takes a skilled builder to show a timelapse...  I don't know how people are able to get object placement so easily on the first attempt.   And I cringed every time you selected a bunch of fence pieces and rotated them 90 degrees, thinking "oh no, he's going to get the advanced move crash"  :P

Only watched partway in, but definitely looking forward to the progress photos.  Looks like a great park.

Always fun when people take the time to stage shots for the story, even if it means losing time put in.  But you know, for a ride called "Ghost Train" it looks spooky enough to just stay open with a burnt facade as part of the theme.

Chernobyl The Ride sounds like something I would do, and then regret, and then say "But what about Titanic?  Too soon?"

Thanks for getting your points for this round champ, clearly I have abandonment issues and needed to see you show up :D    One of these days you'll be in a competition with unlimited free time and walk away with all the points, and easily.  The guitar is proof of that.

Dan:  I'm seeing a lot of stuff here, some highlights:
I love it when people who are really good at custom signs are not afraid to find cool things to do with the in-game signs as well. 
Your skills with setting the time-of-day for screenshots is evident again... those tree shadows on the Melt building!   :up:  (And just the building itself makes me hungry somehow, I can't explain that) :P
The stage setup is simple but realistic, exactly what a park would do.
Would've liked to see more of your new flume ride, but I'm not sure which of these pictures I'd sacrifice to do so because I like them all.  Another great entry!

Haven't been following the PP transformation too closely, was disappointed they were going away from the original concept.  Nice to see this ride sticking around as well as some semblance of a vintage theme.

Well wishes to both of you.  I'm with Bullethead on using the game as a sort of therapy/break from the real world/chance to be in control of something thing.   

Given the short time you had to work, I can't think of much I'd change on that arena.  Very creative and original story, a whole different direction than anyone else.  Hoping you get some time ahead to spend on yourself, whether it be gaming or anything else. 

Great ride, that entire family is going to need a complete change of clothes!  Definitely one of the more exciting rapids rides I've seen.  I've noticed they are very hard to both build and do POV's for, because you never know which way the camera will face and have to plan for all angles. 

You didn't do the time machine thing for the caves did you?  I ask because I didn't notice any transitions, yet the lights were on when they needed to be.  I had a hard time with that -- trying to allow for daylight during cave entrances and exits, but getting it dark enough in time for what's inside.

Wow wow wow !  The competition is really strong this week...Today is my day off. I will try to post something this evening :).

I had extra time these past couple weeks and spent most of it in the park; you will do something jaw-dropping in a day and I can't wait to see what it is.  Also, I think the lighthouse idea came from you. :)

REALLY great stuff, JP!  It all just goes together so well and looks so cool.  I'm really envious of your architectural and space-arranging skills, and how you always make each individual piece the perfect color.
But which of your incompetent employees dropped an expensive wine barrel in the log ride pond?  The chlorine can't be doing the vintage any good ;)

Haha, thank you sir.  I am kind of liking the "puzzle assembly" aspect of making such a small space feel bigger.  I'd like to blame Becky for the wine barrel, but no, it was me.  And trust me, that barrel was empty :P

JP your park went from great to legendary in like...a week!!! I really can't wait to walk around this place!

Thanks Rug!  That's another thing about the competitions I'm realizing -- after looking at all these pics all summer we know we'll get to walk in every one of these parks at the end, and after judging the last one, this time I'll actually get to do it just for fun.  The judges have to work when they're in there :P

JP, you could put a toilet and a tree down for a challenge and it’d still get 25+ points. You ooze talent!  :o

Thanks ph, that's very kind, but you're the one holding your own against a bunch of vets, so I'd have to call you the summer success story around here :D

Season 4 was another busy one at Lake Jeronimo Park, with lots of new stuff to see.  But first, it was also a busy year for Planco City as they continue to provide the infrastructure necessary for a growing (mostly tourist) population.  We lost part of our parking lot for their sidewalk project, but managed to retain the same number of spaces using less space between the rows.  Doesn't seem to be a problem so far, we were initally quite generous with that.  We will need to figure out how to add even more parking soon, but the addition of a city bus route has cut down on some of our parking needs.  And also, they've FINALLY put in crosswalks at the busy intersection across from the park, as the sidewalk pillows we voluntarily placed were not cutting it. 

You can also see our new theatre facility in the above shot, something we added at request of the mayor.  Seems they've been trying to lure the Sundance festival to town and more screens are needed.   We built the main auditorium to be used for theatrical and musical productions with a projection screen option to use when needed for the festival.  This auditorium is accessible from inside or outside the park.  Meanwhile the building also houses a smaller more intimate theater only accessible from the park for short films.

Oh, and also, we finally put up a new sign on the entrance, and have been working over the past couple of seasons to tone down the main entrance and get away from the deco for a more "mountain rustic" look.

Shot 2 is just inside the main entrance, where the carousel has gotten a makeover to open up the plaza more to better fit the crowd flow.  We also finally themed the chair swings that have been in that spot for the past 2 seasons.  New streetlamps have been added throughout the park courtesy of BBordewyk.

We lost some small office space (fine, it was a trailer) with the new theater, so next to that we added a much larger A-frame structure that accomodates park office, security, first aid, etc.  We also had to shuffle around our midway a little to add one new flat ride this season, the Caterpillar.    Fun fact: The path to the left goes absolutely nowhere.

Deeper inside the park we're finally getting the chance to go more rustic with our theming, including a new outdoor stage setup for live entertainment.  3 times per day you can catch Moira Cowbell and the Bullhorns, and we just cover up the signs on the side whenever we have somebody else perform.  Another fun fact:  Her name is not really Moira Cowbell.  That's Becky, who we learned could sing just as we were about to fire her from the Bullethead Microbrewery.  Her singing is fine, but her people skills need some work and her performances are largely unattended.  Luckily we own the red wig so perhaps we'll see a new Moira in season 5.

But the big ticket this year is our new log flume, Sawdust Falls.  Yep, the sawmill is a tired park cliche but we didn't want to re-invent the wheel with this one, just make it a better wheel.   We've situated it in our new third land, which we're thinking of calling "Timber Town."  True, we haven't named the first two lands in the park yet, but whatever.

That Zipper ride on the left has been in the park from the very beginning, and has been relocated every single season.  We think it's finally found a permanent home, and has therefore finally received theming.  The building behind it is empty for now, we don't [cough, currently] have path access to it, but our owners wanted it built now for the Sawdust Falls promotional shots.

To lead into Sawdust Falls, both incoming paths have been lined with storefronts.  We have a Chocolatier, a clothing store, a Gulpee freestyle, and a temporary location for Jeronimo Wines, which we are not allowed to sell on the church lot due to a liquor license issue that we really should have seen coming.

Since we're here, we should probably get in line for the log ride.  It's been very popular all season, some peeps seem to think it's the only ride in the park.  With any luck we can get in behind these two kids wearing obnoxiously large hats.

Our budget this year allows me to waste our final screenshot on something we did not build, that lighthouse on the beach.  I don't think the city has done much else with Planco Pier, they've probably been too busy putting in sidewalks.  I do like how prominent Sawdust Falls appears from the beach though.  And also, you can't see it in this shot, but it seems Old Farmer Jenkins didn't plant any crops this year, nor has he complained as much.  We sure hope everything's ok.


In addition to BBordewyk's lights, I threw Fisherman's waves in just to see how they'd look.

The video is laggier than I'd like and laggier than it needs to be, I got crazy and let 1000 peeps into the park because I thought it might be cool to see actual peeps enjoying one of my parks for once.

The onride animatronics are frozen intentionally and given obnoxious complexions to differentiate them from all the animatronics in the park that are supposed to be actual people.

There was some terraforming done under the log flume, I suppose I could argue that it's fake, since this is largely based on Timber Mountain at Knotts. 

You can briefly see the Wild Mouse coaster on the POV, it was technically added last season and just hasn't been spotlighted yet so no new coasters were built this year.

Finally, 3 more shoutouts were added in this update but might not be visible in these shots: "phDisney's phRozen" is the live production at the theater, "Forgath Me Not" is the short film on the small screen, and Ruggles General Store is actually a facade for a bathroom and employee facility.  (Sorry Rug, but it's a very nice bathroom if that helps.)

^^Agreed.  Especially when you're using scenery that's meant to be real in an outdoor setting like a tree for example, but using that same piece of scenery on a dark ride you want it to be a fake tree.  I think you accomplished that well.

Holy crap. Ph, I'm almost speechless.  [I said almost].  You really went all out in every single aspect.  Your video turned out quite well, and I really loved the fast-motion at the beginning.  The ride had some great visuals, yet you kept the "soundstage" feel of being in a large scale dark ride.  And then you had to go and exceed yourself in every other thing you built as well.  Damn you.

Rug: I agree with Ph, this is your best entry yet, which is saying a lot.  You totally stole my idea about turning the Jenkins house into a haunted house, although my story wasn't quite as upbeat as yours, hence the fact that in your version the old coot is still alive.  Some real great details on the zombie scene, stuff I'd have never thought of.  Clever canopy over the stage, and I just love the sign over the farm.  Brilliant.  Damn you.

BH, it's funny to me that you felt more inspired by challenge 3 because I actually like your work here even better.  You have a true knack for adding ornate details to all your buildings, something I even knew before this summer competition.  I really like the playful whimsy in all your stuff, even your railroad crossing is colorfully unique.  Hope you have lots of fun at 6 flags, but before you leave I just want to say... damn you.

Seriously guys, I felt good about my work this round until you started posting.  It's a good thing I'm not working today because 1) just had the advanced move crash after a lengthy session, and 2) pretty much have to do a POV and haven't started the cameras on that yet.  And now I'm stalling because the last thing you want to do after a game crash is start the game back up.  Damn you Frontier.  :P

Acknowledging that the advanced move crash exists is progress in itself, given all the forum posts I found where they kept treating it like some new thing.

Correct me if I'm wrong judges, but last place still guarantees six points.  So Neitsab, plop a tree into the park and take a picture of it.  Those six points could make a significant difference in the end.

BH, there's a lot to see there and I'm down to the wire on my build, so I'll come back later with all the delightful commentary the world has come to expect from me.  [crickets chirp]...

Planet Coaster Blueprints / Re: Bullethead's Bridges
« on: August 11, 2018, 11:37 PM »
While the newer bridge is beautiful, and certainly more ornate, the QI bridge is the one I can certainly see myself using a lot of.  Possibly even in the current build ;)    Thanks for sharing!

Oh cool, just re-read that the POV doesn't count as one of the 8 screenshots.  That just makes me want to build more :D

Crap, I didn't realize this was your park.  Bullethead, we are SO screwed!

Kidding aside, this is all just great stuff, so well done.  In fact, now that I know your powers I will have no problem at all losing to you.  Thanks for the two challenge head start :P

Wow, you added a LOT!

You can see them in my park in about a week when I post pictures in the summer challenge thread.

I have two requests:  Something industrial-ish...  I did modify some rustic ones to fit my needs but I suspect you could do SO much better :P

Also, are these are still one workshop item?  I know it would be time consuming, but maybe breaking it up into 5 would be easier for subscribers to sort through?

This is literally custom content now.  You're using pieces I didn't know existed, and your presentation here is just phenomenal.  Truly excited to see where this game takes you.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Manta Lake
« on: August 08, 2018, 03:23 PM »
Your parking lot and pathwork in here is so good that it actually relaxes me.  This is all fantastic, keep it coming!

Your terraforming and landscaping skills just keep getting better, Jay.

PhD:  The thing is, everybody is submitting Tier 1 level work so it's almost even more appropriate we don't have the two tiers for this one.  I think Dan did the entire winter competition in Tier 1 and did quite well with some deserving work.   Only thing I don't want to see is a tier with only 3 or 4 people, because again I'll throw Dan under the bus, the three guys in the winter competition in Tier 1 were doing great work but getting third place was also getting last place, and I know that was sucking the fun out of it for them. 

In short, if the next competition had two tiers and you decided to enter and I was a judge, I would want you in Tier 1.  And also, I still don't believe you're new to this  :P

Rug: I don't think there was anything wrong with your original photos because when I saw them I was quite threatened.  But I will agree that some of your restaurant detail work didn't transfer and those new photos showcase it well.   What you did with the floor [stealing that!] and the buffet line... good god that's amazing.  One non-judge suggestion I can make in hindsight is this: Since there's so much glass on the front, maybe doing something different with the interior walls to differentiate them from the exterior, like a different color, or added detail like a chair rail/wainscot or something.  It sucks the wallpaper they gave us isn't recolourable.  I need to work on my interior wall theming as well.

Congrats to everyone, this was the most I've enjoyed viewing the submissions of every single contestant.  Just before champ submitted I was going to make the comment that I was predicting three leaderboard names who hadn't placed previously, I guess I was only 1/3 correct but that should tell you how close the competition was in this event.  (I thought PhD and Dan were going to place top 3.)

I also love that we seem to be gaining rather than losing competitors this summer.  I'd like to think it's because people can see how much fun we're having.

One note to wowman:  There won't be any judge shoutouts in this park, if BH was judging I would've had to find another brand of beer to serve for this one.  Thankfully it didn't come to that, that stuff is tasty.  Even the Mystery Brew.

BUT I will do one collective suckup to all the judges:  Thank you for option 2 and the quick resolution to our (my) issues.  The one issue I couldn't find a workable solution to in Option 1 was with the pedestrian path over the road; the extra parkland would've been nice but peeps would've had to backtrack to see the entire park in a day, and it's just not the flow I was going for.

Good luck to all in challenge 4!

I'm glad you're still in GSK.  Looking forward to seeing your next entry!

I'm jealous of the proximity that allows you to visit a park once a week... and such a variety of them at that.  Never had much desire to live in California but hearing that definitely peaks my interest.

Loving these threads too, I've been turning toward Knotts to help get some ideas for the summer challenge and this thread is an immense help.

I see no point even attempting to build my own outdoor lamps now; you seem to have covered all the bases and much better than anything I could come up with.  I might even replace my inferior attempts with these.  Excellent, versatile set.

I like this one too.  No idea what I'm going to do with it, but I like the freedom and options we have.  I kind of want to get away with not buying any additional land this round, but to make any track ride fit I might have to...  it's a fun dilemma :)

So glad to see you make it in, champ.  As usual you make me want to redo everything I've done, especially my bridge.  All the impressive realism and details I've come to expect with the buildings.  Really liking how the overhead layout overcomes all the straight lines around the borders, it has a very freeform flow to it.  And bonus points for custom supporting the coaster!

The bridge is great, mostly I like the two rows of buildings.  I feel like I can learn a lot about making structures from non-gridded pieces by examining your photos.

The stained glass windows are clever, makes me want to come up with a sacred cow joke...  :P

Great ride, I was right that it never gets boring.  From what little I know of coasters that was a great track layout, glad we got the POV.  I really like how much of the ride happens before we even get to the lifthill.

The video quality seemed fine, but I know your struggle.  I've worked my butt off for some POV's that rendered fine but never translated to HD on Youtube.  I dont know anything of OBS (it was over my head), and cheat engine helps but I dont like losing the in-game sound and it takes forever to record.  Simply put, videos are a (sometimes necessary) pain.  :(

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