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At first, I was very cross at Frontier for not having corner roof pieces that match the Bavarian wall set.

But then I started having fun playing with sticks...

I have a bit of hand cramp now but at least I am like..halfway there with the entrance.

Twisted that's so cool! Really fantastical!

I am just about a quarter of the way done with the entrance to the new park.

Trying to go piece-count light and the Bavarian style is heavily inspired by Dornstetten.

Wow, Neitsab that looks gorgeous!!!

Cheers Bullethead! I love the dam you've done above too!

I can't work on the park any more cause I don't have the patience with how slow my pc is running on lowest settings now. It is pretty much done. The only thing I really wanted to do was finishing touches to some curb work and stuff.

I am trying to convince my friend who has a super pc to go in and record me some park/ride footage.

KingSwasi I love all the different levels in that shot and the coaster spoiler...  :love:

I've been working on a new park, since I can no longer get into my old one. I am mostly just working on theming the area outside the park first so I don't get too bored at the end to do it  :D

That doesn't really show much but there is fencing and foliage along the road, a flowing river in the background and tunnels for the road to enter the map. The only thing I have done inside the park is work on a hotel that I am not sure I am keeping yet. It is only half finished but I may as well post it up now.

Trying to do piece light buildings but I may have to give up and just make things I like.

Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Glevum Wooden Coaster
« on: April 29, 2019, 09:20 AM »
Brimsombe Hill Bows it's head in reverence!

Yeah, you absolutely have permission. It's a great ride! Thanks for the feedback.

Yep, Glevum is effectively the Roman for Gloucester, there is lots of roman history here so I thought it would be cool to put some in the park.

The update made it possible to work on but still all on lowest settings.

Really Fascinating project, I love how well you have recreated the main elements and the attention to realistic details.

Thanks ShyGuy and Elch, I got on today and for some reason my PC decided to run it smoother than usual so I was able to get some stuff done. For now, I think the only things left to do are some path edging, on-ride photo's for Glevum, lighting for...pretty much everywhere and a little bit of detailing on the area outside the park around the enterance.

I am not sure how I should go about lighting. I don't think the park will open late or during the winter months.

The Roman area is pretty much complete now. Took 12 minutes to get a screenshot with lag!  ;D

I am in love with a lot of the smaller details here but especially love that bar. The realism is fantastic! It's amazing to see it all together! The night lighting is wonderful also!!!

Can I have a go on the ride and slide in the snow please and thank you?!

Wow, what a great looking project!!! Will be keeping an eye on this one!

It's been a regrettably long time since I have worked on this park due to personal circumstances and I feel really bad especially after all the work Bullethead has done for me but I haven't completely given up on this project and for the first time in an age I went on and worked on it.

So I have added in the final coaster and the final section to the park a roman themed area considering it has a lot to historically with the area.

Now the only job is to do a bit of detail around the rest of the park and the exterior but I will be honest, I am running the park at the lowest graphics setting and it is still jerking and difficult to actually navigate effectively. I would have liked to have done a video tour but my poor little old donkey of a pc isn't gonna cut it.

When I am finished I will try for some more screenshots of the park and get them up here. I am proud of most of the park, I hope I don't cheap out TOOO much on the exterior out of errrr...impatience ha ha. Thanks for stopping by and an extra thanks to Bullethead for his work on the coaster!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Euro Reptarland
« on: December 28, 2018, 08:03 AM »
Love the new ride but gotta comment on the rooms...they are out of this world!!! Amazing!!


Brimscombe Hill Park would like to thank the Stroud Police for apprehending the trespassers in a swift and just manner. We do not confirm or deny any 'communications' made from social media accounts from either BSI or the miscreants.

On an unrelated note we would like to thank the local area and Stroud District Council for their co-operation and patience with our recent and frequent use of the roads and any noise pollution that may or may not be  originating from in or around the vicinity of our park.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: The Masked Bandit Pub
« on: December 07, 2018, 02:52 PM »
Oh! Ha ha, it is an adaption from the cheesy poem in "10 Things I hate about you"

If the poem wasn't enough just know that I loved the build. See why above ^ ^'

It is a wonderful start for a beginner PC player! You can see the design experience already and there are a lot of little cool touches, I personally like the little trailer selling words that I can't pronounce!!!

I really like it! Can't wait to see how it looks as you grow! It certainly helps to have reference material in PC lol

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Port of Call
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:42 AM »
I really love love love how busy the market bit looks! Stunning!!! Wow wow wow!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Town of Bessemer
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:41 AM »
There is TOOOOOO much good in this project for me to start explaining all the things I like about it so for now:

I will be back to explain your genius when I can.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: The Masked Bandit Pub
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:30 AM »
I hate the cosy layout,
and the way you made the chair.
I hate the stools at the bar,
and how cool that they look there.
I hate your big dumb gorgeous booth,
and the way it looks sublime.
I hate it so much it makes me sick,
and even makes me rhyme.
I hate how cool the bottles look,
so awesome on the shelf.
The makeshift lights,
bauble, rope, art piece and the lamp,
even worse how they look...well...right.
I hate it that the place is flawless,
and that the doorway isn't door-less,
but mostly I hate that I don't hate it.
Not even close.
Not even a little bit.
Not even at all.

Thanks Bullethead, any help is appreciated!

I've marked ROUGHLY the area that it would need to be in. Originally I planned to have a wooden coaster there as a back drop to the park but I am unsure if that fits in here realistically. It would probably have to be a refurb of some kind if it were. Whatever you feel goes is the point. So far the coasters are very family friendly and I think this one should push the boundary a little. Be the most exciting in the park (but still tame by some standards)

I didn't take any pictures but I have started the new area of the park. I've done a little roman gardens section but I need to fit in another coaster into the corner. and then the park is pretty much full and I will just need to do touch up's and add lighting (though it will probably close at 6 and for the winter LUL)

So I am opening it up again to the floor for a Coaster builder to build a a medium sized coaster. Looking for a light thriller, perhaps a wooden coaster but the footprint isn't too big. If you are interested let me know and I will send you a picture of the area I need it to fit in.

Nemmie they were meant to be inflatable pedalo ones   :D

Thanks for the feeback @Redhair!

Is there any part of the park you mean specifically? In the last few pics the trees behind the shops are actually on hills outside of the park grounds which is what the local area is gonna be like anyhow.

I have recently been worried I am over using trees though so it would be helpful to know  :up:

When I closed down the game the last thought I had about it was grumbling that I couldn't do extra laps. I then logged into see your post immediately after and did a whoop at the positive irony.

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Free Update 1.8 annouced
« on: September 26, 2018, 08:33 PM »
100% agree Fisherman, I have already built restaurants with seating etc etc in the building which IMO is better than the hotel situation they have added. I'd have liked something like waiters deliver food to tables. Like you link a table to a 'hub' and when ppl sit there they get served.

Very happy that you can now Lap coasters. Nice one Frontier!

Also, I am stoked you can now change ride operator uniforms. That rocks.

So long BLUE GLOW! Eat my shorts!

vending machines is good (expected but still good)

Open doors will be really good! I've been grumbling about that to myself a fair few times.

Custom labels **keels over** ...I will use the hell out of that!

Also, they are still working on it all so that's nice!

After another couple of good build sessions and the daylight robbery of @Bulletheads wonderful kiddie coaster Brimscombe Hill has consumed the bottom right corner of the map in a bid to maximise space in the park.

Hear is what we fit in:

Before anyone points it out I TOTALLY know how to spell Caterpillar  :-[

Because Bulletheads amazing coaster was so compact I was FORCED to build a small pedalo ride  :mad:up:

This is the area areal.

There is a small fish and chip shop on the decking and you can see an access road from the front of the park with a viewing platform for Siege part way along.

and finally...

Here is how it all fits in!

Special thanks to Bullethead for building and allowing me to use his custom supported coaster :D

The possibilities would be pretty good. Yes they are weird limitations but it makes sense, annoyingly.

I am personally thinking less about the stuff and more about the textures. Think art shapes but including smaller and in various textures.

Though... I will 100% be subscribing to any good foliage/flower/tree pack!

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