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Aloha, my name is Zach and welcome to my page! I believe we are all put in this world with a purpose. My purpose is to help others stay positive and to build them up. I always knew deep down this was my purpose I just never knew how I would apply it. That is when I found my creative outlet. Throughout my adventures in life so far, I've have discovered a big passion for film and travel. My creative outlets include Youtube, Photography/Film, and Writing. On this website, you will find all of my work in one place.  On my Youtube Channels, You will find Gaming, Film, Vlogs, and funny videos! I am currently working towards my Bachelors in Fine Arts for Film and Photography. The world we live in is such an amazing place and has so much to offer to us. My passion is to show the world through my lens. I recently developed a love of writing as well and have started blogging. On my blogs, you will find daily life, travel, and lifestyle blogs. I wake up every day with a dream and goal in a mind as well as a system of how I am going to accomplish these. If you can cast a vision for your life, stay dedicated and live every day with a passion and purpose, You can achieve anything or heart desires!  Most importantly, We can't take anything for granted, because one minute it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. When the negative stuff comes around, just let it go. It all leads to a positive as long as you keep a positive attitude. Enjoy everything you get. That's one of the most important things in life...really appreciating it because we only get this once and it's not for very long. Live every day like it's your last! 

I am a theme park fanatic!! Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved them! Theme Parks, Water Parks, Zoo/Aquariums, Coasters, etc. I Love it all! When I was younger I always had dreams of becoming a roller coaster engineer! We did a career search class in middle school to prep us for the high school classes we wanted to choose. During the time I reached out to many different companies such as B&M, Intamin,  GCI etc. I wrote them an email explaining my love for coasters and for advice on classes I should take. It was so cool because they wrote back and I remember being so ecstatic! Unfortunately they said that it is such a hard field to get into that I may not be worth pre-suing. As much as that stunk to here, I never let that "Kill my vibe" I had this amazing process when I was little, I would do loads and loads of research on theme parks. I actually got in trouble in school because I would spend time researching instead of doing my work haha. You could say I was dedicated, I had a HUGE binder with a print out of every theme park in the US with a park map, ride list, and it’s history. It was crazy. My parents actually said I was obsessed lol. After researching a park, I would go and build the park in RCT3. After that I would pick one coaster in my park, Then I would do extensive research on that coaster. The last step I did was to actually build it. I had tons and tons of Knex coaster sets, So I would then try to build the coaster in real life as a model!

So that it a little bit about me and how much I love theme parks! I am very excited to join this group and meet new people. I hope I can offer my advice and help others on their designs. I am by no means an amazing designer! But I put my heart and passion into every build I do and try to improve on each one! I actually just started a YouTube channel that I will be posting my builds and other coaster videos to. However, I just started it so all I have right now is a logo and banner picture, but as it becomes more developed I will probably share it with you all!

I just want to leave with this...
"Life is a roller coaster.... and I am not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care, but my hands are busy in the air." Quotes touch everyone in a different and personal way. For me, I love this quote because to me it means, don't let the stress of life bring you down or hold you back! Life in the moment because we can’t get these seconds back! So make the most of it and live you life to the fullest!

Thanks so much for reading all this if you made it this far! I really look forward to meeting new people on here and creating great relationships and maybe even colabing! :)

My Interests

My favorite intrests include:
- Coaster Building!
- Theme Parks in general!!!
- Youtube(Working on my Channel)
- Film Making
- Love Animals! <3
- Surfing, The Beach anything tropical!
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December 03, 2020, 06:26 PM

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