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Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Carowinds 2018
« on: December 03, 2018, 09:15 AM »
Wow! Your tunnel on Goldrusher is absolutely spectacular!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Centro Park! [1986]
« on: December 03, 2018, 09:08 AM »
Wow! Spectacular work! I really love Pier Runner!

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Temporarily Out of Business
« on: December 03, 2018, 07:04 AM »
Oh man, Im sorry to hear :( Hopefully they fix the bug soon! I've seen a few people mention issues with the update

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Town of Bessemer
« on: December 03, 2018, 06:59 AM »
Thanks Bullethead! You know, outside of the park on main street, there isn't a single path in the town (all the sidewalks/streets are made with scenery pieces & terrain paint). A flooded town should definitely be doable as long as you're not looking for it to be functional with peeps. I can hook you up with my road segments if you want.

Again, thank you so much! I've been working really hard to make it as grungy/realistic as possible. I know using the name "Bessemer" was a fairly poor choice (there are a few towns called Bessemer sprinkled throughout the US), but I really wanted a name that conveyed the town's dependency on the steel mill & Bessemer fit that to a tee..

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Town of Bessemer
« on: December 03, 2018, 06:00 AM »
Wow thanks! Its been really fun trying to get all the little details in line & find myself looking at google maps for everything from how traffic lights are configured to what the back of a strip mall looks like. Honestly, while the town is completely fictional, a vast majority of the buildings/spaces are either direct copies or loosely based on IRL buildings in the SW Pennsylvania area..

Also glad to see you noticed the business parodies :) There are a few fictional names throughout the town, but a large amount are parodies of real brands... h&r rectangle, Walblues, Y-Mobile, Save-A-Ton,80s Nails(based on the IRL store saloon called 90s Nails) etc.. Amys(Ames) is definitely one of the ones that I always wanted to put in as it seems like all of the failed strip malls in the SW PA area had a former Ames as a staple & with its big bold sign, it seemed much easier to do than Hills.

I must admit though, I cheated a bit on the houses. There are only 22 unique residential properties & they are merely duplicated/copied around to make it feel a bit denser. Each house shows up roughly 5 times on the map right now & that number will likely be closer to 7 once the map is complete.

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: pinewood valley.
« on: December 03, 2018, 05:18 AM »
Wow! Very cool! Absolutely love the compass!

Your interiors never cease to amaze me! absolutely spectacular work :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Town of Bessemer
« on: December 02, 2018, 07:56 PM »
First off, I want to apologize for not being active on the forum lately. Had a lot going on the last few months & haven't played very little planet coaster during that time.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a project that I've been working on. I've shared a few pics of it here & there, but never made a thread for it (until now)..

Town of Bessemer
The quaint town of Bessemer has fallen on hard times since the steel mill closed.

(The playground set is from the workshop, created by LEON)

Here's the Bessemer Towne Centre..

Here's a recent addition to the project, an abandoned church.

Here's the High School's Football field.

Here are a few overall shots.. The town is still very much a work in progress, but its actually starting to look like something :) Other than the very unfinished left edge, all thats left to do is 5 buildings on main street, finishing detailling the school, and a bit more work defining the parking lot of the strip mall.

Once the town is complete, I was planning on uploading the town itself, and also creating another copy with small community festival type park in it. Was also toying with the idea of creating a scenario, but am not sure if people do scenarios these days.

Thememaker's Toolkit / Re: Thememaker's Toolkit Requests
« on: December 02, 2018, 01:06 PM »
Honestly, I'd most love to see some enhancement of the existing pieces:

1 - Some wall/roof/column/etc sets are much more extensive than others & it would be nice to have some of the gaps in the less extensive sets filled..
Example: The wood tile roof set has 3 different slopes and a bunch of different pieces to choose from (corners, overhangs, shopfront verandas, caps, etc) from while the steel roof has only 1 slope & only 4 pieces (steep slope, curved out, curved in, flat)

2 - I'd love to possibly see some resizing of existing pieces:
-Walls pieces that are only 1 or 2M wide
-Roof pieces that are only 1 or 2M wide
-Columns with 1M sections

3 - I'd love to see some of the existing items become recolorable..
-Big example (for me) is the steel roof.. It really works well for a sleek/modern roof, but the fact that it only comes in blue is quite limiting.

IDK if these things are possible with the toolkit (does it work on walls/roofs/etc?), but its always been something on my personal wishlist

Congrats to everyone! I felt like every entry had something that i absolutely loved! With that said, I voted as follows:

1st - JPAlmighT
2nd PhDisney
3rd - FCP-Rug
Runners Up - Graystripedkitty,Forgath

Here are my comments for this round, please let me know if you have any questions/concerns about my comments:

i know they're not as detailed as previous competitions, but plan to give more thorough writeups for the next competition (exploring the park in game will surely result in a more in-depth writeup than the screenshots). I must say, I am very excited for the oppurtunity to explore your parks!

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Summer Competition 2018 - Challenge #5
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:00 PM »
Challenge #5 Winners

1st Place - JPAlmighT - 26 pts

2nd Place tie - PhDisney - 23 pts

2nd Place tie - FCP-Rug - 23 pts

3rd Place - Graystripedkitty - 12 pts

Scores for Challenge #5
JPAlmighT - 26 pts
PhDisney - 23 pts
FCP-Rug - 23 pts
Graystripedkitty - 12 pts
Bullethead - 11 pts
Forgath - 7 pts

Total Scores
JPAlmighT - 124 pts
Bullethead - 89 pts
PhDisney - 77 pts
FCP-Rug - 67 pts
champ01 - 62 pts
Neitsab - 39 pts
DragsterDan1987 - 35 pts
Forgath - 31 pts
Graystripedkitty - 18 pts

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  If you use billboard images, always use a naming convention for the file names so you can easily gather all images for a given park together when needed ;).

The naming convention I use is in the following format:

(Initials of park name)-(OPTIONALLY something to disambiguate the park name initials)-(functionally descriptive name of image).

^This X 1000!!! This is a very good habit to get into :)

I follow a very similar naming convention.. Initials of the park - A type indicator - Name of image.. A few examples being:
-KW-Historical-Jack Rabbit (kennywood park recreation, an ace landmark sign for the jack rabbit)
-SGW-Comp FTS-Mini Golf 2 (My entry for the SGW winter competition, one of the 3 billboards associated with the mini golf)
-Gen-Vending-Gulpee Soda Front (a non-park specific billboard, the front of a vending machine)

Congrats to all the entrants! I must admit that I had an incredibly hard time judging this round and feel like everyone really brought out the big guns this. I really wish I could give all of you first place.. With that said, here is how I voted:

1at - PhDisney
2nd - JPAlmighT
3rd - FCP-Rug
Runners Up - Neitsab,DragsterDan1987

Here is the link to my comments:
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my comments. I know that they likely don't go into the same depth as some of the previous competitions and I apologize.

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Summer Competition 2018 - Challenge #5
« on: August 17, 2018, 05:11 AM »
Its definitely a term that is open to interpretation. I looked up the formal definition and noticed that they varied a bit. Here is what various dictionaries have to say:

According to Merriam-Webster, a midway is defined as:
"an avenue at a fair, carnival, or amusement park for concessions and amusements"

The definition according to Wikipedia is defined as:
"A midway at a fair (commonly an American fair such as a county or state fair) is the location where carnival games, amusement rides, entertainment and fast-food booths cluster. " (Note, the definition was elaborated further down in the article to also include amusement parks, festivals, circuses, etc)

The definition according to the Cambridge Dictionary:
"a part of a fair, circus, etc. where there are games of skill and other types of entertainment"

The definition according to
"the amusements, concessions, etc., located on or around this place or way."

If i interpreted it correctly, it is effectively an area with a cluster of anything associated with amusement parks (rides, food, games, etc). Though please let me know if im wrong or am just muddying the waters.

As wowmanrct mentioned, great round everyone!

Here's how I voted:
1st - JPAlmighT
2nd - Bullethead
3rd - Neitsab
Runners Up - FCP-Rug, DragsterDan1987

My comments are at the following link:
Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Summer Competition 2018 - Challenge #4
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:08 AM »
I filled so much space I might need to but I am damn well gonna try to fit it in what's left of my park :D! Ace idea for a challenge!

Will the optional pov score more points because my computer isn't capable of running on high/med graphics I have to get it in place for the screenshot then switch up the graphics. No complaints if it does just wondering?

Speaking only for me (idk if my opinions are the same as the other judges), but I treat a pov in the same manner as an image. Considering that more images = more to see/like, and a video is effectively thousands of images, a pov could very well score additional points since it has the potential to show far more than the 8 screenshots.

On the flip side, a pov can also point out some less desirable things (examples, weird pacing/ impossible transitions on the ride, unfinished areas). With that said, I have been super forgiving and "overlooking" these sorts of things with these optional pov challenges (I figure going through the extra effort of a pov when optional should be a + or at least a wash).

Now, if the pov was mandatory (or if almost all contestants post one while optional), I would judge it just as harshly as a standard pic.

Regarding povs, they really don't need to be fancy or well edited or anything imo (honestly, I would prefer "raw" planco footage). Take a look at my povs from the winter competition, they're horrible lol. Honestly, I'm just looking to see what is in the park & how the ride is. I can forgive low graphics, laggy video, etc. Its a building contest, not a video editing contest.

Edit: just reread & realized that I sound super wishy-washy. Here is a more clear tl:Dr:

If only a couple people post povs, I will treat them as bonus points. If mandatory (or if all/ almost all contestants post povs while optional), I will treat them as regular image.

Please note though, while judging, I go through the images twice. Once to make sure all requirements are met and once to look for noteworthy things. Because of this, find that I spend a lot more time looking for +'s than I do -'s & I only really call out -'s in my scoring system if they're particularly glaring.. (aka more images almost always = a better score, so a pov would almost always result in a better score)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Palisade Park
« on: August 02, 2018, 05:15 PM »
Wow! It looks beautiful! Love the new arch work!

OMG! Waves!

Looks awesome!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A Kennywood Park Recreation
« on: August 02, 2018, 05:09 PM »
While super minor, just wanted to some pics of Kenny's Parkway & some of the surrounding parking lot..

Being a resident Pittsburgher and a Kennywood obsessive I'll volunteer myself as a consultant for the park. I made a very accurate Jack Rabbit coaster myself if you want to give it a spin, even if just to help nail down your scale and compare.
Grrt, Just wanted to say that your Jack Rabbit recreation was 100% spot on!! I did a comparison of our jack rabbits and they were both super close :) Yours was just a bit wider than mine, which is more accurate (mines too narrow).

Spoiler (hover to show)

IDK if its something you're (or anyone) interested in, but I try to keep the park's current progress on steam. I know its kind-of a mess with many 1/2 complete projects, but its there for anyone who wants to browse around and/or possibly do some collaborative projects for the park or something. :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: LunaWood!
« on: July 31, 2018, 04:54 AM »
Wow! I really love your park! The detail is incredible!

I particularly love the backstage area with the water tower

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A Kennywood Park Recreation
« on: July 30, 2018, 05:10 AM »
That looks great, SF.  I especially like the fake swing ride ;).

So why is this called "Lost" Kennywood?  Is this all the defunct stuff from over the years?  I know nothing of the real place.

Pittsburg's (notice no "H") Lost Kennywood was an expansion to the park which took place in 1995. It was designed to represent a bygone era of former amusement parks (most notably Luna Park).

While I'm not too sure if their original intent was to relocate some of their classic rides to this part of the park, they did relocate the Whip and Wave Swinger to this area as a few of its opening attractions.

Regarding its association with Luna Park.. Luna Park was a former amusement park in the Pittsburgh area from 1904-1909 & was the first of the 44 parks of the same name & the first park to be lit with electric lighting. During the era of Luna Park's existence, Pittsburgh was spelled without the "H", (hence the lack of the "H" on the pittsburg plunge and pittsburg's lost kennywood). Many of the buildings/attractions are modeled after/heavily inspired by luna park, including:
-The lake & pittsburg plunge (the chute the chutes ride was luna park's star attraction)
-The entrance sign (this is a 1/3 scale replica of Luna Park's original entrance sign)
-The gift shop & Pedros restaurant (i believe these were modeled after luna park, but am not 100% sure. old pictures show buildings that look relatively similar)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A Kennywood Park Recreation
« on: July 29, 2018, 06:55 PM »
Being a resident Pittsburgher and a Kennywood obsessive I'll volunteer myself as a consultant for the park. I made a very accurate Jack Rabbit coaster myself if you want to give it a spin, even if just to help nail down your scale and compare.

Wow thanks! I do already have a jack rabbit already detailed, but I will definitely do a comparison :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A Kennywood Park Recreation
« on: July 29, 2018, 04:01 PM »
You might want to consider making it non-functional using art shapes, etc. I like your idea, but you might get something more realistic the other way. Perhaps make a queue for another ride wrap around it, so it looks like peeps ride.

Also looking forward to seeing your version of the Auto Race, one of my favorite rides! And no, I wasn't there the day it opened! I think it was the second or third day.  :D

True, I may attempt burying a flat ride underneath or something. (did that with noahs ark). I'm excited for the auto race as well. I have a preliminary try at it & plan to use the car track ride. While i must admit that im kind-of leaving that part of the park for last (really everything on that side of the lake since it has been/will be changing so extensively), but hope to get to it eventually.

Looks so nice!  Did you try my Whip ride for your Whip?  might be too large for that spot.  I'm happy to see you incorporating the new Vintage stuff in!  Kennywood is one of my favorite places on Earth...I can't wait to see more.

Thanks! Ya, the vintage pack feels like it was made just for Lost Kennywood lol (fun fact, Lost Kennywood is actually modeled after the original Luna Park, which was located only a few miles away in Shadyside).

Unfortunately, I didn't try your Whip (though it looks spectacular!!). I really wanted to try to make the park as functional as possible, so I used the spooky track ride. The cars loop around the track 3 times and actually spin around the bends.

Incredible! Love mirror mazes!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A Kennywood Park Recreation
« on: July 29, 2018, 02:45 PM »

Regarding the turtle, I'm not quite sure yet. I really want to keep it functional, so as janky as it sounds, I think im going to use a flat ride like the scrambler or something and add a skin around it (with all the hedges and bulky "turtles", im hoping the flat ride can be nearly hidden underneath)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: A Kennywood Park Recreation
« on: July 29, 2018, 12:49 PM »
Did some work in Lost Kennywood this weekend :)


Small Fry's & Gift shop (plan to eventually do an interior for the gift shop)


Exterminator & Whip

Exterminator queue

Overall of lost kennywood so far

Main entrance with completed dome :)

Wow! I love what you did with Aero Flyer!! The historical vibe from it is perfect!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Coney Island 1950! "Noah's Ark..."
« on: July 28, 2018, 06:37 PM »
OMG! Love your Ark!

Noah's Ark is my favorite attraction at Kennywood & is the last functional one left of its kind in the world (there's still one in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but it is only decoration now).

^^ Ditto! Looks absolutely incredible!

Salad Fries:

Extremely helpful voting comments  - Y
Valid critiques and criticisms - Y
Ability to make a realistic McDonalds - Y
Pedestrian safety     - N   


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