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I just want to say I was incredibly impressed with all of the enties this round! It was so hard to judge. Here's how I voted:

1st champ01
2nd PhDisney
3rd JPAlmighT
Runners Up Bullethead,FCP-Rug

Comments are here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my comments.

Congratulations to the winner(s)! :)

And thank you for the feedback, much appreciated!

I do have a question: Why is a ticket booth required? I do understand the guests need to buy a ticket to enter the park, but i just assumed that was done automatically once you place an entree gate and people walk through it. For some reason i thought a ticket booth was only required when you build a coaster / ride.

I like to think of the ticket booth in a similar manner to the parking lot. Neither are functional/required for the actual game, but every irl amusement park has them so it makes sense to put them in a simulated amusement park.

I just want to say spectacular job to all of the entrants! You definitely didn't make judging easy hehe. There were so many entries that I wanted to award something to, but it was an incredibly tough decision.

Anyway, I voted as follows:
First - Champ01
Second - JPAlmighT
Third - Bullethead
Runners up: PhDisney & Pietrix008

I have posted my comments for each park to the following link:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my comments.

Correct me if im wrong, but I interpreted the concept for bullet #1 is to provide a non-park pedestrian route to the beach.. The road between the ice rink & church plots has no sidewalks, 4 lanes of high speed traffic, and poor visibility due to overgrown conditions. It is a very dangerous place for pedestrians to walk.

This pathway would effectively be a concession that the park made to the city for the privilege of having a park there. (similar to how irl hotels near beaches are required to provide right of ways through their properties so that the general public can access the beach.). Again, I may be totally off base, but that is how i interpreted it.

Bullet #2 is to provide a park entrance at the beach so that peeps can easily spend part of the day at the beach then conveniently spend the rest of the day at the park (without requiring a huge trek up to the parking lot)..

Effectively, I interpreted it as 2 completely separate pathways to the beach. 1 public & 1 through the park. May be totally wrong though.

I am sorry to say but I have to drop out. I am just back from my vacation(we stayed a bit longer than first planned) and now I don't have the time to get a good build on the way in the time remaining.
Sorry for this. Hope to compete in the winter event again if that comes around.

While doing such a large challenge in such limited time would be understandably difficult, I would implore you to hang in there even if you have to sit this particular challenge out. You can still get a very good score with a challenge missed.

Ill step out of the competition. I hoped joining such an event would be a nice way to learn how to play the game but i have to many things i dont know yet. I dont know how to make turning lanes or a parking lot for that matter.

Good luck to the others in the event!

Hey! While I understand your sentiment, I would hate to see you give up so early. The competition really provides great opportunity to really participate in the community, learn from others, and receive constructive comments on your own work.

Regarding parking lots & turning lanes, these can be as simple or difficult as you want. hell, most of the time, my parking lots tend to merely be gravel terrain paint with some lines (wide wooden columns sunk into the ground) spaced 4ish meters apart. If you haven't done so already, I'd totally suggest taking a look at some youtube lets plays (i think ruble trillions may have a very thorough tutorial series).

omg, im so sorry about the dlc :(

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Pre- Summer Competition 2018 (Vote)
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:03 AM »
I would love to join if possible

RCT Community Board / Re: How are your creations?
« on: June 08, 2018, 05:14 PM »
I've got 2 main projects, both of which are pretty stagnated:

1 - Kennywood Recreation:
I kind of hit a wall with this one after coming across a pretty massave scaling issue in the mid section of the park. It isn't the end of the world & i think i have come up with a pretty decent solution to hide it, but it just kind-of discouraged me from working with it for a while & haven't really picked it back up. In addition, I feel like I have learned so much about detailing that I feel like most parts of the park don't really hold up to my current standards.

In addition, there is just so much construction currently going on in the park right now (thomas town & project "412") that it wouldn't make sense to work on a good 1/3 of the park.

Here are some pics of its current status:

2 - Community days:
Initially, I wanted to create a really cool scenario with this one, but eventually settled on doing the park itself instead. The concept is going to be a small community festival in a struggling old steel town.

I have stagnated on this one as well because I really haven't been playing planet coaster much lately (been super busy with life & really haven't had the motivation for video games in general lately).

Here are some pics of its current status:

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Pre- Summer Competition 2018
« on: May 31, 2018, 07:55 PM »
Lake Planco

Hello! Lake planco is an absolutely beautiful place that has recently been noticed as a spectacular weekend getaway location. Tourists have been flocking into the area taking advantage of all the lake has to offer.

Do you have what it takes to build an amusement park in this area to accommodate the newfound tourism?

There are 3 potential properties that have been on your radar for quite some time now:

1 - Lake Planco Ice Rink & Scenic Overlook - This property has some spectacular views! The owner's ice rink has been struggling financially for a while & now seems like the perfect time to sell.

2 - The abandoned church - This property has been for sale for many years now. A spectacular plot of land.

3 - Old Man Jenkins Farm - While stubborn old man Jenkins has refused to sell his plot of land in the past, tending his farm has become quite difficult lately due to his age. he may be willing to sell for the right price.

Some proposed restrictions:
1 - start with the ice rink plot (spawn point is in the motel directly across from it)
2 - expand into the farm/church plots as necessary as the competition progresses
3 - if crossing into the church plot, maintain appropriate clearance above the road

The Map

The Lake

The Town

The Ice Rink & Scenic overlook

The Abandoned Church

Old Man Jenkins Farm

An image showing the boundaries of each plot of land.. Its mainly roads, containing the plots, with the exception of 1 cliff & 1 row of trees.

Here is the download link:

Please note:
I tried to make sure the map was 100% base game compatible. If it isn't, let me know and I will fix it.

Also, all of the buildings are either built by me or are stock planet coaster buildings (sorry about this, ran out of time & there was just too many buildings to build...). There is no DLC

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Pre- Summer Competition 2018
« on: May 30, 2018, 04:59 PM »
I have no problem extending the deadline a few days if you need it.

Shy, thanks for the offer :)

Based on what i was able to get done today, I'm certain that I will be able to get my submission in by the end of the day on June 1st.

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Pre- Summer Competition 2018
« on: May 29, 2018, 04:42 AM »
I will try to get my entry in by June first, but I don't know if ill make it

SGW Competitions / Re: SGW Pre- Summer Competition 2018
« on: May 20, 2018, 08:14 AM »
I would love to submit an entry :)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Keystone Grove
« on: April 01, 2018, 07:07 PM »
Wow! Absolutely incredible work! I am blown away at how nostalgic those pics are (not too often you see a shoutout to westview) & your detailing is spectacular!

Am very excited to follow your progress with this park :)

Wow! Love the new POVs!

That inversion at the end of Starblaster was absolutely amazing & I could really feel (well, envision) the airtime on Maniac Mountain (if that was a real coaster, it would easily be on my "favorite irl coasters" list)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Crumpy Town
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:16 PM »
Wow! I love your overview shot, it has so much going on in it (in a good way! it looks quite lively).

Also, the signage in your coaster station made me literally LOL :) Love it!

Wow! Your new greenhouse ride is a perfect fit for your park! Its beautiful!

Wow! Love your band stand (and the band within!)

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Adventureland - Addison, IL 1970
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:01 PM »
Very nice! I love your fairytale castle, particularly the really awesome color scheme!

Also, I know im a bit late to the party, but your haunted house is spectacular! it has such a cool quirky vibe that totally reminds me of a few irl ones.

Wow that picture of your enchanted carriages ride that goes over the water is absolutely stunning!

Looks like a really spectacular start & am excited to watch your progress :)

Love that ice cream stall!

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Enchanted Lake
« on: March 31, 2018, 05:43 PM »
Wow! I love how your entrance looks so far! It feels so organic!

Love the way you branched the paths

Your restaurant is absolutely spectacular! Easily one of the best interiors I've ever seen on planet coaster.

Also really love what you're doing with the exterior/area in general. It has a really cool vibe

I apologize, i know I really shouldn't get involved in this discussion (it feels like a very toxic discussion to me), but wanted to mention my opinion on the matter. Take my opinion with a grain of salt though as I know absolutely nothing about how video game development works & haven't been bothered to read up on it.

My opinion:
-Frontier will milk every last dime as they can out of Planet Coaster. I have a feeling we will see consistently timed DLC releases similar in scope to the ones we already received (a few new rides, a bunch of scenery, a new management function, and a few game changing mechanics). Though the dlcs will be similar in scope, I feel like it is likely that they will try push the boundaries/limitations of the game a bit farther with each release as they struggle to come up with ideas & fight to keep the game profitable. (Though I don't see these changes going as far as water parks within planet coaster's lifetime, I could definitely see changes in game mechanics that would make things like chairlifts, dinos, etc possible)

Eventually, the dlc won't be profitable anymore. Once this happens, they will merely start development on "planet coaster 2". In essence, the planet coaster name itself is of value to frontier & because of that, it will always see support (until even the name itself becomes unprofitable).

In all honesty, I really don't see what people are so upset about. there are no signs that frontier is abandoning planet coaster & even if they do stop putting out dlc, it would merely mean that planet coaster 2 is just around the corner. (aka the game where they will likely try to address all the major issues like potential waterpark support, pathing, etc)

Also, I really wish people would quit trying to force planet coaster into becoming a clone of rtc3. If you really want rct3, go play rtc3, its that simple. Yes, waterparks/dinos/etc were very cool and would be awesome additions to planet coaster, but I'd really prefer to see what original and cutting edge ideas they can come up with instead of seeing them cave to the demands of merely creating a clone of a game that already exists. Who knows, they may come up with something that we never knew we needed, similar to what rct3 did with waterparks.

OMG! Chain Link!!!!! Super excited to be able to give all my parks the chain link treatment.

I made a bit of a main street a few days ago.. On hold until Tuesday though..

Wow! Just WOW!!!

Im seeing so many totally awesome new scenery pieces in that screenshot & it all looks applicable to the project I'm currently working on!!! I am so hyped/excited right now, I feel like jumping up & down in joy!

Planet Coaster Community Board / Re: Path question
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:44 AM »
even with it on the lowest grid setting you have to use the advanced move tool to fine adjust where the grid will actually be by lowering or raising the placement of the roof perfectly.


It requires advanced moving ("X") the entire building to get it just right.

Also, if you're adding path covers, it may be beneficial to turn off the path curbing as well.

Omg! I'm absolutely super crazy hyped right now!!!!! This sounds absolutely incredible & I'm super excited to see what all is actually in it.

Between "urban theming" & "backstage theming", I'm really crossing my fingerz for some chain link.

If I had one critisism though, it would be the lack of flat rides (perhaps tower of terror is one, but I was really hoping for some others)

Wow Fisherman! Your games look absolutely amazing! LOVE the rock wall!

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