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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am going to be sharing how Disneyland Park has resumed to normal operation as well as some changes that have taken place and some additions that are coming!

Disneyland Park has been a very busy place to be, and stage shows are being held with social distancing guidelines in place. The RCT3 world is not to keen to the health and safety measures of the real world, but we can pretend.  ::)

At the small gift shop, guests can purchase hand sanitizer and anything they may need during their visit. This is a popular stop, so if you can avoid going here during early hours it would be a good option.

Mickey And The Magician is resuming as normal, with social distancing guidelines. An interesting addition is the right side of the facade has been extended to carry on the theming. The goal is to hide Disney's Storybook Resort from Main Street as much as possible. I am very proud of how this turned out.

Main Street is always busy because it is the first thing guests experience before visiting the various lands in the park. Cinderella Castle saw more painting done to it. The spires are now a lighter blue with the walls of the upper portion being painted a bit pinker with gold (RCT3 yellow) accents.

The makeover is definitely different for this park, as Cinderella Castle since it was constructed for this park had the classic white walls. This makeover has changed just about everything from the ground up, and I am happy to see how good it has turned out. It does look like Sleeping Beauty Castle now, which is very interesting.

The skyline of Disneyland Park is one of my favorites, especially looking at Tomorrowland.

As for new additions, the transition from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland and vice versa is being constructed. What is left is to pour concrete behind the monoliths, which is a classic Tomorrowland look and takes inspiration from the original WDW Tomorrowland.

Lastly, I am happy to announce Stitch Encounter will be the next addition to Tomorrowland. I am planning on adding a quick service to this building, more than likely a form of Cosmic Rays. The goal is to get more guests in Tomorrowland to kind of spread them out across the park, and theaters are great for getting guests in the park and in various areas. Stitch Encounter is similar to the experiences that are seen in the international Disney parks.

I hope you all enjoyed this brief update, I got inspired from all of the posts on social media inside the Magic Kingdom today. It is good to see the parks starting to reopen because they are definitely an inspiration to us all.   
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Discovery Gardens
« Last post by cody on Yesterday at 05:09 PM »
These screenshots look amazing! Everything looks incredible and very realistic, please continue to wow us because you are doing an excellent job!
Planet Zoo / Re: Polar Park|WIP | By Shiftzie
« Last post by cody on Yesterday at 05:05 PM »
Wow! This looks awesome! I love the style of the building and the use of natural light. Something I like about Planet Zoo is you can make climate controlled areas, so I am sure this is a freezing cold area! Well done!
Planet Coaster Rides / Re: [REL] Hornet - Intamin Wing Coaster
« Last post by cody on Yesterday at 05:03 PM »
Amazing color choice for the track and supports. This is a beautiful coaster that is enhanced by the landscaping and terrain. Looking good!
Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Fire vs Water Spinning Duelling Coaster
« Last post by cody on Yesterday at 05:01 PM »
A spinning dueling coaster...seems awesome to me! Nice theming!
Excited to see some progress on this park!  :)
Me too! It is definitely taking some tinkering and lots of rethinking concepts.

Nice screenshot Cody!
Thank you so much! I wanted to showcase the fact that Slinky Dog Dash is going to be part of my park and of course the entrance.
RCT Parks & Rides / Re: Universal Studios Florida Recreation
« Last post by cody on Yesterday at 04:59 PM »

Yes! Thanks again for the advice on Diagon Alley.  :)

No worries, feel free to message me anytime if you need it looked over or want to discuss anything! Diagon Alley is a tricky area, but it is not impossible.
Planet Zoo / Re: Polar Park|WIP | By Shiftzie
« Last post by Shiftzie on Yesterday at 11:30 AM »
Hey everyone !

I have working on the polar bear habitat a this time ^^ ! I finished the bridge, and I created a waterfall on the back ^^ ! hope you'll like it :) !

Video :

Screenshots :

Planet Zoo / Re: Salland's Adventure Zoo - Update 06/07/2020
« Last post by Think Creative on Yesterday at 11:15 AM »
Thank you Cody :D. Indeed, I see this more as a real project. I think this will work out better for the zoo in the longer term. And in terms of taking and editing photos, I also try to pay attention to this. Unfortunately this does not work with all photos.
I'm not saying I don't like comments. I agree. They help the community thrive and exist as I comment often on other's work. I was just trying to say that I don't let comments....good or bad...influence the work and play that I want to do. Usually because I'm so far gone already that it would be total reworking if I were to go back and change anything.

I see where your coming from and sorry if I my statement sounded a little harsh. My main point was that posting a project now isn't like it was 5 years ago where you would get flooded with responses and feel extra motivated/inspired by the communities comments and feedback. It just doesn't feel the same now because of how inactive so many member's have become but I respect your perspective.
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