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Sorry to disappoint, but I'll happily eat my words if I'm wrong.  (I really want them too, in either variation.)

I'll bring the ketchup.  ha ha!   :w00t:

Oh I hope it's real, but we'll see.  I'll believe it when I see it Monday or Tuesday.   ;)
During the livestream, Sam mentioned that there was something that a LOT of people requested but they were unable to do, and I thought for sure it was the chairlift.

THIS, plus the original pictures being replaced, plus even deleted facebook posts by everyone who commented on seeing the chairlifts, suggests that it really is the thing they wanted to do but "couldn't." 

Sorry to disappoint, but I'll happily eat my words if I'm wrong.  (I really want them too, in either variation.)

Of course, as usual, I'm buying this pack.  But I'm beyond disappointed with them, mostly because they've had a fix for well over a week for something they broke that has made the game unplayable for many people, and they're holding off on releasing it until the paid content comes out. [Sorry for the abrupt subject change but my feathers are ruffled.]

What theme parks use ski lifts? I want gondolas!! :P

While I totally agree that gondolas would be awesome, Kennywood has the ski lift style cars..
Do you have a particular footprint in mind? Say no bigger than 2x2 or 3x3?

Looked around at the park. It really looks wonderful! (no pun intended). Your attention to detail really shows through all over the park.
And a hopeful thing is that if Frontier really pulled off a chairlift (regardless of what the devs made it do in the station) it gives us hope that a gondola ride will come eventually.  :D
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Society Park [Update 60]
« Last post by shyguy on Yesterday at 10:00 PM »
I love all the new additions to the park. Your building skills are excellent. I also like the architecture in the Technological area. It has a very unique style.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Holliday Harbour 2018
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 09:48 PM »
Seeing these pictures is like finding our mailboxes stuffed with Holiday cards almost every day. Thank you, JP. :)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Holliday Harbour 2018
« Last post by JPAlmighT on Yesterday at 09:27 PM »
Thanks, wowman.  I think I've finished adding buildings, an even filmed a trial-POV tonight.  (Considering the number of possible collisions that could occur and a couple of timed elements that I have limited control over, it was a near-perfect take, and at a tolerable framerate of 15.  And then one pesky janitor had to commit suicide at the very end.)  Which means, since I need to film again I'll see if one of the existing buildings can be named after you  ;)


It should be noted that it isn't snowy and miserable year-round in Holliday Harbour.  In fact, there's a couple of weeks in July where you might want to get your feet wet.   So we have a beach.

It's a small beach, tourism season ends on December 26 and then it's practically a ghost town until the following December.   [The lifeguard station and lighthouse were imported from Lake Jeronimo; why re-invent the wheel?]

About 30-ish new buildings were added to the town this year, the last of which were finished today. 

Last year's lighthouse is one of my favorite buildings in the town and plays a fairly prominent part in the boat ride, plus it tends to show up anywhere I do filming.  So I wanted to give it (along with a bunch of other buildings, mostly on the pier) some improved lighting visibility.

A small handful of buildings were relocated and replaced, like this schoolhouse.  Which means it's going to show again up in this year's POV even though the majority of the new ride takes place behind everything you saw last year.

One last look at town square before I hit the editing room.  If 15 is as tolerable a framerate for you guys as it is for me, I might have the video up yet this weekend.  Otherwise I can wait until Tuesday and see if Frontier can improve upon that.  (Since this park file was mysteriously unaffected by the lag bug, I'm not optimistic that it's going to get much better.)

Alright, if we are going into lift specifics then tag me in. :P

*Warning* This post contains information that most will find useless and boring. If you just want to get to the point then skip to the end.

First, there is no difference between a "ski lift" and a chairlift. They are one in the same and is just a personal choice in what you want to call it. If you want to get technical then aerial lift or passenger rope way is the way to go but we'll just go with lift. (Note that gondolas are also covered under this.) It's ANSI standard B77.1 if you want to dig in more.

So in parks the lifts we typically find are chairlifts or gondolas. The majority of chairlifts do not require a stop and usually run at extremely low speeds in parks due to the fact you are walking on and off. Also, the chairs do not detach from the haul rope so stops would stop the whole thing. The technical term is called fixed grip, which are still very common and built Some parks that have chair style lifts are Lagoon, Hersheypark, Great Escape, and Knobels. It appears from the leaked pics that it is a chairlift.

However when you think lifts at a park you are most likely thinking of "sky rides". (Despite their numbers which are really quite low.) These rides were built in huge numbers by Von Roll. These lifts were some of the first detachable lifts in the world. (Where the carrier is physically detached from the haul rope when in terminals.) Unlike today's detachable lifts which you find at ski areas, these lifts never had propulsion around the terminals. Rather people had/have the dubious task of pushing the cabins around the terminal. Therefore these lifts do indeed stop but only for that reason. Today there are only 10 in the world with much probably thinking about Cedar Point's. What we have seen in the pics is not this.

So in conclusion yes, lifts at the majority of parks stay in motion. The only exception is a few older gondola sky rides from Von Roll. Obviously what we have seen is a chair lift but it will probably stop knowing the game.
Shyguy, understand that if I do this, I intend you absolutely zero personal insult ;)
Now I'm worried.

  What's the deadline?
When I see one I like, or get tired of waiting and build it myself. ;)
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