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Fun & Games / Re: Random Trivia
« Last post by wowmanrct on Today at 02:02 PM »
Which company made the game Pong?
A: Namco
B: Amiga
C: Atari
D: Magnavox
C: Atari
Planet Coaster Parks / Dream Gardens Dublin: Paris
« Last post by Elch on Today at 01:39 PM »
31 March 2002
10:30 am

Glad you're still all awake! Let's continue our little preview tour... in Paris!

We're now walking back in the direction of the entrance we came from, and on this route, the first thing you come across is the Grand Carousel with the arc de triomphe. We call this structure "Moulin du Carousel", housing several food stands and restrooms. The arc de triomphe is the entrance gate to our most cosy picnic area in the park.

Of course, the main attraction in Paris is the signature ride of the park: Métro Fou.
As you probably already guessed, you can see the coaster from nearly every part of the park!

The launch is right under the path you currently stand on.

I know you want to ride it now, but you will have plenty of time to do so, towards the end of our event today.

Here, you also have a great view over to Washington:

But Métro Fou isn't the only big ride in Paris, there's something else hidden behind the facades...

to be more specific: beyond the gate behind the fountain. Let's go there!

10.48 am

If Métro Fou is too wild for you, you might prefer scary... ladies and gentlemen:

Hôtel Noir

You have a chance to ride it, later today. First, let me show you our little cosy Pâtisserie:

and of course.. the entrance to Métro Fou, next to the Café Paris.

And this means: now it's time for a coffee break! Grab your preferred hot drink, maybe a cake and a muffin or any of our French specialities, and make yourself comfortable inside - we will meet again in about half an hour, right here at the red flowers.


I hope you enjoyed your coffee? Let's walk towards the boat house then, and take the ferry to Beijing!


...and this is where we are getting to next: Beijing!

Please get off the boat everyone, and get ready for the next part of our guided tour.

I really like that station and CSL's tower goes perfect with it.  Or vice versa :).  That safari truck beside the station is pretty cool, too.

I've been checking the workshop almost daily for these just in case you might've snuck them in.  Can't wait to try them out, thanks so much CSL!!
Thanks JP, so glad you like it!! And I can't wait to see what you will build next!!!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Planet Imagination
« Last post by corkscrewloop on Today at 10:31 AM »
Fantastic ride video... I'm amazed!!! :o That must have taken you hundreds of hours to build... I love how big you have built everything. The decoration and scenes are absolutely top notch!!! :)
THX JB - a lot of that is laziness on wanting to build full queue buildings.  :whistling:

Here is the train station and queue building.
The clock tower is 'CSCL - DK Train Assets by corkscrewloop'

In the queue

from above
This park is amazing! Keep working on it ♥
First off, I had no idea I'd missed so much during my absence.  3 pages..  Geez, so belated happy birthday and if I was one of the folks who offended you, I'm sorry.

But anyway, WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!   You probably have more parts in that Griddle House than I've ever put in a whole park.  Everything looks so wonderful and realistic, and I love the spoofs on real businesses.  I'm also quite flattered to have a bar in this district ;).

Congrats on filling the map!  I can't believe you've crammed so much stuff into this without making it look crowded.  I really look forward to seeing this in person (I've got my computer training hard in anticipation :D).  That family fun center is awesome and I really like that gokart track ;)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Planet Imagination
« Last post by Bullethead on Today at 08:33 AM »
Wow, that's spectacularly beautiful!  And lots of very clever construction tricks, too!

At first I thought it was like "Wallace and Gromit vs. the Wererabbit", but then I saw the finished product.  That's quite a chariot and I enjoyed the story when it finally made sense.  I think it has a personal ring to it, as the moral seems to be that it's OK to steal ideas to fuel your imagination :)

At some point along the way I started naming all the billboards I created with KP in them so I'd only have to go back and re-attach about a thousand of them.  ha ha. would be a lot but not too bad.  Mostly in Midnight Manor, actually.

A lot of my images are actually Shadow's arcade games anyway.  So I wouldn't have to rename those.
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