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RCT Custom Content / Re: The"I search an object" thread
« Last post by Gravquian on Yesterday at 09:07 PM »
@ planetthrilldude57
@ any interested

     Yes, I have TM's Factory set.  But, am not familiar with the other 2 sets you requested.
Will attempt to locate those... and get back.  Bear with me, for resources are getting slim.
I've many Sample Rocker (Uncle Samples), and CoasterGirl stuff to compile and submit.
Don't have much of Kore1's stuff (for now?).
Thanks, guys!  Yeah the bumper boats are my own...  I can put them on the workshop, if you want.
The Family Fun Center is a beautiful addition to Kaleidoscope Piers Land. The attention to detail on everything on this map is just spectacular. This is truly an achievement to be proud of.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: MAJOR MILESTONE - map is FULL
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 06:20 PM »
I love the Jungle Challenge Mini-Golf, especially the semi-submerged hippos and crocs in the 'water'. Does the game have bumper boats now, or is that some Fisherman magic? Seeing the entire layout shows just what an accomplishment Kaleidoscope Piers is; you didn't just fill up the map, you filled it with truly interesting and beautiful structures, attractions, and rides. :up:
Soo I just met a BIG milestone!  The map is full!  No spots left to fill.  I still have lots to tweak all over the map before I can release the park but I'm really excited.   ;D

I just finished Fisherman's Family Fun Center on the last parcel of land.

Jungle Challenge Mini-Golf:

RCT Parks & Rides / Re: Disneyland Paris in RCT3 (Another) by TheCoasterFun
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 03:22 PM »
Kind of an old thread but, what part of the videos was breaking YouTube's copyright rule, the audio? I'm wondering because I might run into the same problem, that is, if I ever upload any videos. :n00b:
Community Chat / Re: The ''What did you just do in REAL LIFE?'' Thread
« Last post by The Grey on Yesterday at 02:10 PM »
Just moved back to Fla from Utah. Just me and my son. Got my fast ass computer back and as soon as i am mentally ready I will try and dive back into RCT3 and PC [at least it will be a distraction.....]

Not used to the hott humid weather after getting so used to Utah.....

At least I live only 40ish minutes from Busch Gardens Tampa!!!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Planet Imagination
« Last post by CoasterCad on Yesterday at 04:39 AM »
Thanks everyone for your replies.

That's a nifty pic (I prefer the unedited one as it's easier to see the details and my eyeballs don't make lens flares :D).

So, what do you call this area?  My own suggestion is "Art Class Rebellion", where somebody much like me, with no creativity at all, finally gets frustrated and smashes the colored pencils with a big hammer  :up:

BTW, the pencils are very nicely done.  Too bad they're not long for this world :)

I just leave the area name workshop and add a little something. So someone like you, who is very creative despite his own claims, doesn't have to be frustrated. A writer's pen for those so very creative with words.

Let's go into the workshop and take a look at our first ride.

Welcome to Coastercad's Into Imagination.

Well, i don't have much to say about this ride. It's not a very traditional ride, nor does it have a general theme and it's just plain weird. It's kind of slow as well and you have no idea what's going on (try to sit it out trough the end if you are wondering what exactly is happening in this ride).

As you know, I always love your stuff and this is no exception.
Loads of lovely stuff on show and I spotted in the video another darkride. POV? Hint, hint ;)

Most dark ride shots from the intro video where from another ride, but i hope you enjoy this one as well!

Some screens:

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Adventure World - WIP
« Last post by Shift on Yesterday at 04:24 AM »
Thanks a lot guys ! it's mainstreet station ;)
It's a shame all your videos on your YouTube are gone. Darn copyrighters.  :no: Would you consider reposting them on Vimeo?
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