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I love it already- with the dramatic lighting. I like the Jack-o-lantern/scarecrow streetlamp.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Silverscreen Studios: Realms of Wonder
« Last post by JB on Today at 03:30 PM »
I really like the shot looking down Main Street toward the castle. Is there a ride inside the Castle of Wonder, or is that the Mad House? I love how the coaster goes through the 2 towers/buildings. Beautiful shot of the entrance of the Bubble Beer Tour.
Thanks Wowmanrct and JB for the feedback on the park promo video.  B)
The dino's are the horizon trade mark of the park for sure.  :D

So now the summer season is ending the work on Wotws Themepark itself has been picked up again. First I started with "Iron Stomach" to light up for evening openings and was the last of the big coasters to get a light plan.

Wotws the Ride and Predator from another view.

Made a new waiting line area for Wotws the Ride.

Iron Stomach dive loop.

Some nice view.

Total overview

Total overview

Inside the Island of Judgmentday I'm working on the next chapter of the story.
The "something" part of the ride. For everyone who has been good and believe in something. Your creator will give you a look behind the fabrics of space it self. you can pick your own pixel there and reincarnate.

I started to make some Space panels for the ride.

Big and small ones

Gassy ones.

In practice panel

In practice panel

In practice panel


Pick here your pixel. Every single one is a galaxy on it own. Retry life and be reseeded in the pixel by choice.

Some building shots

And that is the work done I can show up till this moment.
Hope you like it  B)     
Planet Coaster Rides / Re: Le Manoir Maudit: Pre-Show Poem
« Last post by JPAlmighT on Today at 01:54 PM »
Dude, that's 5 weeks away.  I don't have the patience for that :P
Planet Coaster Rides / Le Manoir Maudit: Pre-Show Poem
« Last post by Berlin87 on Today at 11:47 AM »

My dying breath was all it took
To curse each room and every nook

Ten brave men, so strong and bold
Breached my home, a quest for gold

They searched the floors, twice the first
All in vain, for they were cursed

The men went on, they never feared
But one by one, they disappeared

This house is doomed, forever dark
Only tears will leave their mark

For thieves, there is no righteous path
So leave right now, or risk my wrath

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Silverscreen Studios: Realms of Wonder
« Last post by iEddiez on Today at 09:00 AM »
Hello everyone! As you know, we have been working on a new theme park.

Today, we can announce that Realms of Wonder will be opening next month!

Let's take a look around!

You have seen the Entrance before but here it is again, now with the park name added.

Looking back at the Park Entrance once inside.

On top of the Park Railway building.

Down Main Street we come to the Castle of Wonder.

Take a right and you can head into Rose Hill Funfair.

If you take a left, you will find Dr Phantazticks' Village of Innovation.

Beyond the Castle of Wonder is the Castle Grounds, home to some tamer rides for everyone.

The whole park shapes up as follows:

Main Street

- Swift Drifters ~ a classic indoor Skid ride
- Theatre ~ an indoor performance space
- Twister ~ a Maurer Söhne spinning coaster
- Railway Station


- Missy Good Donuts
- Ice Cream Sundays
- Chief Beef
- Street Fox Coffee
- Monsiuer Frites
- Hot Dog Squad
- Hot Dog Squad (indoor eatery)

Rose Hill Funfair

- Parachutes ~ a permanent Paratrooper
- Rose Hill Mine ~ a Vekoma Mine Train
- Wheelie Good ~ a Rock-O-Plane
- Caterpillar ~ a classic covered caterpillar ride
- The Barbershop Boys ~ a 15 sit down barbserhop quartet show
- Railway Station

Dr Phantazticks' Village of Innovation

- Dr Phantazticks' Bubble Beer Tour ~ an Intamin rapids ride
- Dr Phantazticks' Steam Machines ~ a Mack Launched coaster
- Dr Phantazticks' Steam Roller ~ a Huss Top Spin
- Aqua Spinners ~ a custom dark ride mechanism themed to water

Castle Grounds

- Mad House ~ an indoor dark ride
- Fairytale Coaster ~ a junior vekoma coaster
- Carousel ~ the classic carousel
- Railway Station

You are all invited to the Grand Opening Ceremony! See you there!

Realms of Wonder - All of the magic, without the mouse...
I don't know how I missed this project. Its great. It really does remind of a Six Flags Park. I'm interested to see what happens as technology pushes the boundaries for new coasters and rides.

Nice job!
Something Spoopy is going on here...
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: LunaWood! Collab Park
« Last post by HardPunkKore on Today at 05:36 AM »
Thanks everyone for continued feedback, interest and support! :up:

We very honored to be featured on the front page on SGW for the second time!

Be on the lookout for more stuff coming real soon!


Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Adventure World - WIP
« Last post by HardPunkKore on Today at 05:28 AM »
Love what you are doing here. And your mastery over the grid is impressive. I don't know what you got up your sleeve next but I can't wait to see it!
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