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Hi guys. I've got a small update on the project:

It seems like I can't cleanly remove the chroma key-colored sky in the GIMP (I always have to clean up the borders at the level of pixels), so I'm going to need a long-term solution for the video. I think I will try to make an underwater background with texmod. Unfortunately it probably won't look very good. If anyone knows where to find textures for this or has any other ideas about the background I'd be interested to hear.

Very impressive theming! I am glad to see you are still working on this because it is definitely interesting.

Thanks cody! One of these days I'll actually finish it.

That Underwater Castle looks truly amazing! Love the details and can't wait to see more.


Wow, this is amazing!!  Love the landscaping & planting along with your scenery.  And that castle took a loooong time, I bet!  :)

Thanks! It sure did. Fortunately I made it a while ago so I only had to make the surrounding scenery.

wow, the lighting, the details  :o looks very great and impressive good job :up:

Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Lake Liberty Phase 2 (or3?)
« Last post by Berlin87 on Today at 12:32 AM »
This is your best project to date, matejakezman. Stunning architecture, tranquil atmosphere, thrilling rides… Beautiful work.  Also really digging all the little details, like light fixtures and signage.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Nashville's Adventure
« Last post by Berlin87 on Today at 12:29 AM »
Elegant, simple architecture. And that's meant as a compliment  :)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: WASTE LANDS - The Outpost
« Last post by Berlin87 on Today at 12:28 AM »
Wow, this is giving me all sorts of Mad Max Thunderdome vibes. Where's Tina?!
Love it, zeroG — Only you can pull this off.
RCT Community Board / Chroma key troubles
« Last post by Happybikini on Yesterday at 11:51 PM »
How exactly do people make use of chroma key backgrounds in RCT3? I'm trying to green screen a background into a scene using FTA's chroma key skies, but the game's graphics seem to blend colors where the sky meets anything else. The result is the sky is not a single color, and when I try to delete the green background in the GIMP, a thin "border" of pixels is left at the edges of anything meeting the skyline. I've been deleting these borders almost pixel by pixel, but this will not work when I try to make a video. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 5: The Fairgrounds
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 09:00 PM »
Yay, a BH/Pharqueson Farms update! I still get a kick out of hearing about the progress of your park being told through the personas of the Kerbals.

I like the carousel skin. The extra large arches set it apart from others I've seen, which have narrower arches. I think the big arches give it a grander appearance. Our first glimpse of it, behind the hydrant, looks especially nice. And Dandelion is a perfect name for the paratrooper ride; even the spokes look like dandelion leaves. Love the weedy/dusty footprint of Cropdusters, and the big ol' truck-o-poison. The stock barn looks just like the one's at our local county fair. And of course, it receives the BH finishing touch of steaming manure and flies.

I rather like the look of the chairlift station. The sloping front façade gives it some flair (get it? 'flair'/'flare'... anyway...) I imagine St. Dale is looking down and smiling at the dirt track. I wonder if Dale Jr. was at the grand opening ceremonies?

Excellent update BH. :)  I probably spent almost as much time reading it as you did writing it (that was meant as a compliment :D). As for losing part of what you wrote, I periodically copy/paste my progress in a temp Notepad file in case I do something stupid like closing the wrong tab ;)  which I also have done. I learned my lesson.
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: Park is now available!!!
« Last post by Fisherman on Yesterday at 06:30 PM »
Thank you, JB!!
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Renee Feu Adventure Park - Africa...The Congo
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 04:23 PM »
Wow. I think those first two shots are some of the best you've ever posted! (and that's saying a lot!)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Kaleidoscope Piers: Park is now available!!!
« Last post by JB on Yesterday at 04:18 PM »
Some really nice action shots here: The Sea Serpent entrance where you get to see the riders upside-down over your head as you enter (why is the sea serpent sticking his tongue out at us? :P). The Whip has a great old-timey look to it with the muted colors. Love the ride skin for the Tilt-A-Whirl. Lots of action in the Paratrooper ride pic. I think the last 3 screenshots are my favorites: The colorful tilted hallway in the Spooky Shack, the futuristic Discodome, and your hand-made Sky Rockets. :)
Planet Coaster Parks / Re: Pharqueson Farms Episode 5: The Fairgrounds
« Last post by Bullethead on Yesterday at 03:55 PM »
I love this update so much!  The animals look wonderful in their habitats (Planet Farm anyone?) and I LOVE the dirt track go-karts!!

Thank you very much!  I"m surprised folks like the go-carts.  I mean, there's no ride engineering there like that spiral one of yours.  Just go fast and turn left.  I mostly put it in as joke, yet another stereotypical redneck thing :)

Hehehe, "Plant Farm habitats" :D.  The cattle (and to some extent the chickens) are just on display while their sale price is haggled out, then off they go to become my supper :up:.  For the horses, although some might ultimately end up as dogfood, they're mostly just there briefly to be seen by city-slickers and perhaps sold to another collector.  American horses live in luxury.  They don't pull wagons anymore, they're hardly ever ridden, and it's something of a social taboo here (although not elsewhere) to eat them, despite that being the original reason for their domestication.  So mostly they're just wastes of fodder these days.

What's inside the reptile house?

A restroom cube, the back ends of the sign poles I made the FDC out of, the dead end of a fake path going to the back door, and nothing else.  No buildings in this park have detailed interiors yet and I hope to keep it that way, although maybe the future distillery will get one :)

LOL - that was supposed to be 'carts' - i guess I fat fingered it. I like the dirt cart track idea. I'm laughing and can't even type well right now. The Hillbilly reference is what made me think of the moonshine about a 'back water' reference...???? I'm sure your creative writing mind can do better than anything I could ever come up with. I may paint ground well, but I really suck at naming things.


Anyway, the creek's name is the Little Chunky River (named for the old Indian game).  Now that I've dammed it, it could be Little Chunky Lake or Lake Pharqueson.  As area names go, those aren't any more generic than Fairgrounds, but I'd like something with a little more stereotyping :).
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